Style | Another Casual Thrifted Outfit

Happy Monday! Although I was a bit under the weather this weekend, I still managed to hang with my family and enjoy some of the spring weather. I even did a little spring thrifting (on Friday). I stopped by 2nd Avenue (Value Villiage) and grabbed 2 dresses, 2 men’s button down shirts for myself and of course, a few items for hubby. There’s nothing like a casual thrifted outfit during the springtime, and the first place I scope out when thrifting for spring items is the men’s department.

Casual Thrifted Outfit

Plus Size Casual Spring Outfit

Sunnies: Vintage, Thrifted // Men’s Shirt: 2nd Avenue // Denim: JCP

Casual Thrifted Outfit - OOTD

There are several men’s items in my closet. I find that menswear is the perfect place to shop for oversized and structured tops. The material of the button ups are usually lightweight and the prints are sometimes more fun and unique than those I find in the women’s section.

I’ve been a fan of menswear for years! From blazers, sweaters, outerwear and even accessories the options are endless. There have even been times when hubby and I fight over who gets a particular item. Yea, it gets that bad, lol! I usually let him win in the end…and just borrow the item later. 😉

Casual Thrifted Outfit - Plus Size

Thrifted Style

Clutch: Aldo (Old) // Cuff: Lucky Brand, Macy’s // Flats: Mossimo, Goodwill

Casual Thrifted OOTD

 So tell me, are  you a fan of my casual thrifted outfit? Have you ever thrifted a menswear item? Let me know!

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Style | Winter Style Recap

I’m officially saying “so long” to my winter style! Well…kind of, lol. The temps are rising and the sun in shining, so I’m more than ready to spring forward! Before I do so, I want to do a brief recap of a few of my favorite winter style outfits. This winter was all about sweaters, sweater coats and tights. The casual, simple chic look was what I was going for. Looking back, I think I executed simple chic pretty well!

Winter style - sweater coats

Original Post HERE

Winter Style

Original Post HERE

winter style - sweaters

Original Post HERE

I also had fun with outerwear and combat boots. Once I found the Guess boots from DSW, they became a staple wardrobe item for the season. The boots were probably my smartest purchase of the season. I’ve been able to style them so many ways and I plan to continue doing so throughout the spring. I can also carry over a few of my winter outerwear pieces, like my cape and denim patchwork coat, into the spring as well. Restyling is everything! 

Winter Style - Styling Capes

Original Post HERE

boohoo tunic

Original Post HERE


Original Post HERE

So tell me, which of my winter style outfits was your fave? Are you ready for spring style? Let me know!

In case you don’t follow me on IG or Facebook, starting tomorrow I’m introducing my #FearlessWoman series. I’m very excited to introduce you to 9 dynamic, inspiring, and intelligent women in honor of Women’s History Month. To see which ladies are in the lineup, check out this post here. Get ready to be inspired!

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Personal Style Monday | Sweatshirts…Another Fall Trend

Happy Monday! This weekend kind of flew by, right?! Nonetheless, I was still able to get out and enjoy the nice weather. I opted to wear yet another fall trend this weekend, a sweatshirt. I’ve been wearing sweatshirts for years, as I’m sure you all have, but usually for workout or lounge wear purposes. When styling this outfit, I decided to dress up my sweatshirt just a tad. I wanted to wear sneakers, but I thought the silver/metallic heels added just the right “umph” to make this look appropriate for a movie date.

OOTD - Wearing Sweatshirts

Scarf: H&M // Men’s Sweatshirt: Thrifted // Denim: JCP

Fall Trends - Wearing Sweatshirts

I added the leopard print scarf at the last minute for 2 reasons; (1) I didn’t want to wear a necklace with the long earrings, and most importantly (2) I spilled something on my sweatshirt and couldn’t get it off in time, LOL! Come on, I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s used a scarf or something to cover up a stain at the last minute, right?!

I also think the leopard print scarf adds personality and of course, it speaks to my personal style. I’m a sucker for animal print so using it as a stain hider ended up being a win-win! :-) Adding prints is a great way to amp up any basic look. I could have also worn a polka-dot or another animal print scarf and it would have had the same affect.

