Style | Sheer Blouse, Statement Necklace & Personal Style Linkup

Happy Monday, friends! I’m still on a high from the BET Awards last night. The Bad Boy reunion and Janet Jackson tribute had me and the hubby grooving all night! But alas, it’s Monday morning and that means the start of a new week. Can’t believe it’s the last week of June; where has the time gone?! Summertime arrived a few weeks ago and we’re now in full swing – hot weather, humid temps and casual outfits. I’ve decided that Summer 2015 is all about being casual, comfy and chic, so pretty much all of my outfits will be just that. Today’s outfit proves that my #CasualSummer is in full effect.

Sheer Blouse and Statement Necklace

Blouse: Daniel Rainn, Nordstrom Rack // Leggings: Vince Camuto, Nordstrom // Flats: Steve Madded (Similar) //Purse: Nine West (Old)

Sheer Blouse Outfit

A few days ago I did a little shopping at Nordstrom Rack. By now you know that’s one of my favorite places to shop, especially for basic wardrobe items. This sheer blouse and statement necklace were among my few purchases. I’m getting very particular about my style thee days and since I’ve claimed this the season of #CasualSummer, I’m all about basic, simple pieces. I’m actually thinking about putting together an e-book, offering an online (or in person) workshop or something like that. It’d be designed specifically to aid other shoppers on how to shop for wardrobe basics. I want to share the process, what to look for, and where to go. With a closet full of basics,  getting dressed in the morning (or whenever) is so easy.

I also added a statement necklace to this look, another wardrobe necessity, and my $4.99 tortoise readers from eBay. Hubby actually suggested I add them to complete the look. I think he was spot on with that addition! I see I’ve taught him well, lol! When styling a simple and casual summer outfit, accessories like statement necklaces and cute glasses are a must. That’s also something I’d talk about in my e-book/workshop too! 😉

Casual Summer Outfit

Statement Necklace Nordstrom Rack

Glasses: eBay // Necklace: Nordstrom Rack

Plus Size Casual Outfit - Nordstrom

Speaking of casual and chic and wardrobe basics, take a look at Rachelle from Pink Sole. Her look was my favorite from last week’s linkup! She effortlessly styled her top with a cute skirt and a sensible pair of chic blush heels. I LOVE this look and it’s perfect for a #CasualSummer. Rachelle is always so fly and so simple with her style; her style is easy to digest, practical, and always stylish.

Pink Sole

Rachelle | Pink Sole

So tell me, would you be interested in my Wadrobe Basics and #CasualSummer Must Haves e-Book or online/in person workshop? What’s your take on my sheer blouse and statement necklace outfit? Let me know!

Don’t forget to show off your personal style by linking your recent OOTD pots(s) below. Be sure to link your outfit back to this post. Also, visit the other bloggers who’ve linked up and say hey. I’ll be sharing my favorite linkup next Monday! Until next time, be blessed and stay safe…XO!


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#FearlessWoman Feature | LaQuisha Hall of Couture’d Confidence

When I met LaQuisha Hall, I knew she was destined for greatness. There was no doubt in my mind that I had met a #FearlessWoman. This strong willed, intelligent and lovely survivor is the CEO of Couture’d Confidence and has had much success in the world of pageantry over the past few years. She is also a highly sought after speaker and confidence coach.

I look to her for inspiration on many endevours, and have worked side by side with her or several occasions. LaQuisha is an educator and takes shaping the minds of our young women and men very seriously. She’s my sister in the spirit and someone I know will be in my circle for years to come. Enjoy getting to know LaQuisha a little more and be inspired!

LaQuisha Hall - Couture'd Confidence

What’s a typical day for LaQuisha?

I get up before the sun daily (even on the weekends!) to pray, blog and answer emails. I am an English teacher by day in Baltimore City Public Schools. After school, I can be found mentoring a group of girls via my Queendom T.E.A. program, in a rehearsal or bible study for church (Open Door Fellowship in Randallstown, Maryland). I also enjoy spending time with my handsome husband, reading books, especially novels by Jodi Picoult, writing and eating a pint of Talenti icecream, lol.

What inspired you to create Couture’d Confidence?

