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Ever since I was a kid, I enjoyed my me-time. I would work on puzzles and word searches for hours on end, by myself. But as an only child for 15 years, I also had another side. I enjoyed, and still enjoy, being apart of a team or group. From soccer, lacrosse, newspaper and other social groups, I was all about groups & teams during my school days! Not much has changed – at 27, I still get excited knowing that I’m apart of a group/team that supports positivity, (digital) sisterhood and blog building.

That’s why I’m happy to share some pictures and highlights with you from the Bloggers Like Me (BLM) DMV (DC, MD & VA) meetup. I’ve mentioned this blogging group a few times before. It’s such a wonderful, welcoming and uplifting group of women who enjoy blogging, networking and learning.



This past weekend, some of the BLM girls from the DMV area met up for our 1st meetup of 2014 at Eatonville Restaurant in DC. Aside form the delicious food, we had a really good time catching up and talking about everything from current events, to fashion, to blogging trends. The girls, all bloggers/or vloggers (YouTube), have a specific niche so it was nice to be at a table with people who had various interests.


Elle, of Eat Style Play, was the winner of the surprise giveaway!

As you can probably tell, I’m all about inspiring and being inspired. It can be tough to fine genuine connections and people who inspire you these days. Although not everyone you meet has to be your best friend, it’s imperative to have some sort of positive outlet in life. It’s stimulating, it’s healthy and necessary for personal growth.

What do you think – are genuine connections important to you? Are you a loner or are you a grouper? Let me know! Thanks for reading and I’ll be back tomorrow. Be blessed and stay safe…XO!


::Other Bloggers Present::

Society of Curves {Coordinator of the Event}

Gingham in the City

The Natural Eye

Heart, Print & Style

Baby Teems

Thrifty Friend #6: Vivi

Welcome to a new and SHORT work week. :-) I’m counting down to 2 things – Thanksgiving and my 1st thrifting tour!  That’s all I’ve been thinking about lately. With all this thrift talk, it’s only right that I keep my Thrifty Friend series rolling and introduce you to a new thrifted fashion friend of mine! A die hard thrifter, Vivi is a Washington D.C. native and is also a DMV blogger. I can say first hand that she is an expert at styling vintage and modern pieces. When we met about 2 years ago, we instantly clicked and the rest is pretty much history. Vivi is my fellow blogging buddy, my DC travel partner in crime, and is someone who I can always count on to make me laugh! Enjoy her interview and don’t forget to visit her blog and all it’s greatness, here!


1. Name, Blog Name & Location?

Vivi. Heart, Print & Style. DC.

2. How long have you been a thrifter?

Way back in my elementary school days. Against my will, mind you. Thanks, Dad!


Skirt: Thrift (Under $10)

3. How did you get into thrifting? Did someone inspire you?

I really started to appreciate thrifting because of my sister. While she was in undergrad, she got deep into thrifting through her friends. I’ll see her in all these cute outfits and she’ll always go, “Got it from a thrift store. You should really start thrifting.” 

4. How often do you thrift?

Probably a few times a month.

5. What are some of your favorite Thrift Stores in your area?

Unique Thrift Store in Adelphi, MD. Village Thrift in Bladensburg, MD. Value Thrift Store in Landover Hills, MD.


Dress: Thrifted (Under $10)// Fascinator: Vintage (Mom’s closet)

6. What would you say to someone who wants to try thrifting but has no idea where to start?

I’ll tell that someone to start with accessories. That’s what I did; started scouring the purses and earrings section.

7. What items do you look for most when you thrift? Clothing, Accessories, Home Decor or a little bit of everything?

Mainly clothing. I usually make a beeline to the dresses, blazers or skirt/pant suits section (my latest obsession. Thanks, sis!). Of recent, been hitting up the home decor section. 

8. Are there certain items you will not thrift? If so, what?

Bras and panties. Definitely.


Yellow Blazer & Animal Print Blouse: Thrifted (Under $10)

9. What are 3 words to describe your style?

Simple, Subtle, (with splashes of) Prints.

10. Any fashion/style inspirations? Celeb or non-celeb?

Gwen Stefani’s style is everythang to me. Yes. Everythang. For a non-celebrity, besides my sister (awww!), I’ll go with Brittany of PocketsandBows & Atlantic-Pacific!


Blazer & Necklace: Thrifted

11. What’s the biggest misconception, in your opinion, you think people have about thrifting?

The whole ‘ick’ factor of wearing something someone has worn before. But remember, that’s why washer machines and dry cleaners were created.

12. Anything else you’d like to share?

Thrifting is an awesome experience. Once you start, you can’t stop.


