Thrifty Thursday: Thrift vs. Consignment

Hey there! Today I want to talk about thrift vs. consignment. While I’ve been more partial to thrifting, I must say that consignment shopping has been a fun adventure lately. As the Consignment Thread writer for DomiCile Magazine, I’ve been trekking across the DMV area looking for the best spots for consignment shopping. Some people have asked what’s the difference is between the two (thrifting & consignment shopping), so today I’m going to share my thoughts.

Consignment vs. Thrifting


Consignment Shops/Boutiques 

People bring their (gently) used items to consignment shops to sell. Once their item(s) is inspected/evaluated, it’s up to the store to determine if that item can be sold at their location. Once that is determined, the item is marked and placed on the sales floor to be sold on behalf of the consigner. Each consignment shop has their own system as to how they “watch” the consigners items. In the end, the consignment shop takes a percentage of the sale and then pays the consigner the remainder.  If the item(s) doesn’t sell the consignment shop returns the item to the consigner.

Thrift Stores

Thrift stores are filled with donated items like shoes, clothes, jewelry, dishes, furniture, etc. Most thrift stores are charity and non-profit based. (i.e. Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc.) Thrift store prices vary, but most times the prices are very affordable. Depending on the thrift store, the items will be sized and organized by section (i.e. pants, blouses, handbags, kitchenware, etc.). Some thrift stores are not as organized as others, so the finding what you’re looking for may require more time.



Why do I like consignment shopping? 

When consignment shopping, I know I’m going to find quality items that have little to no wear and tear. Am I going to pay for that? Yes. But certain thing like authentic handbags and shoes, exquisite and rare jewelry finds or authentic paintings from a certain time period I don’t mind shelling out more cash for. I also like the attention I receive when consignment shopping. Most consignment shops are small boutiques, especially those that carry higher end items. So you get that one on one shopping experience; the staff helps you find exactly what you’re looking for, or they point you in the right direction. The consignment shops I’ve visited like Rita G’s or Style Finds have staff members who know their inventory like it’s their own. In some cases, the owner is on the sales floor helping customers find the perfect item. I love that!

Why do I like thrift shopping?

Thrifting is all about the thrill of the hunt. To be quite honest, you may or may not find what you’re looking for the 1st time. But along the way, you find some pretty cool stuff! If you’re an avid thrifter then you know which stores to go to find what you need. Unlike consignment shops the prices are more affordable. However, the items may require a bit of TLC due to their less than perfect condition. Some of my favorite things to thrift are  leather and winter jackets/wraps, handbags, and “on trend items” like kimonos. I’ve also found that the clothing sizes range wider while thrifting than I while shopping consignment stores. Something to consider. ;-)

thrifting for trends


So tell me, what do you think about Thrift vs. Consignment? Which “method” of shopping do you prefer? Let me know!

Thanks for reading another one of my Thrifty Thursday posts and I hope you have a better understanding of the whole thrift vs. consignment thing. ;-) If you have more questions, feel free to contact me. Until next time, be blessed and stay safe….XO!


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11 Reasons Why You Should Be Thrifting

Happy Thrifty Thursday, friends! I want to jump right in today, so I’ll cut to the chase. Yes, I love to thrift and you know it. Of course thrifting saves money and thrifting can also be a joyous “treasure hunt”, once you get the hang of it. But why should YOU start, if you haven’t already? Glad you asked! ;-) Here are 11 Reasons Why You Should Be Thrifting. 

why you should be thrifting1.  Create your own style.  Thrift stores have a plethora of items from all decades/eras. Rummaging through and finding different prints, materials and designers to fall in love with is the start to creating your own (unique) personal style.

2. QUALITY material & brands. Unlike a lot of trendy clothing stores and brands, thrift stores have a great selection of clothes made of materials like silk, cashmere, and sturdy cotton that will indeed last a long time. I’ve stumbled upon brands and designers like Saks Fifth Avenue,  Escada, Brooks Brothers and Corbin – all high quality and at unbelievable price points.

3. Home decor GALORE. If you’re looking to furnish or decorate your new or current home, thrift stores are gold mines for plates, placements, rugs, lamps, etc. I found a set of dishes (including salt and pepper shakers) for $8 – all of the dishes were intact!

4. You’re doing a good deed. Did you know that Salvation Army stores donate their profits to certain charities? According to the Goodwill of Greater Washington‘s mission statement, they’re dedicated to “transforming lives and communities through the power of education and employment.” 

