Personal Style – Plus Size Slouchy Pants from Nordstrom Rack

If you haven’t noticed, I kind of switched days here on the blog. Usually I do my inspirational posts on Tuesday and my personal style posts on Monday’s. However, I decided to do a WNJ Inspires post yesterday. Next week, things will be back to normal, I guess, lol! ;-) Anywho, onto today’s post…

When it comes to plus size slouchy pants, I haven’t been able to get my hands on a pair all summer. That is until a few days ago, thanks to Nordstrom Rack. There I was shifting through the sales rack, looking for fall sweaters and a few pair of jeans. I suddenly came across these pants  and realized they were on sale ($15) – #WINNING! They were just what I’d been looking for alllll summer. ;-)

Plus Size Slouchy Pants  - Nordstrom

Plus Size Slouchy Pants

Top: Marshall’s // Pants: Bobeau, Nordstrom Rack (Similar) // Heels: Lane Bryant (Similar)

So these slouchy pants are so comfortable and the print is just perfect. Realistically, I may only wear them for a few more weeks, due to the thin materiel, but I still had to have them. So between the end of the summer and a few weeks into September, I plan to style these pants more than handful of times.

The thin see-through top on the other hand is an item that I’ll be styling well into the fall and winter. Adding a tank top underneath will allow this item to have plenty of wearability. The thin material is perfect (for me) because I tend to always stay hot.

Plus Size OOTD - Slouchy Pants

Hoops: eBay // Necklace: 2nd Avenue, $2 // Clutch: Fly By Night Boutique

Slouchy Pants - Plus Size Blogger

So tell me, how do you like my slouchy pants from The Rack? Do you have a pair of slouchy pants? How have you styled them? Let me know! 

As always, thanks for reading. Also, thanks for all the birthday wishes yesterday via social media. I had an amazing day and I truly appreciate the love. :-) Until tomorrow, be blessed & stay safe…XO!


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28 Life Lessons…

Happy Monday! As I celebrate my 28th birthday today, I want to share 28 life lessons I’m taking with me into my new year. 27 was a year of lessons, preparation and growth. It was one of my most challenging years for many reasons, but it was a great one nonetheless. This year I will have less stress, more peace, less worry and more faith. Until tomorrow, be blessed and stay safe…XO!

life lessons

1. Gods love is real

2. Prayer works

3. Your word is your bond

4. Family is everything

5. Trust your intuition

6. There’s a season & a reason for everything

7. Life goes on

8. Be nice to yourself & others

9. Saying “no” is sometimes necessary

10. Smile

11. Do what makes you happy

12. Be yourself

13. Take chances

14. Make mistakes

15. Learn from your mistakes

16. Work hard, play hard

17. Be genuine

18. Treat yourself

19. Don’t be selfish with your gifts

20. When God says move, MOVE

21. Stay true to who you are

22. Stand up for what you believe in

23. You’re not designed for everyone to like you

24. Love your decisions

25. Surround yourself with those who make you better

26. Try new things

27. Enjoy the moments

28. Live the life you love {borrowing this from Mattie ;-) }

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today & everyday I’m thankful. Thankful for my family & friends, as well as my health & strength. I’m also thankful for the love & support you all send my way each day. THANK YOU & have a blessed Thanksgiving!


Thrifted at Work

What better way to showcase your favorite thrifted items than to wear them at work? While I’m not one to “dress up” for work, due to my work environment being a business casual setting, I do like to shake it up a bit. This outfit was the perfect look to do just that.

I’m going to keep this post short today so, I hope you all have a GREAT start to a new week. Be blessed and I’ll be back Wednesday with a brand new look. XO!


pinkngreenpinkngreen4 pinkngreen5Dress: Thrifted, 2nd Avenue//Blazer: (Coldwater Creek) Thrifted, Salvation Army in Illinois//Shoes: Thrifted, 2nd Avenue//Purse: Gifted form NY//Earrings: ($3) Thrifted/Vintage, Goodwill//Necklace: Thrifted, Goodwill


pinkngreen3 pinkngreen2


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