Event Recap – 5 Things I Learned from the Blogger Week Unconference

Lately, I’ve been quite the social butterfly. My past 3 weekends have been spent event hopping, socializing and networking. This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending the Blogger Week Unconfrence in Silver Spring, Maryland. I served as an ambassador and was there to not only learn more about blogging, but also represent the Bloggers Like Me (BLM) group. I really enjoyed being an ambassador and spreading the word about BLM. I also enjoyed hanging with me partner in crime, and other BLM Ambassador,¬†Karen. We always have fun when we get together! ūüėČ

If you’re thinking about attending the Blogger Week Unconfrence next year, I highly suggest you do. There were several well respected and knowledgeable¬†panelists who shared their social media, blogging and networking smarts with us. If you need more convincing, check out the 5 things I learned from the Blogger Week Unconfrence.


1. To build you brand, networking is key. I met dozens of bloggers and social media experts at the Unconfrence and although this is not my 1st conference like this, it still amazes me how much networking can help grow your brand. I was able to connect with several like-minded individuals who I may potentially team up or work with in the future. I also handed out more than 35 business cards, leaving a lasting impression on all those I met. If you want to successfully build your blog/business, events and conferences like this are the way to go!

2. “More people want to see you succeed than you know. Humble yourself enough to ask for help.” –¬†Amanda Spann. During her talk on Content and Communication, Amanda dropped this little nugget and it sparked something in me. Blogging is a passion and while I enjoy it, it’s hard-work and I do not know everything. Humbling yourself to ask for help not only helps solve whatever issue you’re having,¬†but it’s also an opportunity to forge a lasting relationship with someone in your field. You can’t beat that.



3. Social Media is Forever Changing…KEEP UP!¬†Social Media Strategist¬†Kumi Rauf¬†made this very clear during his segment. As bloggers, we have to stay up-to-date on the latest changes in social media. There’s pretty much no way around it, unless your blogging just for fun…which is just fine :-) Staying connecting with your audience via-Facebook ¬†is a bit tougher these days due to all the changes their making. While this is true, attending the Unconfrence helped me see there are things I can do to be successful at using Facebook as a blogger. By the way if you’re not following Kumi, I think you should. ūüėČ

4. To be successful, you have to step outside of your comfort zone.¬†For awhile, attending conferences and events like this seemed a bit intimidating. I even felt a tad bit¬†unsure when I was asked to serve as an ambassador and represent for BLM. I’m a confident person, yes. But when you have certain responsibilities that can positively or negatively affect a group of people, uncertainty may rear its head. AS I said before, blogging is my passion but I don’t know everything. And that’s OK. Opportunities like this help you grow, learn and above all step outside your comfort zone. I was beyond honored and thankful that Jessica, creator¬†of Blogger Week, and Leslie, BLM Girl creator, trusted me with such task.

5. Hanging with blogger friends never gets old.¬†All the “serious” stuff aside, the best thing about the Blogger Weeek Unonference was hanging out with my blogger buddies. Reconnecting with fellow bloggers and meeting new ones is always a treat for me! I’m a people person ¬†so anytime I can chat and catch up, it’s a good time. I loved seeing so many women (and men) in one room with the same passion and desire to take their blog/business to the next level. It was very inspiring and refreshing.


So tell me, have you attended any blogger conferences or meetups lately? Are you looking forward to attending any in the near future? Let me know! 

I hope this post provided insight on the Blogger Week Unconference. Again, I really enjoyed myself and walked away feel very inspired. Thanks for reading and I’ll talk to you tomorrow – be blessed and stay safe…XO!


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    Whitney, looks like you had an awesome experience. While I’m fairly new to blogging, I haven’t had the opportunity to attend a meet up or conference. It is something that I do plan to make happen though. I’m still trying to find my niche. Glad you had a great time and gained knowledge on building your brand :)
    Kishina recently posted…Bohemian FlowMy Profile

    • Whitney says

      Thanks, Kishina! If you need any help narrowing it (conferences) down, feel free to email me. XO!


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