Thrifty Thursday – Nic James in All Black {Sponsored Post – oNeckalce}

Happy Thrifty Thursday! :-) Today’s outfit is one of my favorites because it’s a look you can catch me in at least 2-3 times a week – all black. I do love color, prints and different patterns but there’s nothing like all black. I immediately feel chic when wearing black, and I also use all black ensembles as an excuse to go crazy with accessories and jewelry.

When styling this particular look, I decided to wear my name necklace from oNecklace. Not sure about you but I love name necklaces. I remember wanting one back when I was in middle school. I actually wanted the name earrings too – that was a no go with my Mom, lol. Now that I’m “grown” and can dress myself, lol, you can image how ecstatic I was when I placed an order for my 1st name necklace.


{c/o Onecklace}


Tunic: Thrifted, Goodwill ($3)// Leggings: Lord & Taylor (Similar Pair HERE)// Flats: Tory Burch, Nordstrom Rack// Cross Necklace: eBay// Name Necklace: oNecklace (Purchase Yours HERE)// Other Jewelry: Thrifted & Gifted 


The necklace is great for layering but also looks good when worn alone. I decided to go with Nic James as the name for the necklace. I could’ve gone with several other names/nicknames, but I figured I’d stick with something that had some meaning. Nic, my nickname, is also what everyone used to call my grandfather. He’s one of my biggest inspirations and I carry him with me everyday. So I thought Nic James would not only symbolize my (passion) blog, but it would also remind me of my FaFa (grandfather). 


{My little sis took these pics – can you tell we had fun? Lol :-)}

Do you have a name necklace? Did you have one back in the day? If not, what name would you put on your necklace? Let me know! Also, head over and check out the oNecklace site. They have a lot of great items! Until tomorrow, be blessed and stay safe…XO!

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The 10th Day of “Thritmas” – Christmas Gift Ideas

On the 10th Day of “Thriftmas “, I’d like to give you a few Nic Tips for “thriftmas” shopping. Since it’s one of the last weekends to shop for Christmas gifts, this comes at a perfect time!

Let’s be honest, the thrift store is not the 1st place on your mind when it comes shopping for loved on your Christmas list. But if you have some people on your list who love jewelry, accessories, clothes and home goods, don’t count the thrift store out!  Trust me when I say, your Christmas gift ideas should include items from the thrift store! If not for everyone, at least for some people on your list. Check out my top 3 Thriftmas Gift ideas below!


1. Jewelry & Handbags - If you have someone on your Christmas list who’s a huge fan of unique statement jewelry and handbags, check out the thrift store 1st. When shopping there, I usually hit the jewelry & purse sections last because I like to thoroughly examine each piece. It usually takes me a good 15-20 minutes, depending on the inventory, to really decide on  which pieces I want to take home. So if you decide to stop and look for a piece (or a few pieces) for someone on your list, take your time. I’m SURE you’ll find some great items to pick from!



{click HERE for full outfit}

2. Home Decor - Is there someone on your list who just moved into a new home? Maybe someone who’s in the process of redecorating their current home? Head to the home decor section of the thrift store! You may be surprised how many trinkets are hidden. For Christmas shopping purposes, I’d say go for a nice vase, some cute dishes, etc. If you’re a bit unsure of what their design wants are, something small like a picture or antique picture frame with a nice picture will do the trick. Personal touches like that let people know you really put thought into their gift.

thrifted-glasses (1)


3. Clothing - Of course, you can never go wrong when thrifting for clothes.  If you know someone on your list wants a winter coat or new hat, thrift it! Especially if the person likes different/or ornate pieces. Vintage hats, dresses, and even shoes are all great gift ideas for that someone special. When thrifting for clothing gifts I usually find my mother, sister and a few friends the best items. I know they appreciate unique finds and I know I’m on a budget so, it’s a win win.



I hope this mini Thriftmas gift guide was helpful. I know that I’ve thrifted some pretty amazing items in the past, as well as this year, and I get nothing but smiles, hugs, and thank you’s! :-) Some people say you have to have an eye for thrifting good pieces. While I believe that to be true, I also believe anyone can learn how to get that thrift eye. ;-) Do you think you’ll be venturing out to thrift some Christmas goodies this year? Let me know! Take care and have a good weekend…be blessed!


P.S. Congrats to Debbie J.!

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Nails, Bags & Things!

Good afternoon & happy Monday! I hope  you all had an enjoyable weekend. As usual, I was running and ripping around the DMV (DC, MD, VA) area, lol! I did however manage to get a little rest on Friday night.

I want to get right into today’s post and talk about nails, bags & thangs! ;-) When it comes to clothes, my style can sometimes be simple so I always turn to accessories or a nail color to give my look a little something extra. (I’ve talked about that before on the blog here). As I’m going through the process of purging my jewelry box(es), I thought other day, what better time to do so than around the holiday season? It seems like jewelry and other accessories are always fun and more blingy this time of year, right?




I’m a huge fan of  studs and statement necklaces. While I purchase the majority of these items from thrift stores or vintage shops, I DO love stores like Macy’s and Nordstrom for affordable and unique pieces. Macy’s sells a lot of cute Betsy Johnson and Michael Kors earrings and necklaces – perfect brands for jewelry revamping. I’m also a sucker for a good, durable watches. I always wear one, weather it works or not, LOL! The ones pictured above are very stylish, classic and fun. You already know I go crazy for anything leopard so the Nine West one is my fave!



