The Blogalicious Experience

This past weekend, I traveled to Atlanta to attend the Blogalicious Conference. If you ask me to describe the event in one, or two, words I’d say, LIFE CHANGING. Not only did I acquire a wealth of knowledge about blogging, branding and social media, but I also learned quite a bit about myself. Huge thanks, hugs and kisses to my blogger big sis and friend, Nae (I Choose the Sun). You suggested and talked to me about this conference waaay back and I am so grateful for you!


In keeping with the theme, Create. Build. Fund., I attend sessions such as Book Smarts: Publishing & Marketing a Book, Blogger Professionalism: Maintain Professionalism in Blogging, and 10-Step Intensives: Practical & Insightful Expert Talks. While the sessions were great, I must say my favorite part of the weekend was listening to Amy Dubois-Barnett, Editor-in-Chief of Ebony Magazine. During her speech, she was very candid while explaining her struggles and success. Dubois also shared with us the importance of prioritizing your own happiness  – if anything, that stuck with me! As much as we want to make others happy and be there for family and friends, it’s important to take care of ourselves first. Here are a few more “Dubois-isms” I tweeted during her speech.


I also had the pleasure of meeting Blogger and plus-size fashion blogger Marie Denee of, The Curvy Fashionista. Marie was part of the expert blogger panel and she shared a wealth of information on how to stay on top of your blogging game. Later that weekend, Marie also emphasized the importance of getting out of your own way. Check out a few tweets I shared – panelists Amy Mascott (@teachmamma) and Leticia (@techsavvymama) were mentioned as well. 

Blogalicious ATL


photo (2)The good times continued as we celebrated the 2nd season of the hit show, Scandal, hosted by Xfinity’s Celebrate Black TV (CBTV). I am a HUGE fan of the show and I usually enjoy the suspenseful, fast talking scenes in the privacy of my own home. I like it that way because there are no distractions – just me, my popcorn and my Harrison. 😉 But I must say that watching the show with a group of excitable and anxious fans was a lot of fun! The decedent hor’dourves and signature Blogalicious drink helped make the event even more enjoyable! Check out the pics below. I am still gawking over the amazing setup – FABULOUS!!



Blurry but, this is what I wore to the Scandal Premier Party!


As the days went on, I continued to enjoy my time by attending several other sessions and participating in other activities.  Adrienne Bailon, host of The Real, stopped by to talk about her upcoming movie, In Love With a Church Girl. It was a pleasure to see how open and personable she was. She shared a bit of her background with us, which was a hilarious yet relatable story, and also talked about how she’s planning on recording an album in the near future. After the event, she made herself available to take pictures and autograph the novel. Since 3LW and Cheetah Girls I’ve been a fan so needless to say, I was a bit giddy when I got the chance to meet her. Adrienne kindly smiled, gave me a hug and proceeded to pose for a picture. Me, ha! I stood there grinning in awe like a little kid. SMH! Leave it to me to have that reaction, LOL! But nonetheless, meeting her was delightful!

photo (6)Including the Swag Bag I received the first day, I’m still swimming in samples from Colgate, ORS and more! But I’m not complaining – I plan to put them all to good use. 😉 Speaking of samples, I was also able to sample/test drive the new Kia Sorento. Let’s just say despite the crazy ATL traffic and few potholes, this crossover vehicle was super smooth the entire time! I was especially impressed with the rear view camera; something I could definitely use in my car, lol!

All in all, I have to say that I left the conference feeling empowered and motivated. I also left with a few more blog buddies as well – hey Baby Shopaholic, Yolanda & Brilliance of B! 😉 It’s always nice to connect with people who share your same passion(s) and who are just as motivated as you are. With the help of Blogalicious, I now have an even clearer and more concise vision of my personal and blog goals. Thank you Blogalicious for providing such great sessions and activities – this weekend is indeed one of the best and most productive I’ve had in a long time.

Enjoy the rest of the pics! :-)


Swag Bag heaven!

photo (7)

Smiling at the Colgate Optic White Party with my roomie, blog sis, and friend Ashley (FabEllis)!

photo (8)

Me & the lovely, Marie Denee!

photo (9)

Smiling with Ashley, Brittany & Yolanda at Kia’s closing reception!


Snapshots of my & my new hairstyle. ;-)

**Linkups: Stylelixer & The Pleated Poppy.





  1. says

    Loving the hair!! Blogalicious looks like such an amazing experience! I enjoyed following your pics from the trip! I wish I could’ve been there!

  2. says

    OMGGGGG!!!! I’m soooo there next year wherever it’s going to be I must be there too! I enjoyed seeing all of you all pics! Great recap!

  3. says

    This looked like it was just an awesome experience! Your recap got me tempted to check it out next year. In a way, I really do like conferences. It gives you the chance to step outside of your shell and network and meet new bloggers and expand your brand. Like you said, it’s life changing.

    I really liked the metallic shoes you were rockin’. Where you get those from?

    • Whitney says

      Viv, it was great – you would have had a great time! Next year if you plan to go, let me know for sure. We’ll talk more about it soon. :-)

      And the shoes are by Monet, form JcPenney. They were on sale for like $20!


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