Style | Spring Fashion…Finally!

Spring is making it’s way to Maryland and I couldn’t be happier! That means spring fashion is on it’s way too. Although it was a bit windy and chilly this weekend, I still feel that spring weather is just around the corner. Just call me optimistic!

Spring Trends - Trench Coat

Trench: Goodwill // Scarf: Borrowed // Earrings: Thrifted. 2nd Avenue

Plus Size Spring Fashion

Trench Coat - Spring Trends

When it comes to spring fashion a trench coat is a must have wardrobe staple. My thrifted Calvin Klein trench made its appearance last year; it’s absolutely  perfect for this time of year. From the color, to the fit and the material it’s spring fashion perfection!

I enjoy styling the trench coat both casually and for more dressy occasions. It’s very versatile that way and is perfect to wear over slacks and a blouse for a day at work, or as an outfit for Sunday church service. This outfit is what I wore to my in-laws church one Sunday in Delaware. The look is chic, simple and comfortable – that combo always wins.

Spring Fashion

Blouse: Calvin Klein // Slacks: Macy’s // Heels: Kenneth Cole, DSW (Similar)

Spring Fashion - Outfit

So tell me, what do you think about my 1st spring fashion look of the season? Are you a fan of trench coats for springtime? Let me know!

As I mentioned last week on IG or Facebook, I’ve started my #FearlessWoman series. I’m very excited to introduce you to the rest the dynamic, inspiring, and intelligent women in honor of Women’s History Month. To see which ladies are in the lineup, check out this post here. Get ready to continue to be inspired!

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Style | My New Firmoo Glasses

Have you ever put on an outfit and felt like something was missing? This happen to me the other day and after a few minutes of going back and forth, I figured out what was missing from my outfit. A pair of cute fashion glasses! I think glasses can be such the perfect outfit accessory! Even if the glasses are prescription, wearing a stylish pair instantly makes certain outfits complete.

That’s how I feel about my Firmoo glasses. I’ve been searching for the perfect pair of fashion glasses since last summer, but I must say that this pair is by far my favorite. I wanted a pair that fit my personality and personal style, so I went with these. Good choice, right?

Firmoo Glasses Review

Glasses: Firmoo

Firmoo Glasses Review - Style Blogger

When deciding what to wear this weekend, I knew I was going to wear my new specs. So I opted for an outfit with earth tones, and of course, leopard print. I’d been dying to wear my thrifted coat with fringes, so I added that piece to the look as well. This outfit, in my mind, is the perfect look for a weekend full of blogger events and family activities. It’s not too dressy, but not too causal and the heels add a little something extra to the look. I did carry a pair of flats with me, that I ended up wearing most of the day, but the idea and the effort I put forth to wear heels all day to 2 different events was admirable. ;-)

Plus Size Blogger - Leopard Print Top

Top: Macy’s (Another Option) // Pants: Macy’s, American Rag // Shoes: DSW, Tahari

Review Firmoo Glasses

Aside from the glasses, my favorite part of this outfit is the pants. These lightweight American Rag pants were $10 at Macy’s a few weeks back. I knew they’d be coming home with me because they’re very versatile. After trying them on in the fitting room, I came up with 3 or 4 different outfits to wear with the pants. I’m all about restyling, as I’m sure you’ve realized by now, so adding them to wardrobe was a no brainer.

Leopard Print Blouse - Plus Size OOTD

Style Blogger - Outfit Inspiraton

Fringe Coat: Thrifted, 2nd Avenue

Adding simple elements to an outfit, like the perfect pair of glasses, is a simple way to achieve a stylish or trendy look. At first I thought the glasses maybe too much, but I ended up really liking the final look. So next time you’re in need of the perfect pair of fashion (or prescription) glasses to complete your OOTD, check out the Firmoo glasses selections.

 So tell me, what do you think about my look? Are you a fan of wearing fashion glasses? Let me know!

The  Firmoo ordering process is simple, the glasses are affordable, and the selections are fabulous! If you’re thinking about ordering a pair, check out their BOGO Valentine’s Day Sale! And for new customers, you can get a 50% off code on the frames sitewide by clicking HERE

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Personal Style Monday + Audible Amazon Giveaway

Happy Monday to you! This weekend was all about cleaning and relaxing for me. I did something a little differnt with my hair (pics below) and I also pulled out most of Christmas decor. While relaxing, I made time to catch up on my Netflix watching, as well as my reading. As I mentioned in this post, I’ve become a huge fan of audiobooks lately. It’s just makes it so easy to read these days. During the car ride to Delaware for Thanksgiving, I was actually reading an audiobook. I’m addicted!

