Wardrobe Wednesday – What to Wear to a Spring Wedding, Part I

With the snowy and unpredictable weather we’ve had in March, it’s time to start thinking about pretty flowers and blooms! It’s also time to start thinking about those beautiful Spring weddings you’ve been invited to! So today on Wardrobe Wednesday I want to share 2 possible looks that are perfect for those wondering, “What to wear to a Spring wedding”.


Many Spring weddings are held outdoors and I always think soft, pretty floral prints are great to play with – especially if the wedding takes place in a gorgeous, lush garden! The outfit below is something I’d suggest for that type of wedding. Sticking with  nude shoes and accessories would be my suggestion. Also carrying a small clutch works best because more than likely, you’ll be snapping and taking pictures and who wants to be lugging around a huge purse? Not me! Plus a smaller clutch looks more feminine.


{Click HERE for Outfit Details}

If you’re attending a more glamours evening wedding, adding a bit of color and sparkle to your outfit will do the trick! With the outfit below, I chose a fitted pink dress with a flared bottom – very fun! The shoes and necklace really “make the outfit” glamours. I went with a sexy, strappy heel with lots of bling! Same with the necklace – the crystal baubles are just fabulous! With an outfit like this, you’ll be ready to dance and party the night away.


{Click HERE for Outfit Details}

So tell me, which look is your fave? If someone asked you what to wear to a Spring wedding what would you suggest? Let me know!

Thanks for reading and I hope you were ale to get some Spring wedding inspiration! Next Wednesday I’ll be sharing my “What to Wear to a Spring Wedding, Part II”. Think casual, relaxing and tropical. :-) Until tomorrow, be blessed and stay safe…XO!

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Wardrobe Wednesday – oNecklace Giveaway (Sponsored)

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Now, it’s your chance to win anoNecklace  original! Be sure to follow the 3 mandatory rules below. Wishing you all the best! Talk to you tomorrow…be blessed & stay safe!

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Spring Colors for 2014

Happy Hump Day! Today on Wardrobe Wednesday’s, I want to talk about the Spring colors for 2014. According to Women’s Wear Daily, the colors for Spring 2014 consist of those pictured below. My favorites are Radiant Orchid and Celosia Orange. In keeping with my “Spring wardrobe inspiration” theme, check out the looks I created below using those two colors!

Look #1 is centered around Celosia Orange. I envision this look being worn on the weekend for a lunch date with the girls. I paired an orange top with a simple pair of light washed denim. Accenting the outfit with orange accessories is a great way to make the outfit pop! Of course, the leopard print clutch brings it all together. ;-)


Outfit details, HERE.


Looks #2 & #3 feature the lovely color, Radiant Orchid. This soft, pretty lavender-like color can be worn in various shades. The 1st dress option is easily a perfect look for a Spring wedding. The neutral accents and sequin cardigan help make the outfit ultra feminine and lady-like.  The second outfit, adorned with such an amazing statement clutch, is a great party or date outfit. When the weather warms up, people love to throw dinner parties – a look similar to this is a great choice!




Outfit details, HERE.

So tell me, which Spring colors for 2014 are you looking forward to wearing? Which outfit is your favorite? Let me know!

I’ll be back tomorrow but until then, be blessed & stay safe…XO!

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Wardrobe Wednesdays – Menswear for Women

Today for Wardrobe Wednesday, I’m talking about how to style menswear for women. I’m such a casual dresser, when I’m not at work, and the one thing I love to do is incorporate menswear or menswear inspired pieces into my outfits. To be honest, I haven’t done too much of this lately but when Springtime rolls around that will change. Let’s take a look at a few pieces you can use to easily style menswear for women.


Look #1

1. Oversized Coat - Although the houndstooth coat pictured below isn’t for a man, the piece looks/seems structured to fit a man.

2. White Button Down - This is probably the easiest and most perfect item to use when styling menswear for women! It’s also an item that can easily be thrifted. ;-)

3. Boyfriend Jeans - These jeans are another staple item for creating the perfect menswear for women look.

*adding a classic black tote, black pumps, and bold jewelry brings the look altogether and adds a nice feminine touch*



 Look #2

1. Graphic Hoodie - Like the one pictured below, a nice graphic hoodie is a great menswear inspired item to have in your closet.

2. Skinny Jeans - While not a menswear item, skinny jeans go great with a graphic hoodie. It’s the perfect pairing for such a stylish menswear for women look!

