Spread the News – Nic’s Picks Summer Shopping Event

Happy Friday! Just popping into let you know that my vintage online shop is hosting it’s 1st summer shopping event next month! I’m really excited about it and I hope to see all my DMV (DC/MD/VA) readers there. This free event is one of many to come! Check out the details below.

summer shopping event

Aside from the fantastic items available for sale, there will also be cute finger snacks¬†and sips – I LOVE a good snack while shopping, don’t you? ūüėČ My goal is to make this event enjoyable and relaxed.

So tell me, will YOU be attending Nic’s Picks 1st shopping event?¬†Have¬†you been to a shopping event before? Let me know!¬†

Don’t forget to register for this¬†event! :-) Also, feel¬†free to share the above flyer with your social media friends using the #shopnicspicks hashtag – the more shoppers the merrier! If you’re in the area and are¬†planning¬†to attend, be sure to drop me a note so I can look for you. Thanks in advance for your support. Until Monday, be blessed and stay safe…XO!


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Styling Vintage Accessories

Styling vintage accessories is such a fun and simple task. Today, I’m really excited to show you how to do just that by sharing my photos from a¬†recent Nic’s Picks photo shoot. :-) You know by now that I’m a huge fan of statement jewelry, but I’m also into (vintage) accessories like hats, huge totes/picnic baskets and shoes. As a huge thrifter and vintage lover, I’m always intrigued when I come across¬†unique and one-of-a-kind accessories while out thrifting. So let’s check out a few visual references¬†on how to style certain vintage accessories.

1. Wooden & Beaded Bangles & Vintage Inspired Oversized Bags. ¬†These bracelets remind me of the 70’s and I love them! They’re super easy to stack, they look great with denim and they’re perfect for summer styling. Adding wooden bangles like the ones pictured below is something simple and easy you can do to add a touch of vintage with your modern outfit.

As for the (large) oversized tote/picnic basket, the earth tone¬†colors and natural vibes help bring the entire look together. This outfit can easily be worn for a romantic day picnic, as well as to an outdoor summer concert. This unique picnic basket can hold everything from snacks, drinks and a small blanket – all perfect for that upcoming summer¬†concert. ūüėČ

styling vintage accessories

Model: Kamille // MUA: Julee // Photos: Ruby Ella Photography

¬†2. Vintage Inspired Statement¬†Necklaces.¬†Again, I’m all for statement necklaces and pieces. I’ve styled the purple necklace before on WNJ, but I wanted to show another way it can be worn. Adding a necklace like this to a simple dress adds an instant umph! It also helps that the model has such a bright and bubbly personality shines. ūüėČ Adding a leopard print heel/bootie¬†to this look helps bridge the gap between vintage inspired style and modern.

plus size vintage

Model: Rasheda// MUA: Julee // Stylist: Me // Photos: Ruby Ella Photography

I always say that when styling (vintage) statement necklaces, start with a blank canvas – that makes the item stand out. That’s exactly how I styled the 2nd necklace below. The model wore her own black leotard and after we slouched the shoulders down, I knew the black and gold necklace would be a great finishing touch. I also added earrings that were similar to the gold detailing on the necklace. I don’t usually add a¬†dangley pair of earrings with a¬†necklace this grand, but for this look it worked. ūüėČ

Edited Nic's Pics Lookbook 137

Model: Taylor // MUA: Julee // Photos: Ruby Ella Photography

¬†3. Vintage Hats.¬†Now I know some people are not hat fans, but styling a vintage hat can add such class and sophistication to an outfit. The hat below is true vintage and I just love the polka-dot veil! I paired it with a vintage 80’s/90’s classic dress and boy if this look doesn’t remind me of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman! ūüėČ The entire look is simply stunning, but without the vintage hat it wouldn’t have the same effect. Don’t be afraid to add a hat like this to your wardrobe – the styling possibilities are truly endless!


Model: Kamille // MUA: Julee // Stylist: Me // Photos: Ruby Ella Photography

So tell me, how do you feel about styling vintage accessories?  Are you a fan of the looks I styled below? Let me know!

Just in case you’re wondering, YES – (all of) these items are for sale, excluding the shoes! While they’re not listed at¬†Nic’s Picks yet, you can contact me¬†if you’re interested in any piece. I’ll also be adding the items to the shop tomorrow. In case you don’t get chance to contact me , follow along here so you can be kept up to date.

As always, thanks for reading and be sure to keep up with me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter this holiday weekend! Until Monday, be blessed and stay safe…XO!

P.S. Don’t forget to add your OOTD to my current Personal Style Linkup…xo!


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Nic’s List – Nic’s Picks, Vintage Boutique & Styling

It’s time for another edition of¬†Nic’s List!¬†This week has been crazy due to the snow and freezing cold weather, school and work delays, etc. But there was one thing this week that definitely put a smile on my face and it happens to be the¬†one and only¬†thing that made my list this week – my vintage online boutique, Nic’s Picks,¬†is now open for¬†business!


This is very exciting for me! ¬†For the past year or so, I’ve been working very hard to fulfill this dream. Ever since (late) 2012, I’ve served as a vendor for different events in DC, MD and VA, styled a fashion show with Nic’s Picks¬†clothing and eventually set up and Etsy shop. But my dreams were bigger – I wanted to combine my love for vintage fashion/shopping with my love of helping others. Thus, the website was created.



This site is just the beginning of what’s to come for Nic’s Picks. I’m so thankful and blessed to have such a loyal and dedicated “team” behind me. My team is my family – they were there when Nic’s Picks was just a thought on paper. With them by my side, I know the sky is the limit.

