Wardrobe Wednesdays – Menswear for Women

Today for Wardrobe Wednesday, I’m talking about how to style menswear for women. I’m such a casual dresser, when I’m not at work, and the one thing I love to do is incorporate menswear or menswear inspired pieces into my outfits. To be honest, I haven’t done too much of this lately but when Springtime rolls around that will change. Let’s take a look at a few pieces you can use to easily style menswear for women.


Look #1

1. Oversized Coat - Although the houndstooth coat pictured below isn’t for a man, the piece looks/seems structured to fit a man.

2. White Button Down - This is probably the easiest and most perfect item to use when styling menswear for women! It’s also an item that can easily be thrifted. ;-)

3. Boyfriend Jeans - These jeans are another staple item for creating the perfect menswear for women look.

*adding a classic black tote, black pumps, and bold jewelry brings the look altogether and adds a nice feminine touch*



 Look #2

1. Graphic Hoodie - Like the one pictured below, a nice graphic hoodie is a great menswear inspired item to have in your closet.

2. Skinny Jeans - While not a menswear item, skinny jeans go great with a graphic hoodie. It’s the perfect pairing for such a stylish menswear for women look!

*pairing bright accessories with a look like this adds a soft and feminine touch*


Celebrity Inspired



June Ambrose


Taylor Swift

So, how do you feel about menswear inspired fashion? Which looks, if any, inspired you? Let me know!  

As always, thanks for readying – stay blessed and be safe…XO!

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Art Deco Thrift

Have you ever worn a piece of clothing that reminds you of art? Well this thrifted blouse reminds me of just that—artwork. I absolutely love the print, the fit, and the material!

thrift22Blouse: Thrifted, $2.90 (2nd Avenue)//Pants: Alfani Woman (Macy’s)//Heels: Lane Bryant (Purchase HERE)//Clutch: Love, Cortnie (See more clutches, HERE) Earrings: Thrifted, 2nd Avenue

thrift18I wasn’t sure how to wear it at first but while I was playing around with some outfits this weekend, I put this one together. I also plan to wear this top with a pair of jeans and a pair of leggings. I think this blouse is super versatile so I can’t wait to see what I decide to pair it with next!

thrift21backthrift thrift20

Enjoy the looks and don’t forget—you can always keep up with me Here & Here. Be blessed!


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Maxed Out

TGIF in every sense of the…acronym, LOL! I think the crazy/confused weather has made a bit sluggish. Nonetheless, it’s been a productive week.

Today’s look is a mix of chic and relaxed, as well as thrift and non-thrift. I love mixing thrifted accessories with non-thrifted outfits. It makes the look that much more unique. I actually found this skirt at Nordstrom Rack and it was on sale ($18). I’ve been looking for a maxi skirt for some time now so of course, this purchase was a no brainer! I like maxi skirts because they can be dressed up or down and no matter how you wear them, you’re always comfortable! This look is a prefect “go-to” look for summer. I’m crossing my fingers I can find a few more reasonably priced ones before the season ends. I love the idea of transitioning a maxi skirt into a fall look. I can see it now—ankle boots, a fitted sweater with a chunky scarf. Yes? Mmm…we shall see.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and be sure to stop by my shop. There may be a few goodies on SALE. ;-) XO!


maxiskirtmaxiskirt2Top: Ellen Tracy (Macy’s)//Maxi Skirt: Bobeau (Nordstrom)//Clutch: Thrifted (2nd Avenue)//Jewelry: Charming Charlie & Thrifted 


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Tunics (& Caftans) Continued…

Well, it looks like we’ve made it to FRIDAY—Cheers to the weekend!!! :-) Today’s post features some of more “Tunic Talk”, YAY! ;-) I also added some “Caftan Talk” as well. So let’s get dive in, shall we?