I was inspired by all that I have been able to achieve. I wanted to create an overarching umbrella for all that I do. I am an inspirational speaker, a mentor via my Queendom T.E.A. program, a fashion stylist inspired by my blog, Corner Curl Girl, and an advocate for survivors of sexual abuse and domestic violence implemented through my annual ceremony, SheRose Awards. In all three of these areas my ultimate goal is teach Couture’d (custom-made) Confidence (self-esteem and self-empowerment) which is the name of all 3 of these in one. 

PicMonkey Collage

3. Who are your top 3 women inspirations, famous or non-famous, and why?

Angel Richardson, CEO of Life Coaches Rock, is a personal friend of mine. She inspires me because she successfully acts on any dream or idea she has and encourages others to do the same. She cheers me on with sincerity when I achieve my own goals. I love her spirit, smile and fierce fabulousity! 

Stacia Pierce, CEO of Life Coach 2 Women, is a millionaire entrepreneur who has successfully trained others. Angel (who I just discussed) told me I should follow her. When I did, I fell in love! Soon after following her on social media, I met her in New York. She had no idea who I was but after talking with her she agreed to send me package. About a week later, I received a box full of her some of her coaching materials. Shortly afterwards, I won one of her contests which allowed me free entry to her Florida Success Tour this year. I am looking forward to her annual Women’s Success Conference this summer!

I know you asked me to only choose 3 individual women, but my final choice has to be all women I have encountered who have survived and conquered sexual abuse and domestic violence. These women inspire to keep moving forward with strength and power. They encourage me because sometimes I feel that the stories of abuse have been told enough. Then, I meet another woman who has not yet shared…

One piece of advice you have for women entrepreneurs? 

As Kris Kross used to sing, “jump, jump”! Often entrepreneurs will stand by to contemplate and entertain a variety of thoughts. Should they pursue their dream? Should they invest in publishing a book? Should they call someone for advice or help? Is now the time to start a new project idea? The answer to all of these questions is an emphatic yes! Jump, with or without a parachute because even if the landing hurts, you will learn how to do a better jump the next time.


What is your definition of a #FearlessWoman?

A #FearlessWoman is one who can encourage and empower other fearless women. She gives compliments to other women as she passes them on the street. Fearless women overcome past catastrophes with present triumphs and educate others how to do the same. She wears her crown daily and knows how to pray if it begins to tilt. She apologizes when she is wrong and is empathetic to those who are not in the same place she is.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I will be a retired teacher doing what I love full-time: instilling confidence in women and girls. I will successfully launch the Couture’d Confidence clothing and accessory line. I will have at least 3 published books and maybe 1 child (lol).

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Guest Blogger | What to Wear to a Summer Blog Conference

Blogging conferences bring about so much excitement! While they can be so much fun, the conferences are truly educational, offer opportunities to network, help you develop your business and usually provide you with plan of action. As with any other activity related to your blogging business, the way that you present yourself at a conference is important.  While attending, you are your brand, every day, every minute of the conference. Be prepared to represent your brand very well. You want to be taken seriously.

Once you register and plan your traveling, it’s time to pack for a stylish, professional, oh so cute, and comfortable experience. But….HOW? Most conferences are Thursday-Sunday so this snapshot should take you through those few days. Here’s a sample agenda and a visual (celebrity inspired) for What to Wear to a Summer Blog Conference.

*Author’s Note: I recommend substituting shoes that are pictured, for comfortable flats sandals/shoes to suit your walking needs.*

What to a Summer Blog

Thursday and Sunday Travel – Boyfriend jeans and tee with a little layering for the cool flight or train ride.

What to Wear to a Blog Confrence

Thursday Night Networking Event – Fun jumpsuit; jazz it up and impress. First impressions are lasting ones.


Friday workshops – Nice pants & blouse. You can layer with a cardigan/light blazer for those cool conference rooms.

Wear to Work

Friday Night Networking & Fun – Fun summer dress; time to show off & grab cocktails!

Floral Dress - Plus Size

Party Dress

Saturday Workshops – Stylish dress or skirt. Show your personality and style; add cardigan/light blazer for layering.

Floral Summer Dress

Saturday Night Dinner / Out & About with New Blogger friends – Jeans and an easy, cute top.

Travel Outfit

You are so ready! Oh, don’t forget your FIVE must-haves since you are there for blogging business:

1. Camera

2. Laptop

3. Phone/Laptop Chargers

4. Business Cards

5. Note Pad (some of us still like to take quick notes the old fashioned way)

So tell me, what are a few of your must haves to wear to a blog confrence? What do you have to take with you? Let me know! 