Skirt, Bag & Belt: Thrifted (Under $10)

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Bloggers Like Me in the DMV

Hey there! I hope everyone’s having a good week. In today’s post I want to share a few pics of my eventful weekend!  If you follow my blog, you know that I’ve been super excited about the Bloggers Like Me meetup. Well on Saturday August 31st, several BLMers joined together right here in the DC/MD/VA area(s) at The 201 Bar for an unforgettable “Experience”!
DSC_0028 DSC_0030DSC_0034

The founder of the group, Leslie (Fashion Du Jour) enlisted the help of me and BLM Girl Karen (aka Your Stylist Karen) to host this lovely event. We were all so thrilled with the outcome—there were there bloggers who traveled from DE, VA, and even NC! 
DSC_0121DSC_0024DSC_0053 (1)

The focus of the meetup was to network, build REALationships, and learn about branding. The fabulous Arsha of Brand, Build, Sell shared her expertise on branding and I must say she nailed it! Her presentation was not only insightful, but easy to follow and fun. I left there feeling so inspired and so ready to take my brand/blog to the next level!

DSC_0065 (1)DSC_0040 DSC_0084

All in all, the event was a success. The feedback from the group was positive, the staff at the venue was great and the food was on point! Events like this remind me why I love being a blogger so much. It’s great to take pics and write up posts, but the true essence of being a blogger is networking and building lasting relationships. That’s really what Bloggers Like Me is all about and I’m so thankful to be apart of the group. If you’re interested, feel free to contact me and I’ll be sure to pass your info along. DSC_0089DSC_0103 (1)DSC_0086I hope you all enjoy the rest of the pics. Be blessed and stay safe!


P.S. Huge thanks to my hubby who served as the photographer for this event…love ya babe! :-) 


DSC_0098 (1)


DSC_0120DSC_0111 (1)

Guest Blogger: Amberly’s Budget Friendly Spring Decor Ideas!

Hey everyone! It’s Amberly from A Slice of Glam here again!  This time I’m sharing with you all some tips on how to decorate your home for Spring!  Decorating for Spring does not have to break the bank.  You can add simple little inexpensive elements to bring in that feeling of fresh and new on a budget.  Here are some easy ways you can do that.


1. Add fresh flowers – Pick up your favorite flowers from your local grocery store or farmer’s market.  Get creative and mix different flowers and colors to create a colorful bouquet for your dining table or coffee table.

2. Throw pillows – You can either pick up some fabric from a hobby store and recover some old pillows, so go somewhere like IKEA or Target to find some fabulous pillows.  Pick colors that still go with the decorating theme that you already have, but choose a shade lighter.  For example if you have dark green as your color already, choose emerald (color of the year!) or mint.

spring decorating

 3. DIY wreath – Pick a few pastel color artificial flowers and a ribbon in a fun print like gingham or paisley to tie around the wreath.  Add to your front door or patio!

4. Greenery – Don’t have a green thumb?  Purchase a few succulents and place them in the window of your kitchen or on your coffee table to add some freshness to your home!


Thanks so much, Amberly! It’s always nice to get decorating tips from this blogger. She’s super creative & stylish and has guest posted for me before. (see post HERE) If you decide to incorperate any of these tips in your Spring decorating, please send pics!! We’d love to see and share them! XO! 


Guest Feature: Frugal, Flirty & Fab

Hello, friends & welcome to another week!

This week it is my pleasure to feature a blogger who knows how to look fly and fashionable, while on a budget. I’m always intrigued by fashion/style bloggers who can look fashionable without breaking the bank, hence the reason I love to thrift so much. Read the interview below and get to know Ms. Frugal, Flirty & Fab herself, Deidre. She has quickly become one of my favorite bloggers and I just LOVE her feminine sexy and fashion-forward style! Enjoy!



1. How long have you been blogging?

I started blogging back in 2009 after one of my coworkers thought it would be a good idea to share my fashions with others.

2. What are 5 of your favorite items in your closet?

My current 5 favorite items in my closet are (1) my houndstooth dress, (2) black sheer dress, (3) vixen thigh high boots, (4) acid washed high waist jeans, and (5) my baby blue blazer.


Houdstooth Dress: Ross, $14.99


High Waist Jeans: Burlington, $20

3. What are your favorite stores?

My current favorite stores are ASOS, 2beStores,JcPenny, Burlington, Sears, and I love quaint boutiques.

4. How would you describe your style?

I would describe my style as Feel Good Style because that’s what’s most important to me when I make a purchase. How I feel about what I bought.

5. Do you have any “style crushes”? If so, who & why?

My top Style Crushes are Jennifer Lopez because she keep it sexy and knows without a doubt how to dress her body, Solange Knowles because of the statement she’s making with prints and the impact she making on the fashion game in general, and Gabrielle Union because of the confidence she has with her style.


6. How has blogging helped you as far as your style?

Blogging has taught me not to take my style so seriously and to just enjoy being in the moment. It has also helped me take risk and try things maybe normally I would not have been comfortable wearing.

7. What are your 3 must haves for the Spring?

My Spring Must haves are anything Color, Anything Print, and Platform Sandals!

8. How do you find such GREAT deals??

To come across Fab finds one must be patient, be able and willing to search, be willing to pick up the one thing everyone else passed over, and be willing to think outside the box and make that thing your own.


9. Any tips for how to bargain shop?

Be patient, Be willing to stalk if necessary, always purchase at the sale or discounted price.

10. Anything else you’d like to share, feel free!

No matter how you go about it just make sure to have Fun with Fashion!