Also, Olivia of Livy Smith Designs has been awesome throughout this process (she also redesigned my blog)! She took my vision and ideas and literally made them come to life.

Nics-PicksWell, there you have it. This week “Nic Loves” Nic’s Picks¬†! Feel free to stop by and shop some amazing vintage finds! :-) As always thanks for the support. Be blessed and enjoy your weekend…XO!


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::Etsy Love:: Nic’s Picks

It’s the weekend and what better time than now to get your shop on??¬†Well as most of you know my Etsy shop, Nic’s Picks, is a one-stop-shop for all things vintage, unique and affordable! Well have I got great news for you – there’s a shoe sale going on NOW!


Head over to the shop today and be sure to take advantage of this GREAT sale and other marked down items. Enjoy & happy shopping!


Weekend Shenanigans

Hello there! I’m still coming down from a very busy, but FUN, weekend. I did a lot but I’ll try my best to keep it simple and sweet. Friday, my little sis celebrated her 11th birthday! Not only was it her birthday but also her last day of elementary school, AND her 1st school dance–she had a lot to celebrate! :-)

I went over early to paint her paint her nails, put flowers “neatly around her bun” (LOL), and help her get ready. Needless t say, she look great and had a ball! Last weekend, we went to the mall to buy an outfit and she decided to go with a hi-low dress. She had a “vision” and she stuck with it, LOL. I thought she look super cute and very stylish. I pride Taylor (lil sis) for her creativity and individuality. That’s something we’ve instilled in her and I’m glad to see that she’s embracing it at such a young age.


sisDress:Delia’s//Sneakers: Daddy’s Money (Sketchers Store)// Jewerly:Claire’s//Sunnies:Claire’s//Fingerless Lace Gloves Claire’s

On Saturday, I had the pleasure of being a vendor at the 1st Annual Fabulous Secondhand Shopping Event. My “team” (Mom, Sis & Hubby) traveled with me to DC and we had a great show. It was nice to see familiar faces, bloggers, and return customers. One customer in general made my day. As soon as she came over to my racks, she was enamored with this vintage jacket. I wore it on the blog a while ago and it’s one of my favorite looks. She picked it up, tried it on and was sold! She couldn’t believe how intricate and unique it was. So much so, she wore it for the duration of the day! Check out her pic below. How fly is she?? I LOVE IT!


I winded down the weekend by spending time with the family for Father’s Day. We played 18 holes of mini golf and then ate at Famous Daves. We’re a pretty competitive family so it was a good game, lol! I think my Mom has to be the fliest mini-golfer I’ve seen, dontcha think?? (see pic below);-) She and I must have been thinking the same because I wore a printed top as well! I guess loving print runs in the family, huh? ūüėČ Anyway, My Dad had a really good time–he loves to see and be around his wife and kids. I’m glad we made his day! 9ACA44DB-B04E-4104-AC08-62583C009065


**She purchased the jacket from Nic’s Picks!**


Top: Thrifted (2nd Avenue)//Jeans:Thrifted (Old Navy)//Clutch:Love, Cortnie//Sunnies:Vintage (will provide link later)


**I also wore this top in THIS post!!**

So all in all, I pretty much had an awesome weekend. I hope yours was good too! Be blessed & I’ll talk to you soon. NEW outfit post, coming Wednesday! :-)


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My Summer Faves

Hello and happy Friday! Today’s post is all about inspiring YOU to try some fun summer looks, created by yours truly. I’ve done many Polyvore looks in the past and I must admit that I LOVE creating looks using their site. It’s super easy and inspirational (in the fashion sense). So today I wanted to share a few looks that I’m loving lately, as well as share some Summer items that you can purchase from my online shop! I also want to show you a few hairstyles that are perfect for this season. So, let’s get started!

Collage #1 is all about flowy, pretty dresses, printed and solid. During the warm months, I’m all about less clothing so throwing on a pretty sundress or maxi is a perfect solution. While my #1 choice is to shop at thrift stores, I do browse through Macy’s here and there and depending on their sales, I’ll purchase a good number of items. Their Plus Size or Women’s Section can be on point when there’s a good sale; especially their dress section. Check out the collage and see my 4 faves from Macy’s Plus Size Section.


Collage #2 shows a few of my favorite items from my shop, Nic’s Picks. I LOVE colors and patterns for this season so when hunting for the next best item to add to my shop, I’m sure to look for colorful and unique “picks”. Although my items may be different, they’re still very practical and wearable pieces. Take a look at the items below and I’m sure you’ll agree. ūüėČ


**Green shoes are no longer available**

Lastly, let’s look at some fun Summer hairstyles that I’ve been swooning over lately in Collage #3. As you may know, I’m wearing Kinky Twists now and I really LOVE this style. When it’s warm out, I love my hair in braids and I love seeing other ladies wearing braids as well. I also like natural hairstyles and weaves/wigs in the Summer. For some reason, summertime makes me feel a little bit more free. Anyone else feel that way?


Well I hope you’ve enjoyed my Summer Faves and I hope that you’ve been inspired in some way by this post. For my curvy girls out there, don’t forget Macy’s when your looking for the perfect Summer dress. If you’re looking for unique vintage, hop on over to Nic’s Picks. And if you want to give your hair a rest for the summer ¬†and rock a braided or natural hairdo, don’t forget my Summer Hair collage. Enjoy, be blessed and have a wonderful weekend!