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I believe the 1st quarter of the year (Jan-March) is imperative because it sets the tone for the rest of the year. In January, we’re usually finalizing resolutions and goals and creating vision boards (see mine HERE). These plans are a surefire way to get us motivated for a successful year. But I’ve noticed that although people are excited about change, they start beating themselves up before they really get started. I’m guilty of this. I can be so hard on myself at times and my husband often reminds me that “life is a marathon, not a sprint”.  So how can we keep ourselves inspired throughout this 1st quarter?


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1. Find a Mantra – When you find yourself struggling to keep those goals for the New Year, think about and repeat a saying that will help you over the hump. For example, you may be starting a new workout regimen and you just don’t feel like you can make it through a particular exercise. Try repeating something like, “I’m strong and I will get through this”. This phrase can work for many situations. I find myself repeating similar sayings or even scriptures to myself throughout the day. Words have power – begin training your mind to believe and think more positive thoughts.

2. Make a List & Cross Off as You Go – Last week, the BLM blogging group had a twitter chat and one of the topics was organization. I shared that the best way for me to organize my tasks for the day is by using pen and paper. Each day, I write a to-do-list and as I complete a task, I cross it off. Seeing that I accomplished a task helps keep me going. Using technology for this is great too. There are several apps out there that will help you stay on task. As for me, there’s just nothing like pen and paper. 😉 Having a to-do- list lessens “scatter brain tendencies” and it allows you to get in a zone. Even if you don’t cross off every single task, you can still see your progress.


3. Edit Your Surroundings – Sometimes the reason we’re stuck in neutral or even reverse is due to the company we keep. When you succeed, not everyone is happy about that. Be careful of the company you keep and be careful who you share things with. I’m a firm believer in energy and some people know how to suck all the good energy out of you. You do not need people like that rallying behind you. Pray for positive people to enter into your life and embrace their positive energy. Their way of thinking or habits may be a good influence on you.

4. Have Fun – At times, I can be very Type-A. Having order and structure keeps me sane. But the older I get, the more I realize that loosening up and allowing myself to laugh about certain situations makes things so much easier. Setting goals and following through is very important, but don’t get so caught up in achieving something that you forget to have fun. Life is too short not to.


I hope you find these 4 tips helpful. Whenever I can offer inspirational words or motivation of any kind, I see it as a blessing. I’ve been fortunate to have some pretty inspirational people in my life and I believe that inspiring and motivating others is a way to pay it forward.Until next time, be blessed…XO!


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  1. says

    I couldn’t agree more with these. I’m learning to let go of my type A personality and start enjoying life more. I’ve also been on a mission to surround myself with more positive and uplifting people. The company we keep definitely has a direct connection to the life we live. And my mantra/theme song for this year is Go Get It by Mary Mary. No longer giving into self doubt or self sabotage!
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    • Whitney says

      Go Get It is one of my favorites. I listen to that and God in Me just about every morning. Thanks for stopping by…XO!


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