~Be sure to follow Deidre at the links provided below~

Blog: www.frugalflirtynfab.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/frugalflirtynfab

Twitter: www.twitter.com/FrugalFlirtyFab

Thrifty Thursday: Thrifted Favorites, Old & New

Hey friends! Welcome to Thrifty Thursday on the blog! I’ve complied a few of my favorite thrifted jewelry items (and shoes) below. I’ve been revamping my jewelry and accessories lately and I’ve picked up a few pair of earrings in the process. I’ve also been an eBay junky lately too. I am a huge fan of bidding on earrings, necklaces and other accessories and my most recent pair are pictured below. Both were less than $1.50. Yup! I find deals just about everywhere ;-)

I’m also looking to spice up my shoe selection. If you don’t know by now, I’m a HUGE fan of flats. I wear them about 85% of the time. I’m trying to get back in the swing of heels and wedges because after graduation (in May), it’s all about working full time and I want to “dress the part”. Of course, I look for comfort when looking for heels and the two that I thrifted a few weeks ago are pictured below. The booties are very comfortable and can be worn all year. The animal print heels are high but surprisingly, they’re not that bad to walk in. I’ve also been loving motorcycle boots lately. I’m on a hunt for a nice pair so suggestions welcome!

All in all, I’ve done a pretty good job of thrifting lately. I enter the store with a list of what I need and once I check the item off, I’m on to the next. I’ve been a very focused thrfiter *patting myself on the back*. So much so that I’m thinking of doing a wardrobe challenge involving thrifting for the New Year. More info on that later ;-)

So which pair of earrings or shoes from my recent thrift collection is your fave? Have YOU been thrifting lately? What’d you get?

Enjoy the pics and be sure to enter my current holiday giveaway HERE! Be blessed and be safe!


PS Speaking of thrifting, check out my latest post HERE on Eye Spy Fashion’s blog! I thrifted 2 outfits for under $30, head to toe! 

2nd Avenue (Columbia, MD)









thrift3 thrift4

DC Weekend

Hey there! How was your weekend? Mine was mostly spent in DC and I was a busy bee, as usual LOL! Check out the pics below for a quick recap of the 2 events I was apart of this weekend :-)



Event: Yours & Mine Secondhand Shopping Soiree

(Check them out HERE on Facebook)

Location: MOVA Lounge on 14th Street

Why: I was a plus size vendor!


My set up!

Nic’s Picks


Nic’s Picks


My fashionable friend Stania, who is a Fashion Consultant in the DC Area!


Check out Stania’s website HERE!


My first customer of the morning! She purchased this BEAUTIFUL vintage dress for an upcoming formal affair!


Another happy customer! She too purchased a vintage dress for an upcoming event. She also bought a leather jacket, a purse and a few pieces of jewelry. We had a ball together :-)


Event: DMV Bloggers Like Me (BLM) Holiday Brunch

Location: Eatonville Restaurant, Washington DC


My Meal, The Callahan {Fried chicken on a biscuit with collard greens on top and mac n cheese on the side}


My BLM Sister’s meal {Po Boy Sandwich & asSide of mac n cheese}


Some of the DMV Bloggers in attendance:

Nae: I Choose the Sun

Vivi: Heart Print & Style

Nife: Skinny Hipster

Karen: Your Stylist, Karen

Michelle: Eat, Style, Play

Kim: Curvy CEO

Fatima: Baby Teems

Kizzy: KizzyEvae

Sidra: Sid Says, That’s Roxy

Angela: This Date is Over

Trish: Fashion According to the Menu


Nife of, Skinny Hipster
Vivi of, Heart Print & Style

Some of the DMV BLM Sisters :-)

The weekend was jammed packed but I had a wonderful time. I was able to enjoy my customers and other vendors at the Secondhand Event, as well as spend time with my BLM Sisters and talk about fashion, current events, and just be girls! It doesn’t get much better than that ;-)

Until next time, be blessed!




Friday Feature: Amberly from A Slice of Glam

Hey everyone, I’m Amberly from A Slice of Glam (www.asliceofglam.com)! I was so happy when Nic (Whitney) reached out to me to do a guest post and to do a holiday themed DIY post. This little project requires a few inexpensive items, and takes about 30 minutes! Hope you all enjoy!

D.I.Y. Wreath for the Holidays

What You’ll Need:

1.Plain note cards
2. Glitter alphabet stickers
3. Clear string (optional if you don’t want to use ribbon)
4. Red ribbon
5. Jingle bells
6. Mini lights (I used a box of 50)
7. Garland
8.Scissors & hole puncher



1. Trim the note cards to desired shape and size, and punch a hole in each card to tie the ribbon through

2. Wrap the strand of mini lights around the garland

3. Then tie each letter and jingle bell to the garland




4. Set atop your mantel (or cabinets in my case, since I don’t have a mantel), plug in the lights and voila! Now you’ve got a bit of holiday sparkle and cheer to your place.


I hope you all enjoyed this DIY as much as I did making it! Don’t be shy, and stop by and say hello on A Slice of Glam! J I’d love to hear from you! Happy Holidays!

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