One of my favorite Flashback Outfits, from my old blog, shows me wearing yet another thrifted tunic. I purposely pulled this look because it coincides with a “must have trend” on my Summer Must Have list. If you remember, I told you in the last post how much I LOVE tunics. The thrift store is a great place to purchase them. I always find the most unique prints while thrifting. Also, eBay has a nice selection (just search “tunics” or “caftans”), as well as Romans (plus size online site) & Macy’s. You can be any size to wear them and you can be very creative in styling them. Take celebs Jill Scott and Rachel Zoe. Both ladies are different sizes and they make their caftans look GREAT!

reddTunic: Thrifted//Jeans: Lane Bryant//Sandals: Bakers//Clutch: Thrifted, Goodwill//Lipstick: Mac (IDK the color…ugh!)

jill-scott (1)rachel-zoe1

Eve Pigford and Eva Longoria wear this trend in such a fun and flirty way with by wearing Tunic Dresses. If tunics are long enough, wearing them as dresses is always a nice idea, especially if you’re going for a chic and sexy look. I haven’t found one that’s the right length for me to do so, but hopefully this Summer I will.



So, that’s my take on this trend. What’s yours? Are you a fan? Which style/look do you prefer—the tunic tops, tunic dresses, of long and flowy caftans? Let me know.

Have a GREAT weekend and be sure to follow me on Facebook & Instagram. You can keep up with my weekend happenings there. Be blessed & talk to you Monday…XO!


White Hot

One of the hottest Summer Trends is White Heels. I guess you can say I worked this trend into today’s look. I actually wore my wedding shoes, which were very comfortable. I told myself I’d only buy heels for the wedding if I could find a pair that were practical and comfortable, and if they were shoes I could wear more than once. Well, I found a shoe that fit the requirements. These white, Cosmopolitan slingbacks were love at first sight. I saw them and thought, “Classic and simple…PERFECT!” After all, that was the look I was going for for the wedding.


So let’s move onto the outfit. The top was a last minute find at Walmart. I was looking for a white top to finish an all white look for a cruise I went on last month and I couldn’t find anything that I liked. The last place I thought to look was Walmart but when I was shopping there one day, I decided to stroll over to the “Plus Size” department. Low and behold, there were a plethora of white tops, at affordable prices. I love the “bling” on this shirt and the fact that it’s lightweight was a definite plus! I picked it up for $9; Talk about my kind of price! The clutch is another Love, Cortnie favorite and the jeans are thrifted. I LOVE the quality of the jeans. The denim is thick and durable and you could tell that they’d never been worn (the original tags were still on when I thrifted them). Last time, I wore them with a floral top and floral heels. Super girly and cute! (See post, HERE)

So, how’d I do with the “White Hot” summer trend? I think I nailed it. ;-) Are there any summer trends that you’ve tried lately? Let me know! Until next time, be blessed!




Top: Walmart, $9//Denim: Thrifted, 2nd Avenue//Shoes: Cosmopolitan, $32 (Get them, HERE!) /Bracelet & Ring: Bakers//Earrings: eBay, 99 cents (Get them, HERE!)//Clutch: Love, Cortniewhitelook1 whitelook2 whitelook3

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A Casual Christmas & NYE Glamour

Happy Friday loves!! I hope you’ve had a wonderful week and I hope everyone is ready for the holidays! Do you have any special plans for Christmas? Well, every year my family goes to dinner on Christmas Eve and we have a ball. I usually opt for a casual look. The two looks below would be perfect for a family dinner. I love wearing big sweaters during the wintertime so these looks scream, “Whitney!”  Which is your fave?


Shop Look 1: Sweater (HERE), Heels (HERE), Clutch (HERE), Earrings (HERE), Denim (HERE)

Shop Look 2: Sweater (HERE), Earrings (HERE), Flats (HERE), Clutch (HERE)

When it comes to NYE, I’ve never been one to hit up the club or party. I usually spend it at home, in church, or at dinner. However, I do love the idea of getting glammed up to go out on the town to celebrate the New Year. I envision that when the hubby-to-be and I spend our first NYE as a married couple, we’ll go out to some fancy restaurant, just because, and enjoy a lovely dinner and then spend the rest of the evening cuddling and chilling by the fireplace. Sounds nice, huh? Well take a look at two outfits I’ve created for a glamours NYE outing.


Shop Look1: Dress (HERE), Shoes (HERE), Necklace (HERE), Earrings (HERE)

Shop Look 2: Dress (HERE), Shoes (HERE), Earrings (HERE), Ring (HERE)

So what are you planning to wear during the holidays? Did either of these looks inspire you? I hope so ;-)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and be sure to enter my holiday giveaway #2, HERE! You’ve got a few days left so enter while you can. Be blessed and be safe!