Summer Thrifting Tips + Thrift Haul

I think I finally got my thrifting mojo back! Don’t get me wrong, I still love thrifting. But I have not been excited to thrift for months. Because I’m (still) going through a minimalist wardrobe (and lifestyle) phasing period, I haven’t been that into purchasing random pieces. And to be honest, that’s one thing I’m guilty of when thrifting. I thrift the most random pieces from time to time. 

Nonetheless, I have made up in my mind which items I need and I was able to thrift quite few of them. From housewares, books, accessories and clothing, thrifting for necessities has become easier because I’m clear on what I want and need. Here are a few quick and easy summer thrifting tips that have helped me lately.


1.  Create 3 columns for your thrift list – NEEDS, WANT & TRENDS TO TRY. I have done a thrift list for years, but making the 3 columns within the list has been a great addition. The items I need (i.e. black purse, long gold chain necklace and kitchen items) are the items I make a point to look for first. The want list, maybe consisting of new earrings, books and a robe are items I don’t need, but want to have. Trends to try are the items like overalls and fringe. I’ve seen them on others and I want to thrift the trend before committing to making a department store purchase for them. So, I add them to the list and see if I can thrift the items to give them a try. This section is the last section I shop for.

2. Throw it in the cart. If you see something you like or might, maybe, kind of like throw it in the cart! If you leave it on the rack and try to come back to it, I highly doubt it’ll be there when you come back. Throw it in the cart if it catches your eye and sort it out later.

3. Try stuff on. Another reason I say throw it in the cart is because when you try items on, you’ll be able to decipher what you want to keep or not. I always suggest trying items on when thrifting, even if it’s trying on a dress in the aisle over your clothes. Not all thrift stores allow returns/exchanges, so TRY IT ON in order to avoid that yucky buyers remorse feeling.

4. Reevaluate before purchasing. Once you’ve tried everything on and know what you’re going to purchase, reevaluate one more time to be absolutely sure. Check your list and check off the items you’ve found. Also, price check. When I reevaluate towards the end of my trip, I usually ask myself if I’d really pay “x” amount for an item. I then figure out 3 ways to wear or use the item.

5. Bring cash. Cash is king. Most thrift stores accept credit cards, but paying with cash is so much easier. It also helps keep you on target with your thrifting budget. If I bring $40 cash and I know that was my budget for the trip, I only spend that money. I don’t even reach in my purse for my card. It’s a mind thing, and it really does work!

** Check out my latest thrift haul. More items to show next week…be sure to check back!*

So tell me, what are some of your summer thrifting tips? What’re your fave items from my thrift haul? Let me know! 

Before I go, just wanted to let you know my next #ThriftWithNic event is in the process of being planned for the fall…YAY! I can’t wait to announce it, so be sure to sign up for my newsletter so you won’t miss a thing. Until tomorrow, be blessed and stay safe…XO!


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Inspiration | #DEARME Advice to Younger Me

Hey there! It’s been a while since I’ve penned inspirational content. I think because I’ve been doing a lot of self reflection for the past 3 months, I just wasn’t feeling as inspired as I use to. When I really think about it, in some way, I felt I was forcing myself to come up with inspiring content. It wasn’t as natural as it was before. I’m not one to “fake the funk” so taking a break from those kind of posts was necessary. You ever have those moments? If you’re like me, just know that it’s OK. We all go through our slumps. That’s life.

Thankfully, I was recently jolted by Shameless Maya to get back to my inspiring self. After watching her recent video I was inspired (haha) to create my own #DearMe video. Before I took the step to record mine, I saw the Good Morning America crew share their videos too! I took that as a sign to upload my story ASAP. Here’s my advice to younger me…

 So tell me, what’d you think? Let me know! 

In honor of Women’s History Month, I thought it’d be a good way to inspire other women to think about what they’d say to their younger selves. I invite you to film and upload your #DearMe videos too! You can also share your thoughts below. As always, thanks for reading and watching. Until next time, be blessed and stay safe…XO!

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Blogging + YouTube | What Should I Do?

I’ve been back and forth with my decision to head (back) to YouTube. I mean I was never really a huge YouTuber, but I did have a few thrifting videos here and there. Lately, I’ve been really feeling inspired to get back to it. Acting on it, well, that’s another thing.

I mentioned in this post that my YouTube days would return in late summer. As you can see that didn’t happen, lol. Yes, I’m still dragging my feet. But I have a good reason, lol. I’m thinking about making my channel a true extension of my blog. What would that entail? Without going into all the details, below are a few ideas I’ve been tossing around. 

 1. Making “Inspirational Tuesday’s” a weekly or bi-weekly YouTube segment

2. Introducing Style Bloggers and Entrepreneurs via-YouTube

3. Doing (my own) product reviews & monthly favorites 

4. Exploring and filming my experiencing at shops, restaurants, etc. (local & non-local)


As I continue to blog, I don’t want to get stale. I think trying different approaches and new things is always a good idea. I also think listening to what your readers want is another important factor. That said, you know I have a question (or 2) coming! 😉

 What do you think about YouTube in general? Did any of my ideas stick out to you? Do you have any suggestion of what you’d like to see me cover on YouTube? Let me know! 

Don’t be shy. Comment below and let me know what you think. You can also contact me here with any ideas, suggestions and thoughts. Your feedback is appreciated and I truly appreciate how much love and support you all show me. It’s a blessing. Hope to hear form you all soon. Until then, be blessed and stay safe…XO!


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Hello, YouTube!

So here we are starting the 2nd week of the new year! I hope all of you are taking strides in achieving your goals for 2013 :-)

One of my blog goals for this year was to start uploading videos on my YouTube Channel. Well, I uploded my first video this weekend and I am SUPER EXCITED for you all to see! Of course I love thrifting so it was only right that my first post be a thrifting haul.

I’ve decided to set aside a certain amount of money each month for thrifting. This month, I did not have an amount set but I still wanted to share my finds. From here on out when I do a haul, I will include how much I plan(ned) to spend, my receipts and the links to the stores I shopped at (if they’re available). Setting aside a certain amount for thrfiting is something I plan to include in my budget for 2013 because let’s be honest; thrifting is GREAT but it can become just as expensive as shopping at regular stores if you do it so often. So in 2013, you can be sure to see at least 1 thrift haul a month on my channel and maybe a 2nd video geared towards an outfit or something else. I haven’t decided yet but I’ll figure it out.

Below is the video so be sure to watch and subscribe HERE! If you have ideas on ways I can improve my videos, let me know. I’m always open to (kind & constructive) suggestions. Thanks to all those who’ve already watched the video. As usual, I appreciate the support.

Enjoy and be blessed! XO :-)


PS Don’t forget to head over and check out my NEW Etsy shop, HERE!


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Thanksgiving Recap

Hey, friends! I hope you had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving. I sure did enjoy mine. I ate, laughed, played a few games with the fam and did some Black Friday Shopping. This was my 1st year “participating” in the Black Friday madness My mother and I went to Macy’s and got a few goodies. Nothing major.

I also spent some time with my little sis. She is so creative and she decided to do a DIY project she saw on television show, The Chew. Part I and II of the videos are below, as well as on my YouTube channel (HERE). I really love this idea. It’s super easy and really cute. It reminds me of something Amberly from A Slice of Glam would do 😉

Check out the pics and the videos below. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel, HERE. I’m going to start posting some videos that have to do with DIY, thrifting and more! My sister will be making appearances as well so be sure to subscribe so you can keep up!

Until tomorrow, take care and be blessed!





The finished centerpiece!


In the fitting room at 1 am! Mom & I hit up Macy’s and got some cute stuff!