*pairing bright accessories with a look like this adds a soft and feminine touch*


Celebrity Inspired



June Ambrose


Taylor Swift

So, how do you feel about menswear inspired fashion? Which looks, if any, inspired you? Let me know!  

As always, thanks for readying – stay blessed and be safe…XO!

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Wardrobe Wednesday – Valentine’s Day Outfit & Gift Guide

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I’m sure some of you are trying to figure out what to wear and what to gift. Well today I’m sharing a few Valentine’s Day outfit and gift ideas – I’ve got you covered! ;-)

Are you going on a “hot date” this Valentine’s Day? If so, here are some “hot date” outfit essentials:

1. Sexy Form Fitting Dress (black, animal print, etc.)

2. Strappy Heels

3.Fantastic Statement Jewelry & Accessories

4. A Pop of Print (the pop of print can be in the accessories, jewelry, or even the dress itself)


See Outfit Details HERE!


If your Valentine’s Day includes more casual and laid back plans, here are a few casual & chic date night essentials:

1. A Nice Pair of Pants/Slacks or a Nice Pair of Denim

2. Sensible but Cute Heels (or flats)

3. Easy Breezy Jewelry & Accessories


See Outfit details HERE!

Moving onto the gift giving. I always love surprising my hubby with little things on Valentine’s Day. Even if it’s a pair of boxers and a card, he loves it! :-) Here are a few easy and budget friendly Valentine’s Day gifts for him.

1. Boxers

2. Headphones

3. Socks

4. Candy

5. Tie & Cufflinks



See Details HERE!

So tell me, what are your plans for Valentine’s Day? Are you headed out for a hot date or is something more low-key on your schedule? Have any good gift ideas? Let me know!

And remember, you don’t have to be in a relationship to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Love yourself, be good to yourself, and treat yourself to something special – you deserve it! Be blessed and stay safe…XO!


Wardrobe Wednesday – Wardrobe Basics from H&M Plus Size

Hey there! Today’s Wardrobe Wednesday post is all about one of my recent favorite places to shop for wardrobe basics – H&M! I’ve come to grips that I have better “luck” purchasing certain wardrobe staples from department stores/or online stores. The H&M Plus Size section happens to be one of those places. I recently purchased a pair of leggings and a tunic from the site. I also have a few more items sitting in my online cart, waiting to be purchased by the weeks end. I’m smitten with their selection of basic pieces because #1, their prices are very reasonable and #2, the quality of the items I’ve purchased have been great. That being said, I decided to create 3 different looks using some of my favorite basic pieces from their site. Some items are H&M plus size, others are from their “ladies” section.


Outfit Info, HERE.

The 1st look includes the pair of leggings I have. They’re super soft, stretchy and true to size, which is very important. The black handbag is an item I have sitting in my cart, lol. It’s simple, chic and can be worn all year and for several occasions. As I’ve said before, I’m all about purchasing basic pieces these days. You can do so much with a closet full of wardrobe basics – the possibilities are endless!


Outfit Info, HERE.

Remember when I told you I was entertaining the possibly of adding more skirts to my wardrobe? Well, this pleated skirt maybe my next addition. I decided to create an outfit around the skirt and an H&M blazer. Adding the leopard booties and fun t-shirt seemed like a good way to make the look my own. The t-shirt is something I can find while thrifting. ;-)


Outfit Info, HERE.

My final look includes a trench coat, a wardrobe “must have” that I recently added thanks to the Goodwill, and a basic jersey dress. These two items can be styled perfectly work work and play. Adding some simple jewelry and a fashionable tote bag makes the outfit work appropriate. The snake skin booties are a great way to make the outfit fit your personal style.

So where have you been shopping for basics lately – I want to know!? :-) Have you shopped the H&M Plus Size section? If so, what’d you think? Let me know! Talk to you tomorrow….be blessed & stay safe!


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Wardrobe Wednesdays – Fancy Sweaters, Combat Boots & Maxi Skirts

Today’s post is the first installment of Wardrobe Wednesdays. No worries – I still plan to host my Personal Style Linkups. Instead of Wednesdays, the linkups will now be on Mondays. So get your outfits ready because I want to see linking up next Monday! :-)

So let’s get into today’s post. Over the holiday break, I was busy cleaning my closets and drawers and began editing my wardrobe. After my thrifting tour, I was convinced that I had all the items I needed in my closet. Well, I was almost right. Going through my clothes, I began to notice that I had more items than I did outfits. Have you ever felt like that? You’ve got all these items of clothing and nothing goes together, or your missing that one item complete a look?

