Trend Alert: Spring 2013

Happy Tuesday, darlings! After skimming some magazines, blogs and other media sources these past few weeks, I’ve come up with the top 3 trends I’m most looking forward to this Spring; (1) Black & White, (2) Emerald, and (3) Stripes. It’s funny because I’ve been wearing black and white and stripes forever, lol! I love both trends. But of course the Fashion Gods dictate when certain trends are in so, I’ll just act like this is the first time I’ve seen them, LOL!

Check out Jessica Alba rocking Black and White, as well as a few reasons why I love this trend.


1. The two colors always look classic and so chic, when worn the right way.

2. It’s an easy trend to wear when your wardrobe may not be as colorful and big as others.

3. Worn the right way, Black and White look good on EVERYONE!

4. This color combo is timeless!

Take a look at this look I put together. It’s a simple and chic look that can be worn to work, date night, or a night out with friends. The skinny jeans go great with the chunky heel, which is another Spring 2013 trend. The chunky heel is perfect for someone who wants to wear heels with a sure feeling of stability. I’m one who does not always wear the highest heel but when I do wear heels, I like the feeling of a chunky heel. They just feels sturdy enough to hold me up.

The loose fitting top is such a forgiving style for ladies who want to camouflage their “problem area” (tummy). I topped the look off with some basic accessories; black studs and a Black and White handbag. This is a very put together look and it’s perfect for someone who has a simple and clean style.


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Moving onto trend #2; Emerald. I am not a huge fan of green clothing and I really don’t think I own much green when it comes to my wardrobe. However, I like the Emerald color when it comes to accessories and shoes. I think it’s a perfect way to introduce color into someones wardrobe. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian have been seen wearing this color. And who could forget Beyonce’s emerald earrings at the Presidential Inauguration Ceremony?!



Why do I like this Emerald trend?

1. If you go for Emerald accessories, it’s a perfect way to subtlety introduce color into your wardrobe.

2. The color is bold and noticeable without being obnoxious.

3. Emerald goes great with leopard print (my fave) and other animal prints.

With my creation, I went for a casual look and added Emerald earrings and heels, both under $40. I am a huge fan of wide leg jeans and to pair them with an Emerald pair of cap toe heels, PERFECT! Side note Cap toe heels is yet another trend that’s been floating around for awhile. The sweatshirt in this look is such a winner for me because it’s so unexpected. Dressing the sweatshirt up with those dangling earrings and leopard clutch kicks casual up a few notches. I can see someone wearing this to a laid back gathering or even a dress down day at work. I know some companies allow jeans one day a week; what better way to rock your jeans like this! Side note: The featured clutch is handmade by a blogger friend of mine name Cortnie. Check out her other Love, Cortnie styles, HERE!


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The last trend is all about Stripes! Ever since I was little, my mom has told me that I’ve been obsessed with stripes. While I don’t wear them as much as I did when I was younger, I still love a good sweater of shirt with some stripes. :-) Why am a a fan of stripes?

1. The pattern is just amazing, LOL! :-)

2. Stripes can be casual or dressy.

3. There are different stripe patterns (i.e. horizontal, straight up and down, etc.) so the trend can flatter anyone!


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I decided to go with casual stripes with my Polyvore look. I love the wedge sneaker trend so I added those to the look as well. With a cropped leather jacket and funky jewelry, you’re ready for the weekend in an outfit like this! If you want to be more dressy with this trend take a look at how Christina Milian wears stripes, which also happens to be black & white! Talk about two trend in one! 😉

tumblr_lyokqzHJYT1qesepao1_500So, what trend is YOUR fave? Can you see yourself wearing one of these three trends when Spring comes? If so, let me know! Until next time, be blessed…XO!





  1. achicmommy says

    I’m loving all of these trends right now, but I’m particularly loving the stripes. I don’t ever see stripes going off trend especially not for me because I own so many stripes.

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