5. Great spot for collectors. If you’re into collecting items like old albums, jewelry, ties, etc. thrift stores are the place for you – It’s literally a collectors paradise!

6. Vintage is always in style. Vintage clothing options are plentiful at most thrift stores. Certain vintage items are true statement items that will never go out of style. Trust me, every closet needs a few statement pieces. 

Thrifted Vintage Fashion

7. It’s a great place to find books. If you’re an avid reader, a lot of thrift stores have really amazing collections of older novels, how-to books, cookbooks, children’s books and more. Whatever your interest, I’m sure you can find a book about it!

8. Get a good deal every time you shop. You don’t have to wait for a holiday or use a special coupon. More than likely any day you deiced to go thrifting, you’re going to find unbeatable deals! **Most thrift stores have certain markdown/sale days too – just ask! **

9. Dress the Man in Your Life. Men’s clothes are usually more expensive than women’s clothes. Thrift stores seem to always have a variety of suits, ties, coats and dress shoes for men. My hubby found a 2 piece suit at the Goodwill in Annandale, VA for $20. The suit had never been worn (still had tags) and was in impeccable condition. #WINNING


10. Buy for resale. It’s no secret that a lot of online entrepreneurs use the thrift store to purchase valuable items at a discount price to resell. Places like eBay and Etsy are great sites to give reselling certain thrifted items a try.

11. IT’S FUN! Trust me on this one. ;-)



So tell me, have I convinced you to start thrifitng yet? ;-) What’s the latest item(s) you’ve found while thrifting? Let me know!

As always, thanks for reading and commenting. Feel free to check out my thrifting tips on The Curvy Fashionista or check out some advice/tips from some of my Thrifty Friends here at WNJ. Until next time, be blessed and stay safe…XO!

P.S. Don’t forget to link up your recent outfit to my Personal Style Linkup:-)


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Nic’s List – Eloquii, Fashion du Jour & More!

TGIF! Today’s Nic List is all about fashion and food! As I’m mentally preparing for Spring’s arrival, I found myself browsing and daydreaming online at Forever 21Eloquii and Love, Cortnie this week. I also came across some style inspiration from two of my favorite bloggers, concocted a new recipe and announced my 1st in person thrifting event. Someone’s been busy this week! ;-) Let’s check and see what made Nic’s List this week, shall we?

{Week 2.17 – 2.21}

1. Eloquii & F21 - I’m ready for warmer weather and light-weight clothes! This Eloquii  sheath dress, F21 Kimono and leggings are at the top of my Spring 2014 wardrobe list. I love the detailing and the sheer neckline on the Eloquii dress – super sexy, very chic and perfect for an upcoming wedding I’m attending in May! The lightweight F21 kimono and black leggings would definitely be staples in my Spring wardrobe. I’ve already planned a few outfits around both pieces!


2. Love, Cortnie - I’m such a huge fan of Love, Cortnie clutches. I think I have about 8 of Cortnie’s bags and I LOVE them all. All handmade, the clutches are durable and they’re so unique and fashionable. This foiled clutch caught my eye this week and I just might have to add this to my Spring handbag collection. I mean isn’t this a BAAADDD bag?!?

Love Cortnie

3. Fashion du Jour & Style ElixirI love a girl who can rock a hat! While looking for some fashion inspiration, I stopped when I came across Leslie (Fashion du Jour Daily) and Lauren’s (Style Elixir) recent posts. Both ladies look effortlessly chic in their outfits, and I LOVE the hats.


4. Thrift with Nic - I announced this yesterday but in case you missed it, I’ll be hosting my 1st in person thrifting event on April 15th. I’ve partnered with the Goodwill in Annandale, VA and I’m really excited to meet and thrift with you! If you’re in the area, I’d love to meet and teach you some of my thrifting tips and tricks! Find out more about the event and register HERE!


5. A New Recipe - I’m no Betty Crocker but I do know how to get down in the kitchen when necessary! ;-) This week was an “off week” for the grocery store so I used what we had in the kitchen and made this delicious meal! I’ve made this meal before so it was a no brainier. I soaked the chicken in milk and honey mustard, then added garlic salt and Season All.  After is was thoroughly cooked, I heated up some frozen broccoli and Uncle Ben’s 90 second rice and BAM! P.S. Hubby cleaned his plate! :-)


So tell me, did anything on my list spark your interest? Have you started thinking about your Spring wardrobe? What’d you cook this week? Let me know! 

I hope you all have an enjoyable and safe weekend…be blessed and I’ll see ya Monday!