Well this experience helped me make a decision to turn my focus back to outfit (wardrobe) essentials, rather than wardrobe items.  To me, there’s a difference. Wardrobe essentials are what you need on a daily basis to complete your outfit. Depending on your lifestyle, this may differ. Wardrobe items are just that – items that you like but may not be necessary in order to create a cohesive wardrobe. That being said, I turned to Polyvore and social media for some inspiration and the 1st outfit below includes 3 wardrobe essentials I believe I should have in my closet: (1) blue skinnies, (2) black boots and (3) a (few) fancy sweater(s).


*click HERE for outfit details*

Those items are key to any great outfit. Thankfully, I have the blue skinnies and a few fancy sweaters/tops, thanks to thrifting. I don’t have any booties, combat boots or OTK boots. Crazy, I know. But I’m constantly developing my personal style so, there’s room and time for me to grow and add certain items to my closet. The outfit above is something I’d wear for sure! The sweat has just the right amount of print/pattern and those boots…I LOVE!


*click HERE for outfit details*

Moving onto the 2nd look. This outfit was inspired by image and style consultant, Tieko Nejon. When I saw the outfit on her Facebook page, I stopped in my tracks. I absolutely love the fact that she styled her maxi dress with a pair of Puma sneakers – genius! I also love the grandiose jewelry she added to the look – another style genius move.


*click HERE for more info on Tieko*

As you can probably tell, I’m a flats girl and I used to wear a lot of sneakers. Every Spring and Summer I vow to wear them more. I haven’t lived up to that but seeing Tieko’s outfit and putting this Polyvore look together has me inspired to get my sneaker game up. And to wear a cute or embellished pair with a maxi skirt makes the look so much cooler!  This leads me to my last two wardrobe essentials: (1) cute sneakers and (2) a maxi casual maxi skirt. 

20140108-122117.jpgAll in all, I’m glad I figured out my wardrobe “issue”. I think we all have those moments where we think we have all the right clothes but it takes a thorough closet clean-out to really determine which wardrobe essentials we’re missing for our lifestyles. There are certain outfits that I swoon over and love but I’m smart enough to know that for my lifestyle and personal style, it’s not for me.

I’ve done several posts (HERE and HERE) about wardrobe staples and closet must haves and while I’ve followed my own advice, sometimes a good refresher is helpful. Have you ever had a wardrobe issue? Are there any wardrobe essentials that you think you’re missing? Do you have more “items” than outfits in your closet? Let me know! Be blessed…XO!


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On Trend – Oversized Coats & Plaid

Happy Fashion Friday! Today’s post is all about 2 of the hottest Fall 2013 trends – Oversized Coats and Plaid. I’m excited to see oversized coats make a comeback because as an avid thrifter, I often spot the most unique oversized coats.

Eva Mendes’ look (below) is a perfect example of how to dress up an oversized coat. She still looks ultra  feminine and for a petite woman, she doesn’t get lost in the size of the coat. For a more relaxed, casual and trendy approach, check out Nicole Richie (bleow). I love her entire ensemble – it’s rocker-chic, yet still simple. She’s not over doing it with tons of statement pieces. She lets the long, oversized leopard coat do all the talking!



I’ve created a few looks as inspiration for day to night looks, incorporating this trend. Honestly, I love them all but if I was forced to pick one look form each category, I’d go with the tan coat and Nikes for my casual look and the snakeskin dress and grey coat for my night look. What about you? Which looks are more your style?


{click the picture for info on the all the items}

Now let’s talk about the plaid trend. Since my middle school days, I’ve been a fan of plaid. I don’t wear the pattern as often as I’d like but when I do, I’m a happy camper! I really like the way Jessica Alba wears this trend. The pop of leopard is perfect and the fedora is a nice finish. I actually shared this picture of Jessica a while back and she was wearing a plaid skirt. Clearly, this trend really works for her. Another celeb who rocks this trend is Reese Witherspoon. I like how she wore cowboy boots in her look – very cute!



You can see that I took Jessica’s lead when creating my inspiration look and added a fedora, as well as this leopard clutch. I’ve actually worn the same clutch here, here, and here. It’s a Love, Cortnie original and is one of my favorite pieces. In both looks, the ladies were carrying large totes so I added this Zara one to my creation. Which look do you prefer? I’m more partial to the 1st look  - the fedora does it for me!

Until next time, enjoy the weekend and be blessed…XO!


{click the picture for info on all the items}

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