Style | 5 More Thrifty Bloggers You Should Follow

A few weeks back I shared Part I of my thrifty bloggers to follow and today I’m back with Part II. I’m excited to share 5 more thrifty bloggers to follow! All of these bloggers have been on my radar for years and I’ve actually had to pleasure of working with or hanging out with most of them. So let’s meet these thrifty and stylish beings, shall we?

Thrifty bloggers

1. Thrifting Diva. Ayana’s thrifty fashion sense is always on point and she is without a doubt one of the sweetest bloggers I’ve met since I began WNJ. Her style is so fashion forward, chic and never over the top. I really love her take on the latest trends and how she always thrifts the best trendy pieces, and makes them look amazing! She also provides great thrifting and style advice on the blog, so be sure to check her out.

2. Two Stylish Kays. Ms. Keren is the thrifting diva of the ATL. Her finds are mind blowing and she’s an expert at finding high end items at unbeatable prices. She’s very giving with her thrift knowledge and has Thrifting Bus Tours (in Atlanta) that always look like so much fun. One of these days I’m going to make it down there and attend one of her tours, for sure! Her style is very sassy and feminine, as well as affordable. Can’t beat that!

3. Rashon Carraway. I’ve been a fan of Rashon’s, also known as Mr. Goodwill Hunting, since I saw him on the Nate Berkus show. He’s a style, furniture and decor expert and knows his stuff when it comes to thrfting. Rashon has a classic, fresh and well put together take on style and it’s very inspiring. The way he approaches decor and furniture refurbishing is very similar. I respect his passion for well-made and tailored suits and his line of vintage menswear and lapels (The Carraway Concept)  is stunning. My husband lurks his IG page often for outfit inspiration and truth be told, so do I!

4. Heart, Print & Style. Vivi is my DMV blogger boo, hands down. She and I bond over thrifting, celebrity culture, fashion and so much more. Her style is one of my favorites because she’s a genius at styling thrift and non-thrifted items. This DC styleista has a great collection of thrifted skirts and accessories – I’m also so smitten with her vintage brooches. Another great thing about Vivi’s blog is the mix of fashion and lifestyle posts. If there’s an event in the DMV area, she’s there and has a GREAT recap about it!

5. Just Jewels 4 You. Wendy, another Atlanta based thrift queen, is the aficionado of all things vintage. Her knowledge on vintage apparel and accessories is extremely impressive and the way she puts her outfits together is effortless. Wendy’s style is feminine, vintage, polished. I absolutely adore her pretty dresses and skirts! She’s also the founder of the Facebook group 365 Dresses – check it out!

So tell me, do you follow any of my thrifty blogger faves? Let me know!

Thanks for stopping by today and until tomorrow, be blessed and stay safe…xo!


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#FearlessWoman Feature | Patrice J. Williams of Looking Fly on a Dime

You may remember Patrice J. Williams from last week’s 8 Thrifty Bloggers You Should Follow post. This New York based #FearlessWoman is a style blogger, entrepreneur, TV Host, author, and all around inspiring woman. Her blog Looking Fly on a Dime provides readers with helpful style and thrift tips, as well as an in depth look at Patrice’s fashion-forward style. But that’s not the only place you can find her thrift and style tricks. Published in 2014, Patrice also has a book on Amazon entitled, you guessed it, Looking Fly on a Dime! It’s like the thrifting Bible; a definite must read! 

Patrice J. Williams Looking Fly on a Dime

Another useful and must have item is her I Don’t Pay Retail canvas tote bags. I carry mine at least once a week while grocery shopping, thrifting, or to work. Lucky for my WNJ readers, you can purchase this awesome tote for 20% off (now – August 5th) by using the WHITNEYJAMES coupon code at check outBe sure to grab one ASAP! I know you’ll love and use it, and I’m sure you will enjoy reading the rest of Patrices’ feature. Read on and be inspired!

1. What’s a typical day for Patrice?

I wear so many different hats, so I don’t have a typical day. It all depends on what projects I’m working on and what’s the top priority. If I have an on-air segment I’m prepping for, my day is usually consumed with contacting publicists for samples, picking up clothes from stores or showrooms, securing models and emailing my producer back and forth. Other days I’m researching future blog posts and ideas for YouTube and even reaching out to brands I would love to work with.