Thrifted Style - OOTD

Sweater: Vintage, 2nd Avenue // Denim: Dress Barn // Flats: Micheal Kors

Winter Outfit - thrifted fashion

With the new year approaching, I’m looking forward to using (and subscribing to) Audible. This audiobook site is absolutely perfect for every occasion and event throughout the year. You can even gift a yearly subscription to the book lover on your list. Talk about the perfect gift! Not only are audiobooks perfect for book lovers like me, but they’re also great for children. My tween sister does a lot of traveling for pageants and acting, so something like an Audible yearly subscription would be perfect for those long car, train or plane rides.

Right now, you can check out Audible’s gold offer for a chance to save 50% off! This offer gives you the first three months of your subscription for only $7.49, which is half the usual price. There are also several Audible coupon codes and other ways to save as well.

HM Scarf - thrifted Sweater

Sunnies: Retro// Scarf: H&M (old)

Plus Size Style - Thrifted Sweater

Are you convinced, like me, that Audible is the way to go this year for audiobooks? What are some books you’re looking forward to reading in the new year? Oh yea, what do you think about my outfit and hair style too? ;-) Let me know! 

Before I go, be sure to check out this amazing Audible giveaway me and a few other lovely bloggers are hosting below! One winner will receive a $200 Amazon gift card! FYI, Audible is an Amazon company.  This giveaway is only open to U.S. residents and will run from December 8th – December 12th. Until tomorrow, stay blessed and be safe…XO!

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Personal Style Monday | (More) Skirts and Tights

Hey there! Happy Monday to you. :-) I hope your weekend was great! I did nothing but relax, clean up around the house, and relax some more. I needed a weekend with no plans. The fact that hubby was there to enjoy the peaceful few days with me made it even better. I did however go to church and decided to wear yet another skirt and tights combo. With the weather getting and staying below 55 degrees these days, skirts and tights will definitely be worn a lot more these next few months. I usually wear pants/slacks to church, but I felt a little fancy. So I opted for this thrifted maroon (stretchy/body-con like) 2-year-old skirt.

Skirts and Tights - Plus Size Fall Fashion

Top: Serena Williams, Thrifted (Similar) // Skirt: Thrifted // Handbag: DKNY, Gifted

Hanes Hosiery - Skirts and Tights

The top, also thrifted, has been in rotation for weeks. I picked it up awhile ago at 2nd Avenue and thought the design was very interesting. I love how it wraps around my left side and goes over my shoulder like a scarf; very chic! Looking at the tag I realized it was a part of the Serena Williams Signature Statement Collection. I was shocked! I was also shocked that her collection has a lot of great pieces that I can see myself wearing. There are regular and plus size options, and most of the items are staples that I find necessary for a woman’s wardrobe. The price points are also reasonable.

This discovery is yet another reason I love thrift shopping. Sometimes you find a brand that you really like while thrifting and realize you can also shop that brand online or in store. #WINNING Thrifting this Serena Williams piece opened my eyes to a new brand to try. I’ve already fallen for the top, so I’m more likely to purchase another piece, at least another top, from the collection.

Plus Size Winter Jacket - Simply Be Jacket

Coat: Simply Be // Jewelry: Thrifted // Shoes: Micheal Kors, Nordstrom Rack

Tights and Skirts - Hanes Hosiery

The blogger behind Thrift Stories linked up her thrifty look last week and she too is wearing skirts and tights. Well, a dress and tights, but nonetheless Heather still looks great! Her look is so well put together and is perfect for the fall.


So tell me, are you a fan of my latest take on skirts and tights? Have you been wearing skirts and tights lately? Let me know! 

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Personal Style Monday | Sweater Coat & Silver Heels

There’s nothing like wearing a big cozy sweater coat during the fall and winter!  I’m not one for trends, but this one I can work with. Before this trend was popular I already owned at least 3 sweater coats. Does that mean I was ahead of the trend? Mmmm…not sure. Nonetheless, this blue southwestern inspired sweater coat is yet another one of my favorite fall/winter wardrobe items.

