Thrifty Thursday – Versace Inspired Thrift for $2

Versace inspired clothing immediately catches my eye whenever I’m at the thrift store. I have 2 or 3 blouses in my wardrobe that can easily be mistaken for a Versace original (ha!), but this vintage Versace inspired blouse is my favorite, hands down. Purchased for a whopping $2, this piece has hung in there with me for about 3 years or so. It’s one of those clothing items that feels like an old friend; it’s comforting, flattering, and speaks to my personal style. All the makings of the perfect wardrobe item. ;-)


Blouse: Thrifted, 2nd Avenue (Another Option) // Ankle Length Denim: JCP (Another Option) // Sandals: Thrifted (Another Option)


I love wearing outfits like this. Besides maxi skirts and leggings, I feel most comfortable in a pair of (the perfect) ankle length fitted jeans and a flowy top. I’ve probably mentioned that several times on the blog before, but it’s so true. Outfits that require minimal fuss is all I want.  Don’t get me wrong; I’m a sucker for some avant-garde pieces, as well as some trendy styles. And trust me, I can pull out a freakum dresses and stilettos when necessary. ;-)  I just prefer, in my day to day life, to wear clothing that’s practical to my lifestyle.

It’s funny…some people think because you’re style is simple and practical that you can’t like any other style. That’s ridiculous. Yes, I’m comfortable in clothing items that, to some, seem simple but I love and constantly draw inspiration from all styles. But when you get right down to it, I’m a simple girl who can practically live in leggings, maxi’s and outfits like this.


So tell me, what do you think of my Versace inspired thrift find? Do you have a clothing item(s) in your closet that’s like an “old friend”? Let me know!

As always, thanks for reading and commenting. Don’t forget to check out my latest #summerwithnic style feature; show her some love! :) Until next time, be blessed and stay safe…XO!

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Personal Style Linkup – Remixing Your Wardrobe

Are you a fan of remixing your wardrobe?! I’ve found this skill to be very beneficial to my time, budget, and overall personal style. In this post, I talked about a few ways to style transitional wardrobe pieces – a huge part to remixing your wardrobe. Today, I want to show how I re-styled 2 of my favorite wardrobe pieces, as well as give you a few tips on how you too can re-style and remix your threads! :-)




I 1st wore this thrifted crop top with a pair of denim. This look was casual and trendy, and is also one of my favorite looks I’ve shared on WNJ to date. The lace maxi skirt, 1st debuted with another thrifted top, is also another OOTD fave. Now when it came to mixing these two items, I wanted to create an outfit perfect for a causal Spring or Summer weekend. I knew I had to include 3 items: (1) cute sandals, (2) cute jewelry, and (3) a pair of sunglasses. 

When remixing your wardrobe, it’s important to chose items that can easily be re-styled. Simple enough, right? So if you have an plain top, try re-styling it with a pair of “fun” pants that have some type of print. If you’re re-styling a solid color bottom, flip it and add a colorful or “fun” top. For this season, adding a pair of cute sandals and sunglasses is probably a no-brainer. Lastly a little edgy/or trendy jewelry never hurts. That’s the reason I chose to wear my oNeckalce name necklace and gold bamboo earrings with this look. Topping a look off like this with that kind of jewelry is what I call a perfect touch! ;-)


Sunglasses: Ivanka Trump, Nordstrom Rack (Similar) // Earrings: Thrifted (Similar) // Name Necklace: oNecklace // Purse: Thrifted


Another expert at remixing your wardrobe is Glenda from So What to Twenty. I’ve mentioned Glenda here on WNJ before; I’m a huge fan of her feminine and classic style. In a recent post, she too showed how to re-style an outfit. Her take on fashion and personal style is refreshing, true and always inspiring. The look below is from last (last) Monday’s linkup. I mean who doesn’t love a classic pencil skirt and a good pair of sexy sandals?!

So tell me, how do you feel about remixing your wardrobe? Are you a fan? What tips do you have when it comes to remixing and re-styling your wardrobe? Let me know!

Now it’s your turn to link up your recent outfit below! I want to see your personal style and who knows, you just may be my favorite pick for next week. Just be sure to link your outfit back to this post.Also, visit the other bloggers who’ve linked up and say hey. Thanks for participating and as always, thanks for reading. Until tomorrow, be blessed and stay safe…XO!

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Wardrobe Wednesday – Styling a Crop Top Plus Size Style

Styling a crop top plus size style has been a trend for a while now. Like most trends I’m a little late in catching on but, better late then never! This “plus-size trend” has been on my fashion to-do list for a while and after seeing bloggers like Jay Miranda, Kim of The Natural Fashionista, Inez of Style Chic 360 and countless others successfully style their crop tops, I became inspired to do the same. I’ve had this leopard print crop top for a few years and aside from wearing it around the house, I haven’t been able to show if off the way I’ve wanted. That was until a few days ago when I decided to wear it out running errands. :-)


Crop Top: Thrifted, 2nd Avenue // Jeans: JCP ($10) // Vintage Jacket: Thrifted, 2nd Avenue // Flats: Bakers (Old) // Earrings: Bakers (Old) // Bracelets: Straw Market in the Bahamas


When styling a crop top plus size style, I think it’s important to have 2 things; confidence and the perfect pair of semi or high-waist pants/jeans. As a human being, it’s natural to have certain hang ups about our bodies or certain body parts. Showing my tummy isn’t something I’d say I get excited about, lol, but I do have the confidence to rock a crop top. The jeans I wore are my favorite pair  - I’ve worn them several times on the blog. The fit is perfect and the fact that I don’t have to wear a belt with them is a huge plus! 



