#FearlessWoman Feature | Jhéanell of Jolie Bloom & Belle Jhéanell

I’m always inspired by working women who are also mothers and wives. Juggling it all is not easy, but a #FearlessWoman gets it done! Jhéanell Adams is the creator of Jolie Bloom, an eco-luxe brand specializing in hand crafted beauty products that are simply divine! I’ve tried the Caribbean Coconut Body Scrub (review coming soon) and immediately fell in… 

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A Lacey Perspective - Feature

#FearlessWoman Feature | Lacey of A Lacey Perspective

Being a blogger in the DMV, I’ve met many stylish and ambitious like-minded creatives. Lacey Faeh is one of those people. When I decided to start blogging I was beyond excited to join the DMV blogging group, CapFABB. Meeting Lacey, the co-founder of the group, was a joy. I admired she and her colleague for creating a… 

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Must Have Spring Handbags

Style | 7 Spring Handbags You Should Have

I’m a handbag lover and have been for years! It’s a shame how many I have sitting in my closet that I don’t even wear, but that’s another story for another day. Regardless of my hoarding collection of handbags I do believe there are 5 spring handbags every girl should have. 7 must have handbags for… 

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10397017_813710242001732_2548099400086606762_o (2)

#FearlessWoman Feature | Dionne of Styled by Dionne

I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing today’s #FearlessWoman on WNJ a time before. Dionne Dean is the brains and beauty behind Styled by Dionne and author of  ‘Make Your Closet Pay‘. Not only is her energy and smile infectious, but her wanderlust nature and passion for life is incredible. I admire her spirit, pay it forward… 

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dresses over pants

Style | Wearing Dresses Over Pants 

I’m all about wearing dresses over pants and have been for years. It’s very boho chic, comfortable and easy; key elements to the perfect outfit. Needless to say when I saw this ($12) dress at Macy’s, my immediate thought was how cute it’d look over a pair of jeans. The paisley-floral mixed print and lightweight… 

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Ruby Ella Photography

#FearlessWoman Feature | Ruby of Ruby Ella Photography + Brown Girl With A Camera

I met today’s #FearlessWoman back in college and to our surprise we reconnected, thanks to social media, a few months ago to work together on a project. Ruby Melton, the woman behind the lens, has quickly taken her love for photography and storytelling and created a business that’s thriving daily. Ruby’s images have been displayed on Travel Noire, Jetsether, and she’s been featured on… 

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Thrifted Workwear

Thrifted Style | Kimonos and Dresses

Remember my obsession with kimonos? Some things never change. Now that it’s getting warmer I’m more than ready to pull out my kimonos and get to styling! This floral thrifted gem is one of my favorites. I’ve had this kimono for years and despite the rips and tears, I’ve held onto it for dear life. I’ve sewn… 

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Expert Tips from Seasoned Thrifters- Explore Secondhand Style (1)

Style | Thrift Tips from the Experts

I’m always ready and willing to share thrift tips with anybody! So when my blogger buddy Jen asked me to join with a few other thrifty bloggers for a thrift tip post, of course I jumped at the opportunity! It’s great to get together with fellow bloggers and talk about style and fashion, but I… 

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The Feisty House Feature

#FearlessWoman Feature | Krystal of The Feisty House

Today’s #FearlessWoman feature comes from the lifestyle blogger and budding entrepreneur Krystal Scott. The author of The Feisty House lives with her husband in New York and she’s been a virtual source of inspiration for me for a while now. Her lifestyle blog is an amazing space on the internet filled with motivational posts, natural hair and makeup tips, thought… 

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