Cozy Sweaters - Plus Size OOTD

Sweater Coat: Thrifted // Sunnies: Ivanka Trump, Nordstrom Rack // Denim: Roz & Ali, Dress Barn (Other Options)

Plus Size Sweater Coat

This is one of those outfits where I feel like I’m really owning it. I always feel confident in my clothes, but this look is just so “me”. Owning your outfit and exuding confidence is key to achieving personal style. If you’re not comfortable with a certain trend or clothing item, don’t wear it. It’s that simple. As I always say, do and wear what makes you happy. It may sound cliche, but I wholeheartedly believe in that statement.

Plus Size OOTD - Sweater Coat

Metallic Heels: Kenneth Cole, DSW (Similar) // Purple Sweater: Thrifted // Clutch: Thrifted // Necklace: Thrifted

Thrifted Fall OOTD

Another thing I’ve mentioned here on WNJ is to pick and choose the trends that work for you. The metallic heel trend is one I wanted to try, so I modified the trend to fit my personal style.  I purchased a pair of  lower (kitten) heels and voilà - I made the trend work for me! Same thing with the sweater coat trend. There are several more expensive options I could have gone with, but I decided to thrift this trend. Not only  was I able to save money, but I also found a sweater coat that was unique in design.

Sweater Coat OOTD - Plus Size

When it comes to owning your outfit and personal style, Lauren from Sophisticated in Style does just that. A regular blogger to linkup on Monday’s, I always enjoy seeing which OOTD she’s linked up each week. Her embroidered top and ASOS skirt from last week did it for me. I love it! This semi-vintage inspired look has the perfect twist of sophistication and elegance. Lovely, Lauren!

 So tell me, are you into the sweater coat or metallic heels trend? What do you think about my take on the trends? Let me know! 

Don’t forget to show off your personal style by linking your recent OOTD pots(s) below. Just be sure to link your outfit back to this post. Also, visit the other bloggers who’ve linked up and say hey. Until tomorrow, be blessed and stay safe…XO!

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Personal Style Monday – More (Plus Size) Fall Fashion for the Workplace

Hello and welcome to another week! Today, I want to talk more fall fashion for the workplace. When it comes to dressing for work, I’m a fan of sheath and tunic-style dresses. So when I found this Jessica London beauty, I was thrilled! I spotted the dress a few weeks ago while thrifting. The vibrant orange color caught my eye as I stood in line for the cashier. I told hubby to grab it so I could see what it really looked like. Once I viewed the entire masterpiece, I knew it was coming home with me! Although it’s a size smaller than I normally wear, I was so sure it’d fit I just went ahead and bought it. After saying a little prayer, I tried it on when I got home and what do you know? It was a perfect fit! ;-)

Fall Fashion for the Workplace

Dress: Jessica London, Thrifted // Tote Bag: Ponte, Thrifted

Fall Fashion for Work - Plus Size Fashion

So, why is this a perfect option for fall fashion for the workplace?  I have 5 reasons.

1. The print is fun, yet not too overpowering for the 9-5.

2. The length is “workplace appropriate”.

3. The dress can easily be worn with tights and boots, once it gets a little cooler outside. 

4. It’s the perfect dress to style from day to night. Add  a pair of heels and you’re ready for an after work date! 

5. The material is functional and non-restrictive. 

Plus Size OOTD - Fall Fashion at Work

Drop Earrings: Gifted // Flats: Michael Kors, Nordstrom Rack // “Peace” Cuff: Lucky Brand, Macy’s

When shopping for fall workplace dresses, my #1 concern is comfort. I don’t mind being cute for work. I mean, who doesn’t? But I must be both cute and comfortable when wearing dresses to work. I’m not talking sweatpants and a t-shirt comfy. I mean purchasing dresses with movement and dresses made with certain material. Often times I’m out and about, running work related errands or traveling to different work related locations. A lightweight dress like this one that literally moves with me is perfect.

Fashionably Employed - Feature

Last week, I featured Jen of Fashionably Employed as my October Thrifty Friend. She also linked up to my style link up last Monday, and I immediately thought of her when I knew I’d be talking about fall fashion for the workplace. Her OOTD choices for work are not only stylish and cute, but their practical and functional!

 So tell me, what do you think about my latest fall fashion for the workplace OOTD? Are you a fan of sheath or tunic-style dresses? Let me know!

Don’t forget to show off your personal style by linking your recent OOTD pots(s) below. Just be sure to link your outfit back to this post. Also, visit the other bloggers who’ve linked up and say hey. One more thing – this outfit is apart of the FabEllis #FabWerkWear challenge. Be sure to check out this October challenge/linkup as well. Until tomorrow, be blessed and stay safe…XO!