Okay…go, go, go and have a FABULOUS time! I can’t wait to hear all about it.

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Written by: Stania Romain of Miss-Sassy.comWardrobe stylist & style blogger in Washington, DC.

Inspiration | 2 Years Down, Through Sickness & Health…

Yesterday hubby and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary. Thinking back on our year, I am extremely blessed and thankful. Last year we both dealt with some health issues and to be honest, I encountered some dark days. Yes, I broke down a time or two. However, it wasn’t because I was sick. When I’m sick, I can handle it. I roll with the punches and keep getting up. But when my husband was diagnosed with diabetes, I was heartbroken. I was numb.


Realizing that your best friend and partner in life is sick puts life in perspective real quick. It makes you stronger as a person, but also as a unit. You have to be strong for the other person and deal with your breakdowns in private. God knows there were times I thought I wasn’t going to make it, but by His grace I remained strong, my faith tested but not lost.

I’ve never seen him in the hospital and I’ve never witnesses him being somewhat helpless. I was scared, so of course the first thing I did was call my mother. Thank God for a praying and compassionate mother. I needed to know how to be strong for him. I’m always used to him being super man, handling everything and taking care of me. After talking through things with my mother and praying on my own, I realized that I could be there for him because I had to. There was no option. I made a vow to be with him through sickness and health and while that part came faster than I was prepared for, I was equipped to be his rock.


Through dealing with Darrius’ diagnoses, we have learned quite a bit, about ourselves and our marriage. Here’s a look at 3 things we learned:

Darrius’ 2 Year Lessons

1. Put yourself in their shoes. 

2. Date your spouse.

3. Trust the pace of your relationship; move at your own pace, with guidance from the Lord.

Whitney’s 2 Year Lessons

1.  Love always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails.”— I Corinthians 13: 7-8 

2. Pay attention to your spouse. 

3. Marriage is what you make it.


So tell me, what are some lessons you’ve learned in marriage along the way? Let me know!

As Darrius and I continue to thrive as a couple, we always remember to put God first and always have faith. My husband is getting healthier everyday – he is not allowing a diagnoses to control his life. Together, we’re fighting and we will be victorious! Marriage is fun, hard, worth it, but above all is it’s a blessing. Until next time, be blessed and stay safe…XO!

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Style | Another Casual Thrifted Outfit

Happy Monday! Although I was a bit under the weather this weekend, I still managed to hang with my family and enjoy some of the spring weather. I even did a little spring thrifting (on Friday). I stopped by 2nd Avenue (Value Villiage) and grabbed 2 dresses, 2 men’s button down shirts for myself and of course, a few items for hubby. There’s nothing like a casual thrifted outfit during the springtime, and the first place I scope out when thrifting for spring items is the men’s department.

Casual Thrifted Outfit

Plus Size Casual Spring Outfit

Sunnies: Vintage, Thrifted // Men’s Shirt: 2nd Avenue // Denim: JCP

Casual Thrifted Outfit - OOTD

There are several men’s items in my closet. I find that menswear is the perfect place to shop for oversized and structured tops. The material of the button ups are usually lightweight and the prints are sometimes more fun and unique than those I find in the women’s section.

I’ve been a fan of menswear for years! From blazers, sweaters, outerwear and even accessories the options are endless. There have even been times when hubby and I fight over who gets a particular item. Yea, it gets that bad, lol! I usually let him win in the end…and just borrow the item later. 😉

Casual Thrifted Outfit - Plus Size

Thrifted Style

Clutch: Aldo (Old) // Cuff: Lucky Brand, Macy’s // Flats: Mossimo, Goodwill

Casual Thrifted OOTD

 So tell me, are  you a fan of my casual thrifted outfit? Have you ever thrifted a menswear item? Let me know!

Don’t forget to show off your personal style by linking your recent OOTD pots(s) below. Be sure to link your outfit back to this post. Also, visit the other bloggers who’ve linked up and say hey. Until next time, be blessed and stay safe…XO!


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#FearlessWoman Feature | Krystal of The Feisty House

Today’s #FearlessWoman feature comes from the lifestyle blogger and budding entrepreneur Krystal Scott. The author of The Feisty House lives with her husband in New York and she’s been a virtual source of inspiration for me for a while now. Her lifestyle blog is an amazing space on the internet filled with motivational posts, natural hair and makeup tips, thought provoking interviews and much more.