2. What inspired you to create Looking Fly on a Dime (blog and book)?

I created the blog after being laid off from my job at a fashion magazine. I wanted to use my style experience in a way that was relatable for the average woman who loves to look her best but doesn’t have the type of cash to drop on all designer everything. Last year I released the book Looking Fly on a Dime: How to Find Fabulous Fashion at Any Thrift Shop & Make the Cheap Look Chic, because I wanted to compile everything I’ve learned over the years about thrift shopping and even fashion tips. I’m all about taking the intimidation factor out of fashion and that’s exactly what the blog and book are about.

3. Who are your top 3 women inspirations, famous or non-famous, and why?

I love Tina Fey. She’s funny, ballsy and has succeeded in the sexist world of comedy without taking her clothes off or taking low blows at marginalized groups. She’s not afraid to poke fun at the boys and call them out.

Hillary Clinton: You either love Hillary or you don’t. I don’t always agree with her politics, but I respect that she’s always made her aspirations clear. Her husband was the Commander in Chief, but we all knew she wanted that role, had the chops to do it and she just might make that happen in the near future.

My grandmas: My first time walking in a pair of heels was when I tried my grandmother’s {my mom’s mom} shoes on. She loved ladylike dresses and a gaudy fur coat. And while I wasn’t close to my father’s mother growing up, she had a serious flare for fashion. Her closet was full of sequins, bright colors and beaded handbags, some of which are now in my closet. They both had tough upbringings, but they loved to dress their best, I think fashion was their expression of individualism and freedom.

Patrice J. Williams - Looking Fly on a Dime

4. One piece of advice you have for women entrepreneurs? 

Don’t be embarrassed by your mistakes, learn from them. It’s inevitable you’ll stumble and make bad business decisions or sometimes in spite of doing everything right, stuff just falls apart. That’s where you learn the lesson. If you just beat yourself up, that’s only a pity party. But when you can take a step back, see where things when wrong or what you could have done better, that’s when you find the lesson and even preparation to do things better in the future.

5. What is your definition of a #FearlessWoman?

A #FearlessWoman feels the fear but she does it anyway. There’s nothing wrong with being afraid, but the fearless woman keeps moving because she sees her goal ahead of her. I always get a bit nervous before sending off proposals or approaching people for big meetings, but I take a deep breath, say a little prayer and make it a point to wow them!

6. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years I’d love to have released a style book through a major publisher and have a successful fashion show where I help women look their best without spending a ton. I’d also love to be happily married and maybe have another cat. Chauncey needs a playmate.

Looking Fly on a Dime

7. How can we keep up with you?

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Style | Where to Shop for Affordable Statement Necklaces

This summer I’ve made it a point to really wear more of my jewelry. After all, I have tons of it that’s been sitting on my dresser, season after season, collecting dust. So I vowed to incorporate more statement necklaces into my #CasualSummer wardrobe. So far, so good. I often get asked, where to shop for affordable statement necklaces. After I run off the stores and sites most people are really impressed by the stores selections and prices. So today I’m sharing my top 5 go to stores for affordable statement necklaces.

Affordable Statement Necklaces

1. Thrift Stores. Of course I’m a fan of thrifting and thrifting statement necklaces is one of my favorite things to do. You just never know what you’re going to find! The prices, well it should go without saying that their prices are (often) unbeatable. Thrift stores are my 1st stop when looking for unique pieces, and it’s a great place to start if you’re just getting into the whole thrifting thing. So next time you need a new statement necklace, don’t count out the thrift stores!

2. Aldo Accessories Store. Physically shopping their store is like walking into a candy shop. There’s SO MUCH bling and prettiness to gawk at and the prices are just right for me. The Aldo Accessories Store (online and in store) is great for last minute shopping. I needed a piece to go with an outfit the day of an event. I walked in and within minutes I not only found this gorgeous necklace, but 2 packs of affordable studs as well. #WINNING  I also snagged this beauty a while back in store. I absolutely love it and it’s easily on of my favorite purchases to date.

3. H&M. It never fails; I always find at least one unique statement necklace when browsing the H&M jewelry section. Their necklaces start as low as $2.99 (when they’re on sale) and go up to $34.99. Whatever your budget or style, H&M has got you covered on statement necklaces!

