The Best of 2014 Personal Style Edition | What I’ve Learned About Personal Style

Happy Monday, everyone! This weekend was such a great one. Not only was I able to spend some QT with hubby, but we also got a lot of things done around the house. It’s that time of the year when I start cleaning out closets, drawers and everything in between. So, we did a little bit of that on Saturday and Sunday. By next weekend, we should be done….I hope. ;-)

Today’s post is a recap of my favorite outfits from my Personal Style Monday posts. I started this linkup as a way to express my personal style and of course, I wanted to give you all a chance to do the same. I started out by having just 8 or so links for months and now I have 30+ linkups almost each week. I LOVE it and I thank you all for linking up and sharing my links each week. Check out some of my favorite Personal Style Moments of 2014, as well as some things I’ve learned about my personal style along the way.

Clearly I embraced my curves, wore a lot of dresses, and had no problem showing a little bit of skin earlier this year. I enjoyed experimenting with different looks, hairstyles and trends; all while staying true my personal style. I feel like my style has grown, yet has remained simple with a touch of uniqueness that only I can bring. I’ve “found myself” as far as personal style goes, and I’ve pushed my limits when it comes to what I will and won’t wear. Daring to bare my legs in certain outfits, like the black Jessica Simpson dress (above), was liberating and wearing shoes other than flats and sandals was huge for me.

I enjoyed wearing a bit more color this year and I wasn’t afraid to go bold with my outfits. I also learned the importance of knowing your body type. I know what looks good on me and what works for my body; 2 very important things to know when figuring out where to go with your personal style. Something else that’s important to learn while curating your personal style? Trying different things with makeup. For me this was tedious task, but I must admit that it was fun. Weather it was a lip color or a bit of mascara, I took myself to another level in terms of my day to day beauty routine. From makeup to skin care, I’ve re-learned the importance of taking care of my skin as well.

One of my favorite personal style posts this year involved statement jewelry. It was fun sharing my favorite pieces with you! Wearing statement pieces this year saved a lot of my outfits form being boring and blah. It was rather enjoyable styling different pieces and my collection has grown a lot since I published that post. I’d planned to do a separate post on how to shop for statement pieces on eBay, but I didn’t get around to it. No worries; it’s on the top of my to-blog-about list for the new year.

Of course I’ve stayed true to my love for thrifting. Showcasing different outfits with several of my thrifted purchases has been a personal style highlight. I’ve been able to influence others to try thrifting, as well as teach people how to successfully thrift for certain items. Thrifting is a huge part of my personal style and it will continue to be…forever. From thrifted accessories to sweater coats, I’ve had fun showing how to stay on trend without breaking the bank.

 So tell me, what did you learn about your personal style this year? Are there any your favorite personal style look from 2014 above? Let me know!  

Since this is the last of my Personal Style posts of 2014, I’ve decided to leave today’s linkup open until the last day of the month. Feel free to post as many looks as you’d like from now until then. Thank you all SO much for linking up with me and I look forward to seeing your outfits in the new year. Until tomorrow, be blessed and stay safe…XO!


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Personal Style Monday + Audible Amazon Giveaway

Happy Monday to you! This weekend was all about cleaning and relaxing for me. I did something a little differnt with my hair (pics below) and I also pulled out most of Christmas decor. While relaxing, I made time to catch up on my Netflix watching, as well as my reading. As I mentioned in this post, I’ve become a huge fan of audiobooks lately. It’s just makes it so easy to read these days. During the car ride to Delaware for Thanksgiving, I was actually reading an audiobook. I’m addicted!

Thrifted Style - OOTD

Sweater: Vintage, 2nd Avenue // Denim: Dress Barn // Flats: Micheal Kors

Winter Outfit - thrifted fashion

With the new year approaching, I’m looking forward to using (and subscribing to) Audible. This audiobook site is absolutely perfect for every occasion and event throughout the year. You can even gift a yearly subscription to the book lover on your list. Talk about the perfect gift! Not only are audiobooks perfect for book lovers like me, but they’re also great for children. My tween sister does a lot of traveling for pageants and acting, so something like an Audible yearly subscription would be perfect for those long car, train or plane rides.