Krystal has a natural zest for life and it shows through her writing, photos, and how she lives day to day. Her entrepreneurial plans are inspiring and I can’t wait to see what’s next for her! Find out more about Krystal in her interview below.

The Feisty House Feature

 What’s a typical day for Krystal? 

My days are a bit insane! I’ve been trying to wake up earlier in the day (so I can exercise), but my average wake time is about 7:30 AM. Then I get ready for work, grab breakfast and pack a lunch. I try to be out the door by 9:00 AM. I arrive at work at 9:30 AM and I work nonstop until my lunch break. I use that time to check my blog emails, do a quick check-in on social media, etc. I schedule my blog posts, blog-related tweets and Facebook posts as well as my blog-related Instagrams because I don’t really have the time at work to do all of that.  

I have been leaving work between 5:00 PM and 5:30 PM, which is great. I head home and spend some time alone before I start dinner and do some chores. After dinner I’m usually blogging and checking email, and I do that between8:00 PM and 11:00 PM. I try to write two posts within that time, but some nights I only get to the post for the next day! Blogging and having a full-time job definitely isn’t easy, and I’m constantly adjusting my schedule so that I can blog and also have time for friends and family.

What inspired you to create The Feisty House?

I started The Feisty House in graduate school when I was learning about how to take care of my naturally kinky hair. I’d been natural my entire life (never used chemical straighteners or even hair dye), but I quickly learned that I was doing everything the wrong way! I used The Feisty House to share what I was learning about my hair with other women. Fast forward five years, and The Feisty House is much bigger than natural hair!

The blog has involved into a space where I discuss and share inspirations related to lifestyle (personal style, home life, beauty) and entrepreneurship (including my DREAM JOB Interviews with Black female entrepreneurs and blogging tips).

The Feisty House Feature

Who are your top 3 women inspirations, famous or non-famous, and why?

I could say my aunt and grandmothers and be done so easily! These women work so much. They’ve worked hard my entire life. It’s been amazing to see with my own eyes what women can do for themselves when they put their minds to it.

I’m also inspired by Arianna Huffington (I’m reading On Becoming Fearless for the second time this year), and all the entrepreneurs I’ve interviewed for The Feisty House. It’s amazing to learn from women who have looked fear in the face and started their own businesses (and become successful!) in spite of being afraid.

One piece of advice you have for women entrepreneurs? 

Share your stories. Because you have no idea how your experience is going to affect someone else. You may be just what another woman needs in order to make the leap into entrepreneurship. Those stories are so valuable and such an important source of strength for me and other women who are considering working for themselves.

The Feisty House - Feature

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I’ll probably still be living in New York, but also living in either South Florida or Jamaica for half of the year. And I’ll be working for myself, FULL-TIME! The Lord has yet to reveal to me exactly what I’ll be doing, but I know I’m on the right track. I’m excited about the future!

Keep Up With Krystal

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Style | My New Firmoo Glasses

Have you ever put on an outfit and felt like something was missing? This happen to me the other day and after a few minutes of going back and forth, I figured out what was missing from my outfit. A pair of cute fashion glasses! I think glasses can be such the perfect outfit accessory! Even if the glasses are prescription, wearing a stylish pair instantly makes certain outfits complete.

That’s how I feel about my Firmoo glasses. I’ve been searching for the perfect pair of fashion glasses since last summer, but I must say that this pair is by far my favorite. I wanted a pair that fit my personality and personal style, so I went with these. Good choice, right?

Firmoo Glasses Review

Glasses: Firmoo

Firmoo Glasses Review - Style Blogger

When deciding what to wear this weekend, I knew I was going to wear my new specs. So I opted for an outfit with earth tones, and of course, leopard print. I’d been dying to wear my thrifted coat with fringes, so I added that piece to the look as well. This outfit, in my mind, is the perfect look for a weekend full of blogger events and family activities. It’s not too dressy, but not too causal and the heels add a little something extra to the look. I did carry a pair of flats with me, that I ended up wearing most of the day, but the idea and the effort I put forth to wear heels all day to 2 different events was admirable. 😉

Plus Size Blogger - Leopard Print Top

Top: Macy’s (Another Option) // Pants: Macy’s, American Rag // Shoes: DSW, Tahari

Review Firmoo Glasses

Aside from the glasses, my favorite part of this outfit is the pants. These lightweight American Rag pants were $10 at Macy’s a few weeks back. I knew they’d be coming home with me because they’re very versatile. After trying them on in the fitting room, I came up with 3 or 4 different outfits to wear with the pants. I’m all about restyling, as I’m sure you’ve realized by now, so adding them to wardrobe was a no brainer.

