Celeb Inspired Friday’s: Rita O. & Michelle O.

Happy Friday!!!

Today’s post is simple and sweet. This weeks looks are from Rita Ora and the lovely 1st Lady, Michelle Obama. While these ladies are on the complete opposite ends of the style spectrum, the looks I went with are similar in that they’re simple and chic.

Rita is wearing all black and as any woman knows, black on black is the epitome of classic. I love how she wore the knee high boots with a longer skirt. Sometimes mini skirts and knee high boots can look a bit raunchy, for lack of a better word. Rita’s look was perfectly put together and she looks very nice. I went with ankle booties in my recreation just to give the outfit a different look.


rita ora

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Now onto Mrs. O. As always, she looks classy but her hair and the popped collar give the look a bit of an edge. This Alexander McQueen look was perfect for her because she’s tall and statuesque. I also like the tail on the back of the shirt; nice touch!

In my Polyvore look, I went with a balzer/jacket and the belt. I like a cinched waist! I noticed in Mrs. O’s look, she wore bronze shoes like the McQueen model. I wasn’t sure if I liked the bronze with the black and white. But once I created my Polyvore version, it worked well. The sandal I picked may have a higher heel than what the 1st lady would wear but for Polyvore, it’ll do. 😉



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So, which look would you mostly likely wear; Rita O or Michelle O? I’m actually feeling the Mrs. O look. It’s something about that bronze I really like. Until next time, have a wonderful weekend and be blessed!





  1. says

    I definitely like both of the ladies outfits! But I am mostly feeling Mrs. O’s outfit. Love that white Alexander McQueen Top! She worked it!

    With Love,

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