4. eBay. I haven’t purchased a necklace form eBay in a while, but when I do need a new statement necklace I know I can find what I’m looking for there. The prices on eBay are excellent and all you have to do is type in “statement necklace” in the search engine and bam! You have endless options, styles, and options to buy (either auction or buy now). A lot of the necklaces I purchase from there are from China or somewhere else overseas, so I don’t expect the same quality as I would from other stores/sites. But that’s OK. Sometimes an expensive piece can be a good addition to your collection. And from time to time, the quality is actually better than I expect.

5. Nordstrom Rack. It’s no secret that this store is one of my faves for clothing. The last time I was in the store, I noticed their jewelry department was pretty good too. I purchased the necklace below and a few other items, all for under $30. My kind of prices, great quality designers, and a plethora of options. Their online selection is great too!

So tell me, where do you shop for affordable statement necklaces? Let me know so I can check out their selection!

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to sign up for my newsletter; I’ve got some fun things in store for those who subscribe. Also, feel free to add your latest outfit to my Personal Style Linkup. Until tomorrow, be blessed and stay safe…XO!


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Thrifted Style | 5 Thrift Shopping Tips for the Summertime & Beyond + a Thrift Haul

I think I finally got my thrifting mojo back! Don’t get me wrong, I still love thrifting. But I have not been excited to thrift for months. Because I’m (still) going through a minimalist wardrobe (and lifestyle) phasing period, I haven’t been that into purchasing random pieces. And to be honest, that’s one thing I’m guilty of when thrifting. I thrift the most random pieces from time to time. 

Nonetheless, I have made up in my mind which items I need and I was able to thrift quite few of them. From housewares, books, accessories and clothing, thrifting for necessities has become easier because I’m clear on what I want and need. Here are a few quick and easy thrift shopping tips for the summertime, and beyond!

thrift shopping tips

1.  Create 3 columns for your thrift list – NEEDS, WANT & TRENDS TO TRY. I have done a thrift list for years, but making the 3 columns within the list has been a great addition. The items I need (i.e. black purse, long gold chain necklace and kitchen items) are the items I make a point to look for first. The want list, maybe consisting of new earrings, books and a robe are items I don’t need, but want to have. Trends to try are the items like overalls and fringe. I’ve seen them on others and I want to thrift the trend before committing to making a department store purchase for them. So, I add them to the list and see if I can thrift the items to give them a try. This section is the last section I shop for.

2. Throw it in the cart. If you see something you like or something you maybe kind of like, throw it in the cart! If you leave it on the rack and try to come back to it, I highly doubt it’ll be there when you come back. Throw it in the cart if it catches your eye and sort it out later.

3. Try stuff on. Another reason I say throw it in the cart is because when you try items on, you’ll be able to decipher what you want to keep or not. I always suggest trying items on when thrifting, even if it’s trying on a dress in the aisle over your clothes. Not all thrift stores allow returns/exchanges, so TRY IT ON in order to avoid that yucky buyers remorse feeling.

4. Reevaluate before purchasing. Once you’ve tried everything on and know what you’re going to purchase, reevaluate one more time to be absolutely sure. Check your list and check off the items you’ve found. Also, price check. When I reevaluate towards the end of my trip, I usually ask myself if I’d really pay “x” amount for an item. I then figure out 3 ways to wear or use the item.

5. Bring cash. Cash is king. Most thrift stores accept credit cards, but paying with cash is so much easier. It also helps keep you on target with your thrifting budget. If I bring $40 cash and I know that was my budget for the trip, I only spend that money. I don’t even reach in my purse for my card. It’s a mind thing, and it really does work!

So tell me, what are some of your thrift shopping tips? What’re your fave items from my thrift haul? Let me know! 

Thanks for reading and watching and until tomorrow, be blessed and stay safe…XO!


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#FearlessWoman Feature | Dionne of Styled by Dionne

I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing today’s #FearlessWoman on WNJ a time before. Dionne Dean is the brains and beauty behind Styled by Dionne and author of  ‘Make Your Closet Pay‘. Not only is her energy and smile infectious, but her wanderlust nature and passion for life is incredible. I admire her spirit, pay it forward mentality and above all, her tenacious work ethic. This thrift, vintage and “never pay retail” queen should definitely be on your radar, if she isn’t already. Enjoy her interview below; I’m sure you’ll be inspired to travel and live a fabulous life just as Dionne does!