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Thrifty Thursday – Thrifted Menswear & A Thrift With Nic Announcement

Today is Thrifty Thursday! I purchased this men’s shirt last Friday while thrifting. I often venture over to the men’s section while thrifting. I enjoy wearing thrifted menswear and I actually find most of my (oversized) sweaters and shirts, sweatshirts and sometimes coats/jackets from the men’s side.


Cape: Hervé Bernard, Thrifted// Men’s Shirt: Thrifted//Leggings: Lord & Taylor//Flats: Tory Burch// Necklace: eBay//Purse: Gifted


I love the color and pattern of the shirt and it goes perfectly with a nice pair of leggings & flats – my current uniform of choice, lol. This brings up a “style point” – one of the reasons I enjoy thrifted menswear is because the oversized tops play to my semi-chic, casual and practical thrifted personal style. I can also pair this shirt with ankle pants/jeans and sandals once it gets warmer outside. Since it was a little cooler outside this day, I added my thrifted cape. I just can’t get enough of this thing! ;-)



So there’s no secret that I enjoy thrifting, right? Well, how would you like to join me for a morning of thrifting & thrift conversation? I’m pleased to announce that I’m teaming up with the Goodwill of Greater Washington for my 1st, Thrift With Nic in person event! If you’re in the DC, Maryland or Virginia area on April 5th, come join me at the Goodwill Annandale location. To register, visit Eventbrite and grab your FREE ticket!


So tell me, do you enjoy thrifing menswear? Have you ever found a thrifted menswear gem? Will you be making it to my Thrift With Nic Event? Let me know! 

Have a great day, be blessed and be safe…XO! :-)

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The 7th Day of “Thriftmas” – Thrift With Nic Tour {Delaware Recap}

On the 7th day of “Thriftmas” my true love gave to me, 2 TWNTour recap videos!!! Yes, the day has FINALLY come for me to share with you some of the items I purchased while on my thrifitng tour. Take a look at video recaps and see what items I scored while in Delaware. Let me know which items are your fave. I love your feedback! As always, thanks for reading, and watching, ;-) and I’ll be back tomorrow to share my VA thrift finds. XO!


***Kia Motors sponsored the tour and for 3 days, I drove the 2014 Kia Sorento to Delaware, Virginia, and back home to Maryland. The ride was smooth and easy – I really love that car! This 7-8 seater has so much space, an awesome sound system, as well as a huge trunk! Check out the pics below***


Kia-Sorento 1

Old & New School Tunes for the Road!


The 5th Day of “Thriftmas” – Holiday Weekend Wear {Thrifted & Budget Friendly }

On the 5th day of “Thriftmas“, I want to talk about thrifted and budget friendly holiday weekend wear! I know I’ve given some outfit inspiration posts here and there but today, I want to revert back to my “old ways”. I want to provide realistic outfit options that are similar to mine and under $100.  :-)


Tunic: Micheal Kors, Macy’s (Old)// Pants: Ellen Tracey, 2nd Avenue ($6.90)// Flats: Nine West, 2nd Avenue//Jewelry: Thrifted (2nd Avenue)


Of course my outfit is under $100, lol. I purchased this Micheal Kors Tunic a few years ago and it’s been one of my favorite Fall/Winter tops since then.  I paired it with the same hunter green Ellen Tracey denim from this post, and added my Nine West embellished flats. These were a thrift find back in the Summer. They were in mint condition and only cost me a few bucks. I also decided to add some accessories to my hair. This gold headband was initially for my little sister but, I ended up keeping it. LOL! I often purchase fun and cute little hair accessories like this from eBay.


I feel this outfit is perfect for hanging out with friends during the holidays. It works perfectly for a get together at someones house, or even for a laid back night out. If you like this look, check out the two budget friendly looks I created below. Which would you wear? Would you add anything to the look? Let me know!


Holiday Weekend Wear

Thanks for reading and for joining me for the first week of the 12 Days of “Thriftmas”. Next week I plan to introduce another thrifty friend, share my TWNTour recap, as well as host another holiday giveaway! Don’t forget to enter my current giveaway HERE. Have a wonderful weekend, be blessed and be safe! XO!

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Personal Style Linkup – Nic’s Thriftmas List, Part I

Today, I’m not showing a specific OOTD but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to see YOURS! :-) Be sure to link your outfits/or Polyvore outfit inspirations below! Don’t forget to link this post to whichever post you pick. :-)

Now, let’s get into today’s post. I want to share some of the items on my Thriftmas List. My Thrift With Nic Tour starts the day after Thanksgiving and I’ve been steadily working on my shopping list. I plan to purchase items for myself, the hubby, as well as some Christmas home decor and gifts. I’ve set a budget, which I’ll share later, and I’m sure I can stick to the budget and get all the items on my list. So here are a few things I’m looking for.