I also decided to add my vintage jacket, thrifted from 2nd Avenue a few years back. THIS jacket will be seen on the blog a lot this season, just warning you! ;-) I love the detailing, the material and the overall look of the jacket. It’s truly a gem and with an $8 price tag it was a no brainier – it had to come home with me. I thought including this jacket would really bring the entire look together. Plus a unique piece like this allowed me to show off my personal style.


So tell me, have you styled a crop top lately? What do you think about this trend – love it or leave it? Let me know!

Thanks for reading and thanks to everyone who commented on my new site, as well as my 1st Thrift With Nic! event. I really appreciate you all. Until tomorrow, be blessed and stay safe…XO!


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Thrifty Thursday – How to Casually Style a Floral Duster for Springtime

Happy 1st day of spring! My sheer floral duster is the object of affection for today’s edition of Thrifty Thursday. Although there’s still snow on the ground and the weather has been less than desirable lately, this floral duster puts me in the mood for warm weather, cool breezes and…well, Spring!



Floral Duster: Thrifted, 2nd Avenue (Similar) // Shirt: Lord & Taylor // Jeans: JCP Brand (Other Selections HERE) // Heels: Nine West (Similar) // Necklace: Gifted // Purse: Arcadia // Watch: Thrifted, 2nd Avenue // Triangle Ring: Oh to be a Muse Giveaway


I’ve had this floral duster for years and it never seems to go out of style. I find classic and unique pieces like this all the time while thrifting. In the past, I’ve paired this duster with a sleeveless dress and the overall look was very ladylike and stylish. With this particular outfit, I decided to casually style the duster with a pair of JCP denim and kitten heels – perfect choice for an impromptu date night, don’t you agree? The elements of this outfit play to my personal style very well. I adore flowy and free tops and when wearing jeans, I prefer a fitted and straight pair. As I’ve said before, I can tolerate a low to moderate heel and these Nine West kitten heels are perfection.



So tell me, do you like the way I styled my floral duster? What are some other ways would you style this classic piece? Let me know! 

Thanks for reading! I hope you’ve been inspired to start thinking about different ways to style your thrifted and non-thrifted spring pieces. Regardless of the weather, try to think warm and happy thoughts – spring has officially sprung! :-) Until tomorrow, be blessed & stay safe…XO!

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Thrifty Thursday – Little Black Dress

Soooo, I was hoping to have a thrifted video for you today but, my camera had other plans. :-( Let’s hope I can crank out a video next week! In the meantime, today’s Thrifty Thursday is all about my little black dress. I’ve been looking for a dress like this for what seems to be ages. When I saw the $5 dress hanging up, I figured it wouldn’t be too flattering. But something told me to just grab it. I love tent dresses but they don’t always do much for my shape. Going against my initial thought, I went ahead and purchased the dress anyway. I didn’t even try it on – very unlike me, I know. When I got home and tried the dress on, it fit AND (thankfully) it didn’t look like a potato sack!!


Dress: Thrifted, 2nd Avenue// Purse: Thrifted: Laurel Thrift// Shoes: Marshalls, Me Too// Jewelry: Thrifted



Church and work popped in my mind first when thinking about where to wear this dress. I figured I’d style my church look with a modest heel, like the ones pictured. Of course, I accessorized with gold to bring out the buttons and shoe heels. When I style this dress for work, I’m thinking of wearing a dressy pair of flats. I can also picture this dress being worn for date-night with a pair of bad pumps. Hubby likes that idea best, lol. So it looks like me and my little black tent dress have some places to go!


So tell me, are you a fan of tent dresses? How would you style this little black dress? Let me know!

Thanks for stopping by and as always, I appreciate you all! Until tomorrow, be blessed & stay safe…XO!

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Thrifty Thursday – Purple Swing Jacket

Today is Thrifty Thursday and I’m so excited about this purple swing jacket! Can we say, so 1980′s?! This jacket is a true throwback and a love it! I can’t believe I almost missed out on all it’s fabulousness! Yep, I almost passed it up. While thrifting at the 2nd Avenue in Laurel, MD awhile back, I came across the gorgeous jacket. I glanced at the tag and realized that it was a size Medium. I rolled my eyes and threw a brief tantrum, lol, and put it back. But the hubby kept telling me to go back and try it on. That was the best decision he made that day because…it fit! :-)



Suede Swing Jacket: $10, 2nd Avenue// Blouse: Style & Co.//Jeans: Old Navy, Thrifted// Heels: Unisa, 2nd Avenue


Thrifty Thursday TipIf you come across a vintage item while thrifting and you notice the item reads smaller than your normal size, try it on anyway. At times, vintage items can be cut smaller (or larger). While this happens in regular stores too, I find it more common while thrifting. I have countless vintage items in my closet ranging from sizes 12-20 and M-XXL so, this holds true for me more often than not.