10397017_813710242001732_2548099400086606762_o (2)

What’s a typical day for Dionne?

Is there such a thing as a “typical” day in the life of any entrepreneur, LOL! I wake around 4 or 5 to spend time in prayer. I find that if I don’t spend that time in prayer and meditation to get focused and centered on the purpose for my business, I’ll be rocked to and fro by the days events. Once the hubs is out the door, I head into my office and spend about an hour checking emails and social media. I work on getting all my eBay orders and thrift boxes together the night before so that I can be ready to hit the post office when it opens at 9:30. After the post office, I head to 3 or 4 thrift stores and am done by noon or 1 pm. If I have a client, I head to whichever store I’ve chosen for them an hour prior our appointment to set up their fitting room and alert the sales staff that I have a client coming. If not, I head home to upload items in eBay or spend time reaching out to potential clients.

Now, if’s it’s a morning when I have my ‘Good Morning Texas’ beauty segment, the day goes a bit different. I’m still up at 4 or 5, but I usually check on my models, go over my product details (pre-playing the segment in the bathroom mirror LOL) and selecting my outfit. I’ve tried getting my look together the night before, but I’m one of those people who has to see how I feel before I get dressed 😉

2. What inspired you to create Styled by Dionne & publish Make Your Closet Pay?

My undergraduate is in Clothing, Textiles and Merchandising and my goal was to become a buyer and travel the world purchasing beautiful clothing. However, after volunteering at various community agencies in Atlanta, I decided to switch gears. I moved to Chicago, completed an AmeriCorps Year of Service and got my Masters in Cultural and Educational Policy. I spent 6-7 years preparing high school, college-aged and graduate students for entry into the world of work and realized the one thing we didn’t spend enough time on was how to dress when you actually GOT the job. There was so much out there on interviewing skills and dressing for an interview, but nothing on building and maintaining your personal brand AT the job. So, I decided to launch a business styling new graduates, new entrepreneurs and basically anyone looking to re-brand themselves for promotion.

I published ‘Make Your Closet Pay‘ because I want people to help people get rid of the items their not wearing and reinvest that money into themselves, whether it be in paying off debt, going on that dream vacation or purchasing clothing that they WILL wear. I’ve had an eBay store since my early days in Atlanta and now that I use it to sell my thrifted items, I’ve used the profit to pay down debt, go home to London for 2 weeks and buy $45 Jimmy Choos!

Styled By Dionne Dean - Feature

3. Who are your top 3 women inspirations, famous or non-famous, and why?

My mommy. The older I get, the more I realize what an awesome woman my mother is. She was widowed at the age of 25 with 3 young children, in London, thousands of miles away from her family and friends in Jamaica and somehow just made it work. She met my dad in her late thirties and created this fabulosity that you see today 😉 But listening to her hard earned wisdom on life has made me a better wife and one day mother.

Violette Sproul, Founder of Femfessionals. I met her at a conference a few years back and was immediately in awe of her honesty when it came to managing business and life. I asked a question pertaining to timing and when to have children and she flat out told me, “There’s no good time…just do it. You’ll make it work somehow.” She’s been one of my mentors and sounding boards ever since.

My business coach, Kimberly Pitts is my idol. She is operates her business, marriage and motherhood in such excellence and is just an all around phenomenal woman. She is able to look at my business in such a different way and makes sure that I have all the tools necessary to be successful. She goes above and beyond what I pay her for because she believes in me understands that my success is her calling card. When I’m successful, SHE’s successful. Amazing woman

4. One piece of advice you have for women entrepreneurs?

Go for it! I chose this road because I saw something missing in the marketplace. I believe the world is as nuts as it is because the people who are called to make the necessary changes are chained to the wrong job. If you have a desire to something, do it. The world needs your gifts, talents and abilities!

Feature - Styled By Dionne Dean

5. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years, I’ll be traveling the world with my husband and babies buying beautiful pieces for my online store. I’ll have a show produced by the Property Brothers where we go to run down stores and smelly thrift stores and turn them into high end boutiques (think the British show ‘Mary Portas-Queen of Shops). Probably have a daytime Emmy and be back home in South Florida with a condo on Biscayne. My heart’s desire is to be an ex-Pat and spend half the year in London or Dusseldorf and the other half in South Florida.