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Thrifty Thursday | Sweater Season

Sweater season is upon us! Last night, hubby pulled out out fall clothes totes and I know I stayed up 1/2 the night luxuriating in my collection of thrifted sweaters, blazers, skirts and jackets. I even put on a fashion show for him – he sat there, shaking his head and chuckling the entire time. He too could feel my excitement about the fall season finally making an appearance. Now, I get to share my excitement with you by showing off one of my favorite thrifted sweaters. Ah, yes. It’s so soft and cozy. I rarely wear a jacket when I wear this (men’s) sweater; it’s perfect for cool fall days. I think last season I wore this baby at least once a week. LOL! You know how I feel about repeat fashion. I’m all for it…no shame in my game!

plus size blogger - sweater season

Denim: Roz & Ali, Dress Barn (Other Options) // Men’s Sweater: Thrifted, 2nd Avenue// Flats: Tory Burch, Nordstrom Rack (Another Cute Option)

thrifted sweater - thrifty fashion When shopping/thrifting for sweater season apparel, I often browse the men’s section first. They usually have a nice collection of chunky knit sweaters. Sweaters that you probably think your grandfather would wear. I know my grandfather would’ve worn sweaters like this. I actually have several of his old sweaters and sweatshirts, all from the thrift store. :-) Although the sleeves on his sweaters, and most men’s sweaters in general, can be a bit long I don’t let that stop me from wearing or purchasing them. I simply fold or roll the sleeves up. It’s an easy fix!

sweater season - fall fashion

Ring & Tote Bag: Thrifted, 2nd Avenue // Earrings: Target

sweater season - plus size blogger If I’m looking for a fancier or more decorated sweater, I thrift in the women’s section. There you can find sweaters with sequins, beads, lace and much more! Of all the sweaters I pulled out last night, it’s safe to say that I have a 50/50 mix of men’s and women’s sweaters. That said, I cannot wait to style and show them off on the blog this season!

So tell me, are you a fan of sweater season? Do you thrift a lot of your fall sweaters? Let me know! 

That’s all for me today. I hope you’ve been inspired to thrift some of your fall sweaters this season. If you need any tips or have any questions, feel free to contact me. Don’t forget to head over to link up your recent OOTD to my style link up. While you’re there, you can also enter to win a $340 ASOS gift card. Until Monday, be blessed and stay safe…XO!


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Thrifty Thursday – Versace Inspired Thrift for $2

Versace inspired clothing immediately catches my eye whenever I’m at the thrift store. I have 2 or 3 blouses in my wardrobe that can easily be mistaken for a Versace original (ha!), but this vintage Versace inspired blouse is my favorite, hands down. Purchased for a whopping $2, this piece has hung in there with me for about 3 years or so. It’s one of those clothing items that feels like an old friend; it’s comforting, flattering, and speaks to my personal style. All the makings of the perfect wardrobe item. ;-)


Blouse: Thrifted, 2nd Avenue (Another Option) // Ankle Length Denim: JCP (Another Option) // Sandals: Thrifted (Another Option)


I love wearing outfits like this. Besides maxi skirts and leggings, I feel most comfortable in a pair of (the perfect) ankle length fitted jeans and a flowy top. I’ve probably mentioned that several times on the blog before, but it’s so true. Outfits that require minimal fuss is all I want.  Don’t get me wrong; I’m a sucker for some avant-garde pieces, as well as some trendy styles. And trust me, I can pull out a freakum dresses and stilettos when necessary. ;-)  I just prefer, in my day to day life, to wear clothing that’s practical to my lifestyle.

It’s funny…some people think because you’re style is simple and practical that you can’t like any other style. That’s ridiculous. Yes, I’m comfortable in clothing items that, to some, seem simple but I love and constantly draw inspiration from all styles. But when you get right down to it, I’m a simple girl who can practically live in leggings, maxi’s and outfits like this.


So tell me, what do you think of my Versace inspired thrift find? Do you have a clothing item(s) in your closet that’s like an “old friend”? Let me know!

As always, thanks for reading and commenting. Don’t forget to check out my latest #summerwithnic style feature; show her some love! :) Until next time, be blessed and stay safe…XO!

P.S. Don’t forget to link up your recent outfit to my Personal Style Linkup:-)


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