Flowers & Sunshine

The weekend has come and gone and I must say mine was not that eventful, LOL! I was in the house Friday, Saturday and Sunday with my mom because we were both under the weather. I think I watched more TV in those three days than I have in months! It was actually nice having a few days to really rest and relax. I’m feelin about 90% better so I think the R&R and meds paid off.

Because my weekend was a bit blah, I decided today’s post would be all about flowers & smiles. Corny, huh? Well, I must say I LOVE this outfit and it certainly brightens up my mood!


As I’ve said in previous posts, I am LOVING florals at the moment. I found the top at JcPenny’s a few weeks ago. I was walking through the department store to head out but I saw a few colorful tops on the way. So I sashay over to the Clearance rack and there it was…”Floral Perfection”! I immediately looked through the racks to see what else was there and to my surprise, I found some more goodies. That evening I found this top, another (black) floarl top and a pink, fishnet-like sweater. You’ll see them soon because I already have outfits planned for them, lol! 😉

Well, I hope you enjoy the pics and I hope you have a wonderful day. Be blessed & see ya soon! XO



Top: JcPenny’s (Worthington); Denim: Baccini (Thrifted for $4.50); Shoes: Anne Klein; Purse: Marshalls; Jewelry: Bakers  shoesfToday’s Linkups: 



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  1. staciebra says

    Now that is a cute look! I don’t really like florals but you’ve made it seem easy to pull off. Great job!

  2. missdonna says

    finally made it over to your blog! thanks so much for connecting on Instagram (@discountthief). you can’t help but feel better when wearing colors like these. i recently picked up some floral skinnies at JCP on clearance for $8…i love that place.

    • says

      I’m glad you made it! :-) And I’m beginning to love JcPenny too! Are the floral skinnies you purchased pink, purple and some other color…lol? I think I may have the same ones!

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