Keep Up With Dionne

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Style | Thrift Tips from the Experts

I’m always ready and willing to share thrift tips with anybody! So when my blogger buddy Jen asked me to join with a few other thrifty bloggers for a thrift tip post, of course I jumped at the opportunity! It’s great to get together with fellow bloggers and talk about style and fashion, but I always get a thrill when we can chat about thrift shopping too! Not everyone is a thrifter, and I get that. But there are some great thrift tips and tricks, very easy to pick up, that will help enhance your wardrobe.

Read on to meet each thrifter, see an outfit from her own closet styled with almost entirely thrifted pieces, and one of her secrets to thrifting success. Stop on over to each of their blogs to find even more of their secrets that land them unbelievable style finds for a fraction of the price and ten-fold the fun.


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The Best of 2014 Personal Style Edition | What I’ve Learned About Personal Style

Happy Monday, everyone! This weekend was such a great one. Not only was I able to spend some QT with hubby, but we also got a lot of things done around the house. It’s that time of the year when I start cleaning out closets, drawers and everything in between. So, we did a little bit of that on Saturday and Sunday. By next weekend, we should be done….I hope. 😉

Today’s post is a recap of my favorite outfits from my Personal Style Monday posts. I started this linkup as a way to express my personal style and of course, I wanted to give you all a chance to do the same. I started out by having just 8 or so links for months and now I have 30+ linkups almost each week. I LOVE it and I thank you all for linking up and sharing my links each week. Check out some of my favorite Personal Style Moments of 2014, as well as some things I’ve learned about my personal style along the way.

Clearly I embraced my curves, wore a lot of dresses, and had no problem showing a little bit of skin earlier this year. I enjoyed experimenting with different looks, hairstyles and trends; all while staying true my personal style. I feel like my style has grown, yet has remained simple with a touch of uniqueness that only I can bring. I’ve “found myself” as far as personal style goes, and I’ve pushed my limits when it comes to what I will and won’t wear. Daring to bare my legs in certain outfits, like the black Jessica Simpson dress (above), was liberating and wearing shoes other than flats and sandals was huge for me.

I enjoyed wearing a bit more color this year and I wasn’t afraid to go bold with my outfits. I also learned the importance of knowing your body type. I know what looks good on me and what works for my body; 2 very important things to know when figuring out where to go with your personal style. Something else that’s important to learn while curating your personal style? Trying different things with makeup. For me this was tedious task, but I must admit that it was fun. Weather it was a lip color or a bit of mascara, I took myself to another level in terms of my day to day beauty routine. From makeup to skin care, I’ve re-learned the importance of taking care of my skin as well.

One of my favorite personal style posts this year involved statement jewelry. It was fun sharing my favorite pieces with you! Wearing statement pieces this year saved a lot of my outfits form being boring and blah. It was rather enjoyable styling different pieces and my collection has grown a lot since I published that post. I’d planned to do a separate post on how to shop for statement pieces on eBay, but I didn’t get around to it. No worries; it’s on the top of my to-blog-about list for the new year.

Of course I’ve stayed true to my love for thrifting. Showcasing different outfits with several of my thrifted purchases has been a personal style highlight. I’ve been able to influence others to try thrifting, as well as teach people how to successfully thrift for certain items. Thrifting is a huge part of my personal style and it will continue to be…forever. From thrifted accessories to sweater coats, I’ve had fun showing how to stay on trend without breaking the bank.

 So tell me, what did you learn about your personal style this year? Are there any your favorite personal style look from 2014 above? Let me know!  

Since this is the last of my Personal Style posts of 2014, I’ve decided to leave today’s linkup open until the last day of the month. Feel free to post as many looks as you’d like from now until then. Thank you all SO much for linking up with me and I look forward to seeing your outfits in the new year. Until tomorrow, be blessed and stay safe…XO!


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Thrifty Friend Feature #16 – Anna of Melodic, Thrifty & Chic

Melodic, Thrifty, Chic…perfect words to describe today’s Thrifty Friend feature. I remember stumbling across Anna’s blog months ago. I was so taken with her unique and eclectic sense of style, and the fact that she was an avid thrifter served as a huge bonus! Melodic, Thrifty & Chic is actually the name of her blog and she is indeed all that, and MORE. Oh…one more thing before you scroll down to read! Anna attended university in Nishinomiya, Japan and is proficient in Japanese. Pretty cool, right?! OK, now you can scroll down and read more to find out her thoughts on thrifting – enjoy! 🙂

thrifted fashion - feature

Name, Location & Blog?