OOTD - Sweatshirts

Heels: Kenneth Cole, DSW // Earrings: Side Dish Mobile

How to Wear a Sweatshirt

One of my favorite bloggers who linked up last week also wore a grey sweater with her look. Lindsey of Thrift and Shout linked up this really cute outfit last Monday. Not only am I fan of her sweater, but I also love those boots! Another great thing about Lindsey’s look is that most, if not all, of her items are thrifted! Now you know how much I love a good thrifted head to toe look, right?! Way to go, Lindsey. Tre cute! 😉

IMG_4363 (2)

So tell me, what do you think about my take on the sweatshirt trend? Have you tried it out yet? Let me know!

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24 Hours in Vegas – #MyCosmoStyle

TGIF…It’s the weekend! What better time to take a quick getaway, right?! Although I’m staying in Maryland, a girl can always dream. 😉 I was contacted to take part in the Las Vegas #MyCosmoStyle challenge and because (1) I could definitely use a mental vacation and (2) I love to travel, I figured it’d be a fun idea to showcase my Vegas style with you all.

So imagine with me, if you will, a 24-hour Vegas getaway at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. It’s one of the premier hotels in the area and by the look of their website, there’s so much to experience! Side-note: Comedian and actor Kevin Hart just hosted his Hart Beat Weekend pool party at this hotel last weekend. Looks like he had a ball! 


24 Hours in Vegas


If you haven’t noticed, I’m a relaxed and chic kind of girl. So I’d most likely travel to Vegas in something like the outfit pictured above. It’s easy breezy, fashionable and practical. For a few hours of poolside tanning and fun, the below look is perfect! The swimsuit, made for plus size shoppers, is really cute and the fringes are right on trend.

Poolside in Vegas

Once the day comes to an end, I’d more than likely want to “hit the scene” and experience the night life. Keeping it simple and classy, I’d opt for an outfit like the one below. Showing a little leg and adding a bold lip and accessories does the trick.

Las Vegas Nightlife



So tell me, what do you think about my 24-hour Vegas style? What would you wear if you were going to spend the day at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas? Let me know!

Thanks for reading! Enjoy your weekend and I’ll be back Monday. Be blessed and stay safe…XO!


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Thrifty Thursday – Versace Inspired Thrift for $2

Versace inspired clothing immediately catches my eye whenever I’m at the thrift store. I have 2 or 3 blouses in my wardrobe that can easily be mistaken for a Versace original (ha!), but this vintage Versace inspired blouse is my favorite, hands down. Purchased for a whopping $2, this piece has hung in there with me for about 3 years or so. It’s one of those clothing items that feels like an old friend; it’s comforting, flattering, and speaks to my personal style. All the makings of the perfect wardrobe item. 😉


Blouse: Thrifted, 2nd Avenue (Another Option) // Ankle Length Denim: JCP (Another Option) // Sandals: Thrifted (Another Option)


I love wearing outfits like this. Besides maxi skirts and leggings, I feel most comfortable in a pair of (the perfect) ankle length fitted jeans and a flowy top. I’ve probably mentioned that several times on the blog before, but it’s so true. Outfits that require minimal fuss is all I want.  Don’t get me wrong; I’m a sucker for some avant-garde pieces, as well as some trendy styles. And trust me, I can pull out a freakum dresses and stilettos when necessary. 😉  I just prefer, in my day to day life, to wear clothing that’s practical to my lifestyle.

It’s funny…some people think because you’re style is simple and practical that you can’t like any other style. That’s ridiculous. Yes, I’m comfortable in clothing items that, to some, seem simple but I love and constantly draw inspiration from all styles. But when you get right down to it, I’m a simple girl who can practically live in leggings, maxi’s and outfits like this.


So tell me, what do you think of my Versace inspired thrift find? Do you have a clothing item(s) in your closet that’s like an “old friend”? Let me know!

As always, thanks for reading and commenting. Don’t forget to check out my latest #summerwithnic style feature; show her some love! :) Until next time, be blessed and stay safe…XO!

