Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is coming up and if you’re having a hard time thinking of what to get your Mother, look no further! I’ve complied 2 sets that I’m sure will help you make a choice. When it comes to gifting Mother’s Day gifts, I get so excited! Although I buy little things for my mother here and there throughout the year, I like to give a little extra on this day. My little sister and I usually think in terms of themes when giving gifts to her. Below is a Floral Themed gift guide. I love the cute ring and the straw bag; so lady-like and pretty!


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The next gift guide is more random; it’s got a little bit of everything. These gifts are similar ideas that my sister and I have for this year. My mom is super trendy and loves music so we can never go wrong with the latest R&B (or Jazz) CD, as well as a cutesy phone case. She also likes to take long hot baths to relax so a nice smelling candle is always a plus!


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If you’re still having trouble or you’re budget won’t allow you to buy what you want, here are a few other ideas:

1. Cook your mother her favorite meal and invite her over for dinner.

2. Take her to see an early matinee; you can see a great movie earlier in the day to avoid the regular movie ticket prices.

3. If your mother is a reader, head to the thrift store and grab a few good books for (usually) under $2 a book.

I hope these ideas help you with your Mother’s Day shopping. As corny as it may sound, remember that it’s the thought that counts. Happy shopping and be blessed!



Me, Lil Sis & Mom (’04 or ’05)




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