Right now, you can check out Audible’s gold offer for a chance to save 50% off! This offer gives you the first three months of your subscription for only $7.49, which is half the usual price. There are also several Audible coupon codes and other ways to save as well.

HM Scarf - thrifted Sweater

Sunnies: Retro// Scarf: H&M (old)

Plus Size Style - Thrifted Sweater

Are you convinced, like me, that Audible is the way to go this year for audiobooks? What are some books you’re looking forward to reading in the new year? Oh yea, what do you think about my outfit and hair style too? ;-) Let me know! 

Before I go, be sure to check out this amazing Audible giveaway me and a few other lovely bloggers are hosting below! One winner will receive a $200 Amazon gift card! FYI, Audible is an Amazon company.  This giveaway is only open to U.S. residents and will run from December 8th – December 12th. Until tomorrow, stay blessed and be safe…XO!

P.S. Don’t forget to linkup your recent OOTD to my Personal Style Linkup! 



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Thrifty Thursday | Holiday Thrifting

Happy Thrifty Thursday, friends! Today’s post is all about holiday thrifting! I’m always excited  when it comes to thrifting, but I especially enjoy holiday thrifting. Not only can you thrift some amazing gifts, but you can also decorate your house with some thrifted holiday finds. The holidays are also a good time to go thrifting for yourself. A lot of people donate their items this time of year and you can score some pretty amazing deals!

Holiday Thrifting

It may take a while to convince you that holiday thrifting is the thing to do, so here’s a video for you. I had the pleasure of chatting with my Thrift Sisters (Ayana, Keren & Wendy) about holiday thrifting the other night. We all shared our thoughts on the topics mentioned above, as well as showed off our recent thrift finds. While some of the thrift sisters didn’t agree with me on thrifting Christmas gifts, lol, we all agreed that this time of year is a thrift shoppers dream! Take a look at the holiday thrifting video for more!

So tell me, are you into holiday thrifting? Would you thrift a gift for someone? Let me know! 

If you want some more tips on what kind of Christmas gifts to thrift, check out my recent post on The Curvy Fashionista. You can also shoot me an email if you have any questions about holiday thrifting, or just thrifting in general. I’d love to help you make the most out of your thrifting trip(s)! Until tomorrow, be blessed and stay safe!

P.S Don’t forget to linkup your recent OOTD to my Personal Style Link Up, HERE


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Personal Style Monday – The Multipurpose Dress

Happy Monday! Are you ready for this short week we have ahead of us?! I don’t know about you, but I can already taste Thanksgiving! :-) Speaking of Thanksgiving, I’ve gotten a few questions from readers and friends asking what they should wear for Thanksgiving dinner. To be honest, I like to be as comfortable as possible at home (my parents house) for Thanksgiving. Cozy sweaters, leggings and thick socks are my norm – I rarely wear shoes in the house. But this year I’ll be spending Thanksgiving with the in-laws, so things maybe a little different. I maybe attending church first then eating dinner. So today I’m sharing an example of what I’d wear for Thanksgiving (church) service and dinner. 

Blue Dress - Plus Size Fall Fashion

Dress: Thrifted, 2nd Avenue // Tights: Hanes Hosiery // Heels: Lane Bryant

Blue Dress OOTD

I like to call this (thrifted) dress the “Multipurpose Dress“. It’s the kind of garment that can be worn on several occasions and styled a plethora of ways. From the office to date night to church, this dress is an option for what I call a traditional Thanksgiving. A traditional Thanksgiving in my book includes a church service and a sit down family dinner at the dining room table. An outfit like this is perfect for that!

 Adding a funky clutch or handbag to the look adds a little something to the solid blue dress. So does the long necklace! It adds both personal style and excitement to the look. A simple deep plum or red (or nude) lip and you’re ready to go! All in all, this dress is appropriate for a church service, and is also very forgiving and flowy – perfect for eating. ;-) 

Handmade Clutch - Love Cortnie

Clutch: Love, Cortnie (Other Styles) // Necklace: Thrifted, 2nd Avenue

Fall Fashion - Wearing Tights

 So tell me, what do you think about my multipurpose dress? And what kind of Thanksgiving are you preparing for to this year? Let me know! 

