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Hey everyone, I’m Amberly from A Slice of Glam (! I was so happy when Nic (Whitney) reached out to me to do a guest post and to do a holiday themed DIY post. This little project requires a few inexpensive items, and takes about 30 minutes! Hope you all enjoy!

D.I.Y. Wreath for the Holidays

What You’ll Need:

1.Plain note cards
2. Glitter alphabet stickers
3. Clear string (optional if you don’t want to use ribbon)
4. Red ribbon
5. Jingle bells
6. Mini lights (I used a box of 50)
7. Garland
8.Scissors & hole puncher



1. Trim the note cards to desired shape and size, and punch a hole in each card to tie the ribbon through

2. Wrap the strand of mini lights around the garland

3. Then tie each letter and jingle bell to the garland




4. Set atop your mantel (or cabinets in my case, since I don’t have a mantel), plug in the lights and voila! Now you’ve got a bit of holiday sparkle and cheer to your place.


I hope you all enjoyed this DIY as much as I did making it! Don’t be shy, and stop by and say hello on A Slice of Glam! J I’d love to hear from you! Happy Holidays!

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