#WNJBeauty | 6 Must Have Summer Beauty Products, Part I

Taking care of my skin – face and body – is something I don’t take lightly. Even as a young girl I understood the importance of skincare, thanks to my mother. Over the years skincare has remained a priority and I’ve found some products that work well with my (combination) skin. It’s been a lot… 

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Wearing Stripes

Personal Style | Wearing Stripes and Sweatpants

For the past several weeks, wearing stripes and sweatpants seems to be a reoccurring theme. I’m not talking about the drab and baggy grey sweatpants with the drawstring, although I do wear those around the house to clean sometimes. I’m talking about the straight-leg, comfy and flattering pants made of sweatpants material. You know, the… 

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#WNJInspired | The Morning Playlist You Need to Have an Amazing Day

What’s one of the first things you do in the morning? For me it’s listening to music. I actually have a morning playlist entitled “Wake Up” on iTunes and I listen while I’m getting ready or during my morning car rides. Because my taste in music is pretty diverse, the playlist broken up into genres. I… 

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Minimal Outfit - Black and White

Personal Style | My Take on Black and White Minimalism

When I decided to do the whole minimal style thing I vowed to do it my way. Of course I plan to continue incorporating the “minimal colors” like black, white and neutrals. However, I’m determined not to be boring with my outfit choices. This outfit could have easily gone the boring route, but adding a hint… 

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#WNJInspired | 7 Things I’ve Learned After 3 Years of Marriage

Last week Darrius and I celebrated our 3-year wedding anniversary! This past weekend we continued the celebration with a 3-day staycation at the Renaissance Baltimore Harborplace. We lead a pretty active lifestyle, together and separately,  so the time spent relaxing, shopping and just being alone with one another was perfect. One thing we like to do each… 

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#WNJDrives | 2016 Mazda CX-5 Car Review

I don’t know about you, but I am SO happy it’s the weekend! The dreary weather we’ve been experiencing here in Maryland has put a slight damper on my mood, which has made me extremely tired lately. It’s literally been grey skies and rain for weeks, with a few peaks of sunshine here and there. However, as much… 

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Minimal Wardrobe _ Outfit

Personal Style | My Latest Minimal Outfit + (More) Minimal Wardrobe Options

As I continue building my minimal wardrobe, I’m very pleased with my progress. I’ve donate and sold several several items that no longer serve a purpose and will continue to do so throughout this process. I’ve created a list off specific items to add to my wardrobe and I’ve stated buying only those items. Talk about self control! I’ve also… 

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lessons I've learned from my mother

#WNJInspired | 25 Life Lessons Learned from My Mother

I hope you all had an enjoyable weekend! Mine was lovely, mainly because I was able to spend it with my mother. For Mother’s Day my sister and I planned a day of relaxation, food and fun for both my mother and grandmother. Although I see my mother pretty much everyday (we work together), it… 

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why your vision board isn't working

#WNJInspired | Why Your Vision Board isn’t Working

Before the clock struck midnight, I already had in my mind that 2016 was going to be an AMAZING year! My top 3 goals were to travel A LOT more, save and make (more) money and become more active. Of course I got right to work and started creating my vision board. However, by the end of the first quarter things just… 

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