Don’t forget to show off your personal style by linking your recent OOTD pots(s) below. Just be sure to link your outfit back to this post. Also, visit the other bloggers who’ve linked up and say hey. Until tomorrow, be blessed and stay safe…XO!

P.S. I’ll be back to featuring my favorite blogger linkup next week! 


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Personal Style Monday | (More) Skirts and Tights

Hey there! Happy Monday to you. :-) I hope your weekend was great! I did nothing but relax, clean up around the house, and relax some more. I needed a weekend with no plans. The fact that hubby was there to enjoy the peaceful few days with me made it even better. I did however go to church and decided to wear yet another skirt and tights combo. With the weather getting and staying below 55 degrees these days, skirts and tights will definitely be worn a lot more these next few months. I usually wear pants/slacks to church, but I felt a little fancy. So I opted for this thrifted maroon (stretchy/body-con like) 2-year-old skirt.

Skirts and Tights - Plus Size Fall Fashion

Top: Serena Williams, Thrifted (Similar) // Skirt: Thrifted // Handbag: DKNY, Gifted

Hanes Hosiery - Skirts and Tights

The top, also thrifted, has been in rotation for weeks. I picked it up awhile ago at 2nd Avenue and thought the design was very interesting. I love how it wraps around my left side and goes over my shoulder like a scarf; very chic! Looking at the tag I realized it was a part of the Serena Williams Signature Statement Collection. I was shocked! I was also shocked that her collection has a lot of great pieces that I can see myself wearing. There are regular and plus size options, and most of the items are staples that I find necessary for a woman’s wardrobe. The price points are also reasonable.

This discovery is yet another reason I love thrift shopping. Sometimes you find a brand that you really like while thrifting and realize you can also shop that brand online or in store. #WINNING Thrifting this Serena Williams piece opened my eyes to a new brand to try. I’ve already fallen for the top, so I’m more likely to purchase another piece, at least another top, from the collection.

Plus Size Winter Jacket - Simply Be Jacket

Coat: Simply Be // Jewelry: Thrifted // Shoes: Micheal Kors, Nordstrom Rack

Tights and Skirts - Hanes Hosiery

The blogger behind Thrift Stories linked up her thrifty look last week and she too is wearing skirts and tights. Well, a dress and tights, but nonetheless Heather still looks great! Her look is so well put together and is perfect for the fall.


So tell me, are you a fan of my latest take on skirts and tights? Have you been wearing skirts and tights lately? Let me know! 

Don’t forget to show off your personal style by linking your recent OOTD pots(s) below. Just be sure to link your outfit back to this post. Also, visit the other bloggers who’ve linked up and say hey. Until tomorrow, be blessed and stay safe…XO!


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Personal Style Monday | Sweatshirts…Another Fall Trend

Happy Monday! This weekend kind of flew by, right?! Nonetheless, I was still able to get out and enjoy the nice weather. I opted to wear yet another fall trend this weekend, a sweatshirt. I’ve been wearing sweatshirts for years, as I’m sure you all have, but usually for workout or lounge wear purposes. When styling this outfit, I decided to dress up my sweatshirt just a tad. I wanted to wear sneakers, but I thought the silver/metallic heels added just the right “umph” to make this look appropriate for a movie date.

OOTD - Wearing Sweatshirts

Scarf: H&M // Men’s Sweatshirt: Thrifted // Denim: JCP

Fall Trends - Wearing Sweatshirts

I added the leopard print scarf at the last minute for 2 reasons; (1) I didn’t want to wear a necklace with the long earrings, and most importantly (2) I spilled something on my sweatshirt and couldn’t get it off in time, LOL! Come on, I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s used a scarf or something to cover up a stain at the last minute, right?!

