The 2nd Day of “Thriftmas” – Holiday Home Decor, Part I

On the 2nd Day of “Thriftmas”, I want to give you a peek into our humble home. After much back and forth, the hubby and I finally agreed to get a Christmas tree this year. We also thought it’d be fun to decorate using only thrifted items.  :-) I must say, it was a great idea! We’ve found a lot of unique ways to incorporate the holidays, while decorating on a budget.  So when I saw an artificial Christmas tree on sale at Target for about $60, I went ahead and bought it. The slim and pretty tree already came with lights and was the perfect size for our apartment. I’m used to real-life, tall and fat trees growing up but because we are in a smaller space, a slim and trim tree was our best bet.


thrifty_christmas 8

The tree isn’t fully decorate yet but, we plan to be done by next week. The ornaments we have now were all thrifted form my TWNTour (see more details HERE). We were in Delaware and stopped at this estate sale warehouse, Sister’s Bargain Cleanouts, and immediately, we zoomed in on the Christmas decor. I was so happy to see all the gold ornaments – our Christmas colors this year are gold and red. Each ornament was less that 90 cents and they were ALL in excellent condition. We also picked up a mini glass tree from the same location for about 50 cents. It’s a candy jar – how cute?!

thrifty_tree 2

thrifty_christmas 2


We also came across a huge glass vase at the Goodwill store in Rockville and hubby thought it was perfect for our holiday potpourri.  We decided to split the potpourri, purchased for $1.00 at the estate sale store in DE, between the glass vase and our green bowl that sits on our living room coffee table.

thrifty_christmas 3

thrifty_christmas 6

thrifty_christmas 4

I’m very pleased with the decor so far, and so is the hubby. Anytime we save money, he’s a happy camper lol! There are a few more things we plan to add like more (red) ornaments and garland for the tree, a wreath for the door, and some Christmas cards on the bookshelf. That will be Part II of  our thrifty holiday hoe decor.

So tell me,  have YOU started decorating for the holidays? Have you ever thrifted Christmas decor? Do you prefer a real or fake tree? Let me know! As always, thanks for reading. Check back tomorrow for Day 3 of the 12 Days of “Thriftmas”! :-)

thrifty_christmas 5

thrifty_christmas 7

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A Casual Christmas & NYE Glamour

Happy Friday loves!! I hope you’ve had a wonderful week and I hope everyone is ready for the holidays! Do you have any special plans for Christmas? Well, every year my family goes to dinner on Christmas Eve and we have a ball. I usually opt for a casual look. The two looks below would be perfect for a family dinner. I love wearing big sweaters during the wintertime so these looks scream, “Whitney!”  Which is your fave?


Shop Look 1: Sweater (HERE), Heels (HERE), Clutch (HERE), Earrings (HERE), Denim (HERE)

Shop Look 2: Sweater (HERE), Earrings (HERE), Flats (HERE), Clutch (HERE)

When it comes to NYE, I’ve never been one to hit up the club or party. I usually spend it at home, in church, or at dinner. However, I do love the idea of getting glammed up to go out on the town to celebrate the New Year. I envision that when the hubby-to-be and I spend our first NYE as a married couple, we’ll go out to some fancy restaurant, just because, and enjoy a lovely dinner and then spend the rest of the evening cuddling and chilling by the fireplace. Sounds nice, huh? Well take a look at two outfits I’ve created for a glamours NYE outing.


Shop Look1: Dress (HERE), Shoes (HERE), Necklace (HERE), Earrings (HERE)

Shop Look 2: Dress (HERE), Shoes (HERE), Earrings (HERE), Ring (HERE)

So what are you planning to wear during the holidays? Did either of these looks inspire you? I hope so 😉

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and be sure to enter my holiday giveaway #2, HERE! You’ve got a few days left so enter while you can. Be blessed and be safe!