A self proclaimed “Bag Lady”, I believe having a statement clutch, a tote and a cute makeup/cosmetic bag is essential. For the Fall/Winter, clutches are my go-to for all events. They’re compact, stylish and won’t clash with your outfit. For work and weekend purposes (see post here), I prefer a tote bag. This time of year, there are so many affordable totes to pick from. Fringes, animal print, solid – you name it, it’s out there. Check the choices above for inspiration!

fallnailsLast but never least, nail color is also important for the change of seasons. I’m really into deep reds, blues and grey for Fall 2013. Having a manicure, DIY style or from the nail shop, is a perfect way to polish and top off your look. A lot of people think summertime is the only time to pay attention to nails but I disagree. Fall and Winter can do a number on your hands; especially if you have dry skin like me. Treating yourself to a manicure once a month will keep your hands soft and pretty. A great nail color will also compliment those rings and watches you’ll be wearing this season. :-)

So tell me, what accessories and nails colors are you into this Fall? Are you in the jewelry revamp process too? Let me know! I always love your feedback. Take care and until next time, be blessed!


White Hot

One of the hottest Summer Trends is White Heels. I guess you can say I worked this trend into today’s look. I actually wore my wedding shoes, which were very comfortable. I told myself I’d only buy heels for the wedding if I could find a pair that were practical and comfortable, and if they were shoes I could wear more than once. Well, I found a shoe that fit the requirements. These white, Cosmopolitan slingbacks were love at first sight. I saw them and thought, “Classic and simple…PERFECT!” After all, that was the look I was going for for the wedding.


So let’s move onto the outfit. The top was a last minute find at Walmart. I was looking for a white top to finish an all white look for a cruise I went on last month and I couldn’t find anything that I liked. The last place I thought to look was Walmart but when I was shopping there one day, I decided to stroll over to the “Plus Size” department. Low and behold, there were a plethora of white tops, at affordable prices. I love the “bling” on this shirt and the fact that it’s lightweight was a definite plus! I picked it up for $9; Talk about my kind of price! The clutch is another Love, Cortnie favorite and the jeans are thrifted. I LOVE the quality of the jeans. The denim is thick and durable and you could tell that they’d never been worn (the original tags were still on when I thrifted them). Last time, I wore them with a floral top and floral heels. Super girly and cute! (See post, HERE)

So, how’d I do with the “White Hot” summer trend? I think I nailed it. ;-) Are there any summer trends that you’ve tried lately? Let me know! Until next time, be blessed!




Top: Walmart, $9//Denim: Thrifted, 2nd Avenue//Shoes: Cosmopolitan, $32 (Get them, HERE!) /Bracelet & Ring: Bakers//Earrings: eBay, 99 cents (Get them, HERE!)//Clutch: Love, Cortniewhitelook1 whitelook2 whitelook3

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Perfect for a Rainy Day

Hey, darlings! These past few days have been super dreary and rainy and on days like that, I hate thinking about what to wear. Because I knew I was going to spend some time with the boo, I wanted to look 1/2 way decent, lol! So I figured an over-sized sweater, a dash of leopard print, and putting my hair up would do the trick.;-)

I’ve had this leopard wrap for ages and it’s SO perfect for me because as I’ve mentioned before, I don’t always like wearing heavy jackets/coats. I also wore another favorite item which is the tan Micheal Kors sweater. It’s so cozy, soft and the cow-neck collar is the best.

My jewelry, jeggings and shoes were all thrifted! I’ve actually never worn these shoes on the blog. I found them at 2nd Avenue (Columbia, MD) for about $5. I looked at the bottom of the shoes before deciding to purchase them and they weren’t even touched! There they were…never worn Nine West flats for $5. Score!! ;-)

Enjoy the pics. Be blessed…XO!




Wrap: NY & Co.

Sweater: Macy’s (Micheal Kors)

Jeggings: Thrifted (American Rag)

Shoes: Thrifted (Nine West)

Jewelry: Thrifted

Hair Clip: eBay








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Thrifty Thursday: Thrifted Favorites, Old & New

Hey friends! Welcome to Thrifty Thursday on the blog! I’ve complied a few of my favorite thrifted jewelry items (and shoes) below. I’ve been revamping my jewelry and accessories lately and I’ve picked up a few pair of earrings in the process. I’ve also been an eBay junky lately too. I am a huge fan of bidding on earrings, necklaces and other accessories and my most recent pair are pictured below. Both were less than $1.50. Yup! I find deals just about everywhere ;-)

I’m also looking to spice up my shoe selection. If you don’t know by now, I’m a HUGE fan of flats. I wear them about 85% of the time. I’m trying to get back in the swing of heels and wedges because after graduation (in May), it’s all about working full time and I want to “dress the part”. Of course, I look for comfort when looking for heels and the two that I thrifted a few weeks ago are pictured below. The booties are very comfortable and can be worn all year. The animal print heels are high but surprisingly, they’re not that bad to walk in. I’ve also been loving motorcycle boots lately. I’m on a hunt for a nice pair so suggestions welcome!

All in all, I’ve done a pretty good job of thrifting lately. I enter the store with a list of what I need and once I check the item off, I’m on to the next. I’ve been a very focused thrfiter *patting myself on the back*. So much so that I’m thinking of doing a wardrobe challenge involving thrifting for the New Year. More info on that later ;-)

So which pair of earrings or shoes from my recent thrift collection is your fave? Have YOU been thrifting lately? What’d you get?

Enjoy the pics and be sure to enter my current holiday giveaway HERE! Be blessed and be safe!


PS Speaking of thrifting, check out my latest post HERE on Eye Spy Fashion’s blog! I thrifted 2 outfits for under $30, head to toe! 

2nd Avenue (Columbia, MD)









thrift3 thrift4