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So here we are starting the 2nd week of the new year! I hope all of you are taking strides in achieving your goals for 2013 :-)

One of my blog goals for this year was to start uploading videos on my YouTube Channel. Well, I uploded my first video this weekend and I am SUPER EXCITED for you all to see! Of course I love thrifting so it was only right that my first post be a thrifting haul.

I’ve decided to set aside a certain amount of money each month for thrifting. This month, I did not have an amount set but I still wanted to share my finds. From here on out when I do a haul, I will include how much I plan(ned) to spend, my receipts and the links to the stores I shopped at (if they’re available). Setting aside a certain amount for thrfiting is something I plan to include in my budget for 2013 because let’s be honest; thrifting is GREAT but it can become just as expensive as shopping at regular stores if you do it so often. So in 2013, you can be sure to see at least 1 thrift haul a month on my channel and maybe a 2nd video geared towards an outfit or something else. I haven’t decided yet but I’ll figure it out.

Below is the video so be sure to watch and subscribe HERE! If you have ideas on ways I can improve my videos, let me know. I’m always open to (kind & constructive) suggestions. Thanks to all those who’ve already watched the video. As usual, I appreciate the support.

Enjoy and be blessed! XO :-)


PS Don’t forget to head over and check out my NEW Etsy shop, HERE!


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    Awww…look at my pretty sis on video 😉 Perhaps I’ll get there one day, perhaps not LOL I love the cosmetic bags and LOL @ the thicker belts

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