Leopard Print Blouse - Plus Size OOTD

Style Blogger - Outfit Inspiraton

Fringe Coat: Thrifted, 2nd Avenue

Adding simple elements to an outfit, like the perfect pair of glasses, is a simple way to achieve a stylish or trendy look. At first I thought the glasses maybe too much, but I ended up really liking the final look. So next time you’re in need of the perfect pair of fashion (or prescription) glasses to complete your OOTD, check out the Firmoo glasses selections.

 So tell me, what do you think about my look? Are you a fan of wearing fashion glasses? Let me know!

The  Firmoo ordering process is simple, the glasses are affordable, and the selections are fabulous! If you’re thinking about ordering a pair, check out their BOGO Valentine’s Day Sale! And for new customers, you can get a 50% off code on the frames sitewide by clicking HERE

Don’t forget to show off your personal style by linking your recent OOTD pots(s) below. Be sure to link your outfit back to this post. Also, visit the other bloggers who’ve linked up and say hey. Until next time, be blessed and stay safe…XO!… 

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The Best of 2014 Personal Style Edition | What I’ve Learned About Personal Style

Happy Monday, everyone! This weekend was such a great one. Not only was I able to spend some QT with hubby, but we also got a lot of things done around the house. It’s that time of the year when I start cleaning out closets, drawers and everything in between. So, we did a little bit of that on Saturday and Sunday. By next weekend, we should be done….I hope. 😉

Today’s post is a recap of my favorite outfits from my Personal Style Monday posts. I started this linkup as a way to express my personal style and of course, I wanted to give you all a chance to do the same. I started out by having just 8 or so links for months and now I have 30+ linkups almost each week. I LOVE it and I thank you all for linking up and sharing my links each week. Check out some of my favorite Personal Style Moments of 2014, as well as some things I’ve learned about my personal style along the way.

Clearly I embraced my curves, wore a lot of dresses, and had no problem showing a little bit of skin earlier this year. I enjoyed experimenting with different looks, hairstyles and trends; all while staying true my personal style. I feel like my style has grown, yet has remained simple with a touch of uniqueness that only I can bring. I’ve “found myself” as far as personal style goes, and I’ve pushed my limits when it comes to what I will and won’t wear. Daring to bare my legs in certain outfits, like the black Jessica Simpson dress (above), was liberating and wearing shoes other than flats and sandals was huge for me.

I enjoyed wearing a bit more color this year and I wasn’t afraid to go bold with my outfits. I also learned the importance of knowing your body type. I know what looks good on me and what works for my body; 2 very important things to know when figuring out where to go with your personal style. Something else that’s important to learn while curating your personal style? Trying different things with makeup. For me this was tedious task, but I must admit that it was fun. Weather it was a lip color or a bit of mascara, I took myself to another level in terms of my day to day beauty routine. From makeup to skin care, I’ve re-learned the importance of taking care of my skin as well.

One of my favorite personal style posts this year involved statement jewelry. It was fun sharing my favorite pieces with you! Wearing statement pieces this year saved a lot of my outfits form being boring and blah. It was rather enjoyable styling different pieces and my collection has grown a lot since I published that post. I’d planned to do a separate post on how to shop for statement pieces on eBay, but I didn’t get around to it. No worries; it’s on the top of my to-blog-about list for the new year.

Of course I’ve stayed true to my love for thrifting. Showcasing different outfits with several of my thrifted purchases has been a personal style highlight. I’ve been able to influence others to try thrifting, as well as teach people how to successfully thrift for certain items. Thrifting is a huge part of my personal style and it will continue to be…forever. From thrifted accessories to sweater coats, I’ve had fun showing how to stay on trend without breaking the bank.

 So tell me, what did you learn about your personal style this year? Are there any your favorite personal style look from 2014 above? Let me know!  

Since this is the last of my Personal Style posts of 2014, I’ve decided to leave today’s linkup open until the last day of the month. Feel free to post as many looks as you’d like from now until then. Thank you all SO much for linking up with me and I look forward to seeing your outfits in the new year. Until tomorrow, be blessed and stay safe…XO!


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