Thrifty Friend #11- Stefany of, Pretty in Thrift

Are you ready for some amazing thrifted fashion today? It’s my pleasure to introduce you to Stefany of  Pretty in ThriftI actually first “found” Stefany through her Instagram page and was immediately inspired by her thrifted fashion. Thrifting for 15+ years, Stefany has quickly become on of my favorite thrifters! Check out her thrifty interview and enjoy some of her thrifty threads!  Don’t forget to check her out on Pretty in Thrift

P.S. Her thrifted jewelry pics on Instagram are to die for! 



Polka Dot Dress: $12

1. Name, Blog Name & Location? 

Stefany Mohebban of Pretty In Thrift, living in New York .

2. How long have you been a thrifter?

15 years plus!

3. How did you get into thrifting? Did someone inspire you? 

I started thrifting when I was in middle school.  I loved fashion but I also wanted to be unique

and create my own looks. Thrifting provided me with the freedom to experiment and be creative.


Tropical Dress: $10

4. How often do you thrift?


5. What are some of your favorite Thrift Stores in your area?

Stella Dallas in Williamsburg, and L Train vintage.

6. What would you say to someone who wants to try thrifting but has no idea where to start?

Be open minded to the endless possibilities, but if you feel overwhelmed start by tackling one or two

sections of the store per trip (for example dresses or coats only).

Also, think outside the box and don’t be afraid of considering alternations to make a piece perfect for you :)


Tapestry Skirt: $6

7. What items do you look for most when you thrift? Clothing, Accessories, Home Decor or a little bit of everything?

 I love a good vintage blouse and sweater.. so mostly tops, but dresses and coats are a close runner up.

Of course there is always room for some jewelry!

8. Are there certain items you will not thrift? If so, what?

Undergarments!! :)


Suede 70’s Coat: $30

9. What are 3 words to describe your style? 

Eclectic, androgynous, adventurous

10. Any fashion/style inspirations? Celeb or non-celeb?

Edie