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Personal Style Monday – What to Wear to Work

Another week means another Personal Style Monday linkup! I hope you’ve all had a great weekend. Mine wasn’t that busy. There were  no events, no pressing deadlines…it was really nice. I was actually able to plan and lay out my outfits for the upcoming work week. I mean how many Monday’s, or days in general, do you wake up wondering “what to wear to work?” I do all too often. So planning ahead this weekend was a dream come true! Take a look at 5 items on my What to Wear to Work List and you’ll see why this outfit is work-wear appropriate


1. A Pair of Black Slacks. These pants are SO comfortable, thanks to the expandable waist and the stretch material. I usually wear them twice a week – usually Monday and Thursday (after I properly Fabreeze and throw them in the dryer with a dryer sheet). But the most important reason these pants are work-wear perfect is because they’re machine washable. 

2. Cardigan, Blazer or Lightweight Jacket. Depending on your work environment, the temperatures vary. In my office, I sometimes get a bit chilly so I usually carry or wear a lightweight jacket or cardigan. Another thing you can do is leave a cardigan at work. I keep forgetting to do that, lol.

3. Sensible Heels. For me, kitten heels and comfortable flats are  work wear essentials. I love a good heel and a nice wedge but while at work, I choose to be stylish and sensible.

4. Minimal Jewelry. As a jewelry lover, wearing minimal jewelry can be challenging. I LOVE showing off and wearing great pieces and piling on bracelets and rings. But for work, I stick to simple pieces – studs, medium size hoops, a watch and one (or two) bracelets. Sometimes I’ll add a ring or a necklace but nothing too gaudy.

5. A Medium or Large Size Handbag (or Tote). When I’m not carrying my work bag, I opt for a larger purse. There are days when I carry papers or folders home from work. Having a something to carry it all in, that also fits my wallet and cosmetic bag inside, is important.


Top: Gifted (old)// Slacks: Macy’s (I.N.C)// Kitten Heels: Nine West// Purse: Gifted (Arcida)// Denim Jacket: Gifted // Jewelry: Thrifted


Speaking of “What to Wear to Work“, check out one of my favorite looks from last weeks linkup! I really love Cookie’s look – her jumpsuit is fantastic and the floral blazer was a perfect touch! This effortless look is also perfect for springtime!  Be sure to stop by her blog, Takei Inspirations, and say hi! 


So tell me – what are some items on your “What to Wear to Work” list? Does your 9-5 call for pumps, flats or sensible heels? Let me know!

That’s all for now! Until tomorrow, be blessed & be safe…XO!


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Looking Back & Forward…in Blue Leopard

blueleo2I must say that I am so proud of how far my blog has come. From Nic’s Picks on Blogger to now Whitney James, the blog on WordPress, I’ve come a long way. With my blog anniversary coming up in a few weeks, I can’t help but get butterflies in my stomach. Why? Well, I plan to change a few things on the blog. I assure you, the name and passion will remain the same. But the focus and look will be different.

blueleo3Without giving away too much, I’ll just say that this new change will be entertaining, fashionable, AND uplifting. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for years (senior year in high school), but it just wasn’t the right time. Now, I am sure it’s time to expand my blog and allow you, my readers, to get to know even more about me. There’s more to me than just thrifitng, being a curvy girl, a newlywed, being a leopard lover, etc. I love fashion, yes, but I also love music, movies, food, traveling, exploring my spirituality, being with my family…I am so many things and I have so many interests. blueleo1So my hope and prayer is that you all will come along for the ride and enjoy what’s coming. I can’t promise perfection, but I can promise a more interactive and multi-faceted website. Thank you all for hanging in there with me thus far; I hope you’re ready for NEW and EXCITING things.

blueleo4Keep checking back for the new and improved, Whitney ‘Nic’ James site! Be blessed…XO!


Blouse: Thrifted ($1.90)//Jeans: JcPenny ($5.99, JCP)//Shoes: Tory Burch (Nordstrom Rack)//Purse: Calvin Klein (Gifted)//Watch: Thrifted//Bracelet: Gifted

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What’s New at Nic’s Picks

Guess who? Yup…it’s me! I told you I’d be back Monday but, I just had to share this with you. I’ve added NEW items to my shop this morning. Feel free to head over to Nic’s Picks and have a look. Below are a few of my faves—which one tickles your fancy?? 😉

Ok this time I really mean it when I say, “I’ll be back Monday”. LOL! Be blessed & be safe this weekend. XO




Denim Dress, by Calvin Klein 


Tribal Print Top, by Kasper (Zipper on the Side)


Animal Print Flowy Tunic, by Dana Buchman


Vintage Denim Overalls


Gold Embroidered Wedge Sandals