The 10th Day of “Thritmas” – Christmas Gift Ideas

On the 10th Day of “Thriftmas “, I’d like to give you a few Nic Tips for “thriftmas” shopping. Since it’s one of the last weekends to shop for Christmas gifts, this comes at a perfect time!

Let’s be honest, the thrift store is not the 1st place on your mind when it comes shopping for loved on your Christmas list. But if you have some people on your list who love jewelry, accessories, clothes and home goods, don’t count the thrift store out!  Trust me when I say, your Christmas gift ideas should include items from the thrift store! If not for everyone, at least for some people on your list. Check out my top 3 Thriftmas Gift ideas below!


1. Jewelry & Handbags – If you have someone on your Christmas list who’s a huge fan of unique statement jewelry and handbags, check out the thrift store 1st. When shopping there, I usually hit the jewelry & purse sections last because I like to thoroughly examine each piece. It usually takes me a good 15-20 minutes, depending on the inventory, to really decide on  which pieces I want to take home. So if you decide to stop and look for a piece (or a few pieces) for someone on your list, take your time. I’m SURE you’ll find some great items to pick from!



{click HERE for full outfit}

2. Home Decor – Is there someone on your list who just moved into a new home? Maybe someone who’s in the process of redecorating their current home? Head to the home decor section of the thrift store! You may be surprised how many trinkets are hidden. For Christmas shopping purposes, I’d say go for a nice vase, some cute dishes, etc. If you’re a bit unsure of what their design wants are, something small like a picture or antique picture frame with a nice picture will do the trick. Personal touches like that let people know you really put thought into their gift.

thrifted-glasses (1)


3. Clothing – Of course, you can never go wrong when thrifting for clothes.  If you know someone on your list wants a winter coat or new hat, thrift it! Especially if the person likes different/or ornate pieces. Vintage hats, dresses, and even shoes are all great gift ideas for that someone special. When thrifting for clothing gifts I usually find my mother, sister and a few friends the best items. I know they appreciate unique finds and I know I’m on a budget so, it’s a win win.



I hope this mini Thriftmas gift guide was helpful. I know that I’ve thrifted some pretty amazing items in the past, as well as this year, and I get nothing but smiles, hugs, and thank you’s! :-) Some people say you have to have an eye for thrifting good pieces. While I believe that to be true, I also believe anyone can learn how to get that thrift eye. 😉 Do you think you’ll be venturing out to thrift some Christmas goodies this year? Let me know! Take care and have a good weekend…be blessed!


P.S. Congrats to Debbie J.!

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  1. says

    These are really great ideas! You’re certainly right that the thrift store is not where I think of going when I’m thinking of Christmas, but you may have convinced me! The honeybee wine glasses are so cute and caught my eye right away. Not to mention the Eiffel Tower picture, I know a few people who’d love that! So glad I came across this post, I’m suddenly in the mood to do some thrifty shopping!
    Felicia recently posted…Reliving Your Childhood with Ice Cream MagicMy Profile

    • Whitney says

      Yay for thrifting!! 😉 Thanks so much Felicia. I’m glad I could convince you, lol. Feel free to let me know what you find if you do end up thrifting some gifts. I’d love to see!

  2. says

    Great ideas! I love thrifting and have made some great finds for myself and others ~ especially in the jewelry and glassware section. The hardest part is remembering I’m shopping for others and parting with the great finds. That white and black hat is DIVALICIOUS!!!
    Michelle G. recently posted…The Divatude Challenge 2014My Profile

  3. says

    WOW! This is NICE!!! How creative. I love the glass but ummm… That bee on the cup is FIERCE!!! LOL. Makes me want to try that one though. That’s true beauty and art. The hats are very cute. I’m not really a hat person though, however I love headbands and scarves instead. Oh and jewelry is sooooo my favorite! I love all the pieces in the photo.

    CONGRATS to Debbie too!!!

    Janelle M recently posted…Giveaway + How To Get ALL Facebook Page Updates [VIDEO]My Profile

    • Whitney says

      Thanks so much, Janelle! I love that glass too and thought I’d try to DIY. I’ll pass tho…arts & crafts was NEVER my strong area, LOL!

  4. says

    You get like the best things at the Thrift store.
    I always ONLy go for home decor. I rarely ever look at the clothes section…
    I don’t find anything but with your YT videos and your blog posts, I’m on the hunt for a nice Trench coat..:)
    Could I find it?

    Keep it Touched,

    • Whitney says

      Thanks for watching and stopping by. And YES mam, you can find a nice trench coat. Most of my fall/winter outerwear is thrifted. Just be patient when looking and check the garment thoroughly – let me know if you need anymore help. XO!


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