So tell me, are you feeling this purple sing jacket?! I think after wearing this outfit, purple quickly became one of my favorite colors to wear. What color(s) are your favorites to wear? Let me know! Until tomorrow, be blessed and be safe. XO!

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The 8th Day of “Thriftmas” – Red and Leopard Print

The 8th Day of “Thriftmas” is here and I’m excited to share some more of my purchases from my thrifting tour! I put this look together and thought, how perfect would this look be for a holiday party? I mean the red pants scream festive and the pops of gold really add something special to the outfit. Of course, adding leopard is always a necessary. ;-)  There’s nothing like a great red and leopard print OOTD this time of year  right? :-) All in all, this look shows off my personal style from head to toe!


Top: Thrifted, $3.00 (B-Thrifty in Woodbridge, VA)// Pants: Jones NY, $5.00 (B-thrifty in Woodbridge, VA)// Coat: Andrea Marin, $6.45 (2nd Avenue in Columbia, MD)// Necklace: Thrifted, 2nd Avenue// Purse: Vintage, Nic’s Picks


When I saw these pants at the B-thrifty  in Virginia, I squealed! After a weeks and months of looking for the perfect red pair of colorful pants, it was a relief to find these Jones New York pair hanging on the rack. I snagged them for $5.00 – sweet deal! I was also due for a new leopard print blouse. The one I usually wear has been through the wire and the wash one too many times. So this $3.00 blouse was the perfect replacement. Let the hubby tell it, I don’t need another thing that’s animal print. ;-) But I knew I wanted to wear a red and leopard print outfit this season so, I had to get the blouse.



When it comes to the black velvet coat, I splurged and paid about $7 for it, lol. ;-) It’s a lightweight coat with one button and it’s suitable for someone like me who doesn’t always like to wear heavy outwear. Even when it’s blistering cold out, the thought of bulky and puff coats makes me sweat. This velvet number puts my mind at ease. I can slide it on, add a scarf and keep it moving.



I’ve had the necklace for awhile now so I added it to this outfit because I thought it complimented the purse well. This purse has been in my collection for sometime and I even thought about adding it to my shop. But something told me to hold on to it just a little longer. Glad I did. ;-)


Needless to say, I love all the garments I purchased! Each item is an investment piece and that’s something I focused on while on the thrifting around. Do you have any favorite items from this look? Are you into the red, festive pants? What about red and leopard print – are you a fan of that combo? Let me know! And don’t forget to show off your personal style by linking up below. All I ask is that you link your post back to this one, or add the badge to whichever post(s) you linkup.  There’s no limit to how many outfits you can link so, show me what you got! TTYS….XO!

946011_1435239006702397_685607233_n (1)

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The 3rd Day of “Thriftmas” – Grandpa Sweaters for the Holidays

On the 3rd Day of “Thriftmas” my true love gave to me….a Grandpa sweater!! ;-)

This time of year, who doesn’t love a warm, cozy, slightly over-sized Grandpa sweater? I know I do! I thrift at least 3 new ones each year and the one I’m wearing today is a recent thrift purchase from 2nd Avenue. I saw it in the men’s section, of course, and knew I had to have it! I plan to wear this sweater, and the others I own, throughout the holidays whenever I’m going for a casual and comfy look. It’s so soft and it makes me think about my grandfather (Fafa). My grandfather passed away a few years ago and I especially think about and miss him during the holidays. I actually have a few of his old sweaters that I wear ever now and then. Wearing them makes me feel closer to him. Do you have clothing items that make you think about loved ones or someone special?



Sweater: Thrifted, 2nd Avenue ($3.90)// Necklace: Thrifted, 2nd Avenue// Pants: Ellen Tracy, 2nd Avenue ($6.90)// Flats: Tory Burch, Nordstrom Rack (sold out)// Clutch: Love, Cortnie (sold out but other clutches available HERE)

I think dressing up for the holidays if fun but, there’s nothing like being comfy and cute when relaxing and hanging out with family and friends. I can see myself wearing this outfit, and others like it, for several occasions. Hubby and I plan to travel to see his family in DE this month and this is the perfect winter travel outfit. Adding a red lip as I did here takes the outfit up a notch. I actually threw on the lipstick at the last minute, lol. I’m all about trying new things and new looks in 2014 so I figured I’d start early, lol. I’m not a make up wearer, as I’ve said many times on the blog, but I’m beginning to see how a little lipstick can do wonders!



So what’s your favorite outfit or item to wear during the holidays? Any sentimental pieces of clothing you like to wear? Let me know! And don’t forget to linkup your favorite outfits, below. I just ask that you link your post back to this one, or add the badge to your whatever post you link up. Thanks a bunch and come back tomorrow to see what the 4th Day of “Thriftmas” has in store! I think I smell a giveaway… ;-)

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