Anna Martin from the Midwest and my blog is Melodic, Thrifty & Chic.

How long have you been a thrifter? 

My mom really inspired me, as she would often take me shopping with her when I was younger. She always went straight for the sale racks and she would have a ton of clothes in her cart by the time we’d get to the check-out counter. I always expected the final total to be in the triple digits given how much stuff she had, but it never reached that level. My mom could do a lot for us with very little and I really respected that.

Thrifty Thursday - Melodic Thrifty Chic ft.

How often do you thrift and what are a few of your favorite thrift spots? 

I’m on a year-long spending freeze, so the only new clothing I receive is from my clothing swap group (for the cost of shipping). However, prior to this, I would thrift as often as I could. If I had the money to spend, I’d spend it (albeit as wisely as possible!) I have quite a few vintage shops that I love, but unfortunately there aren’t any thrift shops that I frequent in my area. If we had a Buffalo Exchange, I would certainly go there!

What would you say to someone who wants to try thrifting but has no clue where to start?

Oh dear. Well, I would tell this person to wear comfortable shoes and be prepared to do a lot of sifting. Thrift stores vary in terms of how organized (and clean) they are. So, you’ll have to make a choice as far as where you’d like to shop. I’ve been to thrift stores where clothing is just piled on the floor in some parts of the store. It’s off-putting, but I’ve also found things I love from picking through those piles. Of course, it goes without saying that you should thoroughly wash everything you’ve bought before wearing it! I’ve been to really well maintained thrift stores, too! In that regard, some of the best ones have fitting rooms! Not all, though, so you should also be prepared to figure out what will fit you without being able to try anything on. I suggest bringing a roll of measuring tape and being very familiar with your flat bust/waist/hip measurements. All of this can be really overwhelming and there’s no guarantee that you’ll find anything spectacular when you go, but eventually you will and it will be so worth it! I speak from experience!

Thrifty Thursday - Melodic Thrifty Chic

What are your top 3 thrift finds?

I would have to say (1) a red/white checkered vintage top that I scored while on a trip to Austin last year, (2) a beautiful 60’s plaid shift dress from a local vintage shop, and (3) a floral corduroy vest, also vintage.What are 3 things on your spring must-thrift wish list?I’m dying for something in daisy print. I finally broke down and started adding more florals to my wardrobe, last year. I have seemingly every manner of floral print, except daisy! I’d love to get a chunky, grandpa cardigan in a deep forest green and rich brown. I probably already have way too many cardigan, but I don’t care. Haha. A pair of patent loafers would be rad, too! I have really big feet (like 10.5/11) so I’d probably end up having to shop in the men’s section at a thrift shop to get those shoes.

What are 3 things on your must-thrift wish list? 

I’m dying for something in daisy print. I finally broke down and started adding more florals to my wardrobe, last year. I have seemingly every manner of floral print, except daisy! I’d love to get a chunky, grandpa cardigan in a deep forest green and rich brown. I probably already have way too many cardigan, but I don’t care. Haha. A pair of patent loafers would be rad, too! I have really big feet (like 10.5/11) so I’d probably end up having to shop in the men’s section at a thrift shop to get those shoes.

Thrifted Fashion - Melodic Thrifty Chic

Are there certain items you will not thrift? 

I’ll thrift just about anything, really. I’d draw the line at intimate clothing, swimsuits, socks. It just depends on whether they are in their original, sealed packaging.

Describe your style in 3 words.

Eclectic, theatrical, unpredictable.

Melodic Thrifty Chic - Thrifted Fashion

Who are some of your style inspirations?

Generally speaking, I draw a lot of inspiration from bloggers who have a command of color and patterns. The more unique and unexpected the color/pattern combinations, the more the gears in my head start to turn. Bloggers who have a gift for layering tend to catch my eye, as well. I think I have a natural aptitude for layering, but I’m always interested in learning more about how I can take it to the next level (i.e. playing with fabric lengths and asymmetrical patterns). 

How can the WNJ readers keep up with you?

On the Blog