Click HERE for more info on all items.

  1. Chambray Shirt – I have an old shirt from my Dad but I’d like to find one that’s more fitted. 
  2. Chunky Brown Sweater – This time of year, I love a nice warm sweater, like THIS one, and I’d love to add a brown one to my wardrobe.
  3. Print Flats – I find a lot of cute shoes while thrifting so I’m hoping to snag some cute animal print flats.
  4. Red Blouse – Red is the color for the holiday’s and I’ve always wanted a red blouse. This find should be easy…I hope. ;-)
  5. Red Pumps – These may be tougher to find because I’m looking for red pumps that are suede and have little to no scuffs or marks. We shall see. I may settle for red pumps that aren’t suede.
  6. Black Beret – I love to find hats while thrifting. Finding a beret/tam shouldn’t be that hard. I’m also looking for a black beanie so that I can create the below picture. I’m all over this DIY project. Isn’t it cute?!!? While her’s is not a DIY, check out how one of my favorite bloggers, Kéla , wears hers HERE!


Moving onto the hubby. His list is going to be easy peezy. He has more dress clothes than casual wear due to the nature of his job. Wearing a suit or slacks to work every day has left little to no room in his closet for dress down gear. Hopefully, that will all change once we hit the road.



  1. White Dress Shirt – I was told a man can never have too many white dress shirts. So, here’s hoping we’ll find a few more!
  2. Computer Bag/Satchel – Instead of carrying a vintage briefcase to work everyday, the hubby would rather carry a modern computer bag. Fancy, huh? Lol. I hope we can find a nice vintage inspired bag similar to the one pictured.
  3. Fancy Oxfords – I’ve found that when thrifting for men’s shoes, the options are limitless. This one will be another easy find!
  4. Flannel Shirt – While not into “trendy” clothing, he does like the flannel/lumberjack look. Not my fave but if he likes it, I love it.
  5. Leather Jacket – I love shopping for men’s jackets. I often find a few for myself. Finding a vintage leather inspired jacket is gonna be fun!
  6. Lastly, blazers were on his list. Little does he know I’ll be looking in the men’s blazer section myself. I LOVE the fit of a mans blazer. So structured and perfect!

Image via Pintrest.

So there you have it. That’s part of the clothing list for my upcoming tour. I have a feeling I’m going to be very successful while shopping. I know exactly what I’m looking for so I’m zoning in, hoping to have little to no distractions. Knowing me, my eyes will wander but, that’s the thrill of the hunt. You just never know what you’re going to find when thrifting. At least I have some sort of guide, lol!

What items would be on YOUR list if you were thrifting for the fall/winter season? Let me know! TTYS and be sure to check out this post for more info on the TWN Tour, sponsored by Kia!


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Thrift with Nic Tour

I’ve been holding in some pretty amazing news and I think it’s time to let it out. I’m beyond excited to announce that I’ll be embarking on my 1st Thrift with Nic Tour next week! This tour is the start of, the 12 Days of Thriftmas.


It’s no secret – I have a passion for thrifting  and I love a good deal! So Kia Motors has graciously partnered with me to make this all happen. For 3 days, I’ll be trecking across the Delaware, Maryland, Virginia area and hitting up the best thrift stores, in hopes to gather some GREAT goodies for Christmas. This tour is the beginning of something great and I’m so thankful that Kia has agreed to work with me. Kia is known for creating reliable and reasonably priced cars so what better way to travel than in a Kia?!  Check out the list below is a list to see some of the thrift stores I’ll be visiting.


Goodwill, Smyrna

Sister’s Bargain Cleanouts, Newark 


Goodwill, Rockville

2nd Avenue (Value Village), Columbia


Village Thrift, Woodbridge 

B-Thrifty, Woodbridge

As you can see, I will be on-the-go! I’m so happy that the hubby is coming along with me. He’s agreed to be my navigator, photographer, videographer and travel companion. My little sister will be joining us once we hit Maryland so things are going to be action packed! I’ll be sure to update some more you before and during the tour so be sure to follow me HEREHERE or HERE.

If you’re in either state (DE,MD or VA) shout me out and let me know if there’s a spot I need to visit. If you’d like to meet me there, that’d be great. Just let me know and we can make it happen. :-) Until tomorrow, be blessed…XO!

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