Thrifted Curves – Red & Black Winter Coat

It’s no secret that the weather has been pretty much freezing cold lately. I for one am not thrilled but reluctantly, I’m coping with it. With temps barley reaching 12 degrees, it’s more than perfect timing for my trusty winter coat! Not one to wear heavy coats, my body’s been telling me otherwise lately. I have an annoying couch that won’t go away and who knew one person could blow their nose so many times in one day. But I digress – let’s get back to this amazing coat.


Coat: Village Thrift, $5.90// Clutch: Village Thrift, $3.90// Flats: Mossimo Brand (Village Thrift), $4.90


When it comes to my plus size thrift fashion, it’s safe to say that I have thrifted more outerwear, blazers and jewelry than anything else. As a plus size thrifter, it’s easier (for me) to track down the perfect coat than most articles of clothing. When I saw this bright red beauty, I knew 1 of 2 things – I’d keep it for myself or my mom would somehow swindle it from me, lol. A few days after I purchased it, my mom came over, tried it on and the swindling began, LOL!


There were no hard feeling because we always “borrow back” from one another. But this time, she ended up wearing the coat only a few times then gave it back to me…to keep. How nice, right?! I guess she got her wear out of it…haha! Nonetheless, I’m glad to say that this cozy and comfy red coat is now all mine. It’s perfect too because I often wear a lot of layers . Unlike most coats, this one doesn’t bunch up in the arms and it doesn’t have me breaking out into a sweat in the dead of winter. That’s never cute.


So how’s the weather in your area? Are you bundled up or do you have the pleasure of wearing a “light jacket” when you go out? Also if you’re a thrifter, what items do you find most often? Let me know! Wherever you are and whatever temperatures you’re faced with, be blessed & be safe…XO!

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    • Whitney says

      Lol, I don’t blame you for breaking out the fur. It’s down right brutal out here! You stay warm too…XO!

  1. says

    Well Whitney, last weekend my husband and I drove over to Palm Springs because its a gold mine for thrift and antigue stores. I purchased a blouse that I will feature on the blog soon. I was hoping to find some interesting jewelry, but I didnt. I also struck out on the shoe department. I wear a size six.and noticed that most sizes wete too large. Overall, it was fun. Next time I go, Im gping to go to the trendy part of Los Angeles – Silverlake.

    I dont blame your mom, the coat is fab!
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    • Whitney says

      I’m SO happy to hear you purchased something. I can’t wait to see. Trendy LA should reveal some amazing finds…good luck!


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