My Summer Faves

Hello and happy Friday! Today’s post is all about inspiring YOU to try some fun summer looks, created by yours truly. I’ve done many Polyvore looks in the past and I must admit that I LOVE creating looks using their site. It’s super easy and inspirational (in the fashion sense). So today I wanted to share a few looks that I’m loving lately, as well as share some Summer items that you can purchase from my online shop! I also want to show you a few hairstyles that are perfect for this season. So, let’s get started!

Collage #1 is all about flowy, pretty dresses, printed and solid. During the warm months, I’m all about less clothing so throwing on a pretty sundress or maxi is a perfect solution. While my #1 choice is to shop at thrift stores, I do browse through Macy’s here and there and depending on their sales, I’ll purchase a good number of items. Their Plus Size or Women’s Section can be on point when there’s a good sale; especially their dress section. Check out the collage and see my 4 faves from Macy’s Plus Size Section.


Collage #2 shows a few of my favorite items from my shop, Nic’s Picks. I LOVE colors and patterns for this season so when hunting for the next best item to add to my shop, I’m sure to look for colorful and unique “picks”. Although my items may be different, they’re still very practical and wearable pieces. Take a look at the items below and I’m sure you’ll agree. ๐Ÿ˜‰


**Green shoes are no longer available**

Lastly, let’s look at some fun Summer hairstyles that I’ve been swooning over lately in Collage #3. As you may know, I’m wearing Kinky Twists now and I really LOVE this style. When it’s warm out, I love my hair in braids and I love seeing other ladies wearing braids as well. I also like natural hairstyles and weaves/wigs in the Summer. For some reason, summertime makes me feel a little bit more free. Anyone else feel that way?


Well I hope you’ve enjoyed my Summer Faves and I hope that you’ve been inspired in some way by this post. For my curvy girls out there, don’t forget Macy’s when your looking for the perfect Summer dress. If you’re looking for unique vintage, hop on over to Nic’s Picks. And if you want to give your hair a rest for the summer ย and rock a braided or natural hairdo, don’t forget my Summer Hair collage. Enjoy, be blessed and have a wonderful weekend!





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    I am overdosing on maxi dresses! I feel you on summer hair. It’s like you can do a lot more in the summer. I love your twist!

    Thank you for the well wishes for my mom!

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    Maxis are the wear for this summer and everyone is getting them. It’s hard to get a good one cheap right now. I have been wearing my hair very short and natural and it is virtually carefree. Just wet and go, but I want to get blonde streaks this summer. Thanks for the inspiration!

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