I also think the leopard print scarf adds personality and of course, it speaks to my personal style. I’m a sucker for animal print so using it as a stain hider ended up being a win-win! :-) Adding prints is a great way to amp up any basic look. I could have also worn a polka-dot or another animal print scarf and it would have had the same affect.

OOTD - Sweatshirts

Heels: Kenneth Cole, DSW // Earrings: Side Dish Mobile

How to Wear a Sweatshirt

One of my favorite bloggers who linked up last week also wore a grey sweater with her look. Lindsey of Thrift and Shout linked up this really cute outfit last Monday. Not only am I fan of her sweater, but I also love those boots! Another great thing about Lindsey’s look is that most, if not all, of her items are thrifted! Now you know how much I love a good thrifted head to toe look, right?! Way to go, Lindsey. Tre cute! ;-)

IMG_4363 (2)

So tell me, what do you think about my take on the sweatshirt trend? Have you tried it out yet? Let me know!

Don’t forget to show off your personal style by linking your recent OOTD pots(s) below. Just be sure to link your outfit back to this post. Also, visit the other bloggers who’ve linked up and say hey. Until tomorrow, be blessed and stay safe…XO!


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Thrifty Thursday | Thrift Sisters Google+ Hangout

Happy Thrifty Thursday! I’m super excited to announce a new thrift series coming to a computer near you! Next Wednesday at 8 p.m., the Thrift Sisters Series begins on Google+ and I am thrilled to be apart of this venture. Ayana of Thrifting Diva, Keren of Two Stylish Kays, Wendy of JustJewles4U and I will be chatting about all things thrift, vintage, and style! Most importantly, we’ll be answering your questions about thrifting!

Thrifty Thursday - Thrift Sisters Chat

If you’ve ever wanted to know how to get started with thrifting, how to conquer a larger thrift store, or have questions about what items to thrift and not thrift, we’ve got the answers for you! Just send your questions to To RSVP for this event, you can do so  here

So tell me, will YOU be joining us for next Wednesday’s Thrift Sisters Series? Let me know!

This event is about you, so don’t forget to RSVP and send in your thrift questions to Until next time, be blessed and stay safe…XO!

P.S. Don’t forget to link your recent OOTD to my Personal Style Linkup HERE


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Personal Style Monday | October Style Recap

Hello there! As I sit here typing away, I cannot believe I’m sharing my October Style Recap. Like, where did the month go?! Before you know it, we’ll be in full swing of the holiday season. Crazy, right? Well for now, let’s take at my October Style roundup. Style-wise, this month was a lot of fun for me. I was able to concentrate on a lot of work wear looks, as well as introduce a bit of color to my wardrobe. ;-)

I was also excited to incorporate a lot of thrifted items in my OOTD options. As a matter of fact, I counted (at least) 6 thrifted itmes worn during the month’s OOTD looks. Check it out:

1. Tan Tote Bag

2. Men’s Sweater 

3. Black and Silver Cross

4. Orange and Purple Ombre Tunic/Dress

5. Green Oversized Sweater 

6. Long Gold Chain Necklace 

I normally highlight my thrifted goodies on Thursday’s, but I was so excited that I had to share them today. In looking at my October Style choices, you can see that thrifting items and adding them to your everyday work wardrobe is very simple. Thanks to thrifting, I was able to wear some fall trends, while still being budget conscious. #WINNING

Speaking of fall trends, take a look at my Personal Style favorite from last week. Ariel, the cute and fashion-forward blogger behind Auteur Ariel, linked up this OOTD below. I love how she (casually) styled her leather jacket and graphic t-shirt. The cat ears (headband) was a darling addition, don’t you think? I think Ariel nailed this look and although she’s right on trend with her look, it’s not too overdone. Bravo, Ariel! :-)

Auteur Ariel - Blogger Style

So tell me, which October Style OOTD was your favorite? Let me know! 

Don’t forget to show off your personal style by linking your recent OOTD pots(s) below. Just be sure to link your outfit back to this post. Also, visit the other bloggers who’ve linked up and say hey. Until tomorrow, be blessed and stay safe…XO!


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