Personal Style | Styling Oversized Sweaters for a Casual Holiday Season

This week hubs and I will be traveling to Delaware to spend Thanksgiving with his family. I’m excited to see my in-laws, nieces, nephew, Godson and everyone else, and of course, I can’t wait to eat some good food. I can taste the mac n cheese, mashed potatoes, greens, MMPH – I can’t wait! With all… 

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Close Up - Dress with Pockets

Personal Style | Dress with Pockets & a Matching Set

Wearing a dress with pockets is every girl’s dream. Well, it’s a dream for me. I absolutely adore dresses with pockets. Especially if the dress is already flowy and has a pretty print. So it’s safe to say today’s outfit is a dream, lol. Of course, there’s a story behind the outfit. Now that I… 

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Ways to Have a Better Day

#WNJInspired | 11 Ways to Have a Better Day

Since the move, I’ve been trying to get my morning routine down pat. It’s been about 3 months in the new place and I’m beginning to get better with it. Although I can go with the flow, I’m such a stickler for routine. I’m much more productive when there’s a set routine in place. I’ve… 

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Fall Fashion - How to Dress for Networking Events

Personal Style | Tunics and Capes for Fall

The weather here in Maryland has been so strange. One day it’s 50 degrees and the next it’s pushing 70. I can’t keep up, but luckily my wardrobe can handle the change. One of my go-to styles for networking events, church and some dresser family functions has been tunics and capes. This combo works like… 

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Casual Tunic.

Personal Style | Dressing up Sweatpants for the Weekend

Happy Monday! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. Mine was fun, productive and relaxing. I was out and about spending time with family and of course, I wanted to dress comfortably and stylish. I decided to reach for my comfy (sweat) pants and found myself asking, how am I going to dress up sweatpants? A pair of fresh… 

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7 Realistic Goalsfor a Strong Finish to 2015 (6)

#WNJReads | What You Should Be Reading to Keep You Motivated

A few days ago someone asked what I’ve been reading, so I posted a few of my reads on Instagram. I wanted to share here on the blog as well; I think it’s a great topic to discuss as we prepare for the New Year. Hopefully these suggestions will give you some ideas and in turn,… 

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Who to Follow on Instagram

Social Media | My New Instagram Approach + 5 Amazing Women to Follow

For the past 8 weeks I’ve been steadily building my new Instagram account. I’ve been able to grow my following from 0 to 850 (+) in this short amount of time. When I had my old Instagram account my following was about 2,600 (+). Decent following, yes, but I had the account for about 3 years and… 

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Casual Wear OOTD

Personal Style | Sejour at Nordstrom for (More) Plus Size Casual Wear Options

This weekend I finally headed to the mall to return and exchange a few items. My first stop was Nordstrom. I had a spring jacket that I didn’t get a chance to wear, so I figured I’d exchange it for a seasonal item I could style now. I headed to the Sejour section and began looking… 

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Giveaway | Prepare for the New Year with #FearlessWomanIAM

Happy Saturday, friends! I usually don’t post on weekends, but I’m so excited about this giveaway that I had to make an exception. As you may know, I’ve created the #FearlessWomanIAM movement a few months ago. It’s mission is to highlight and inspire fearless, stylish and encourging women of today! I’ve published several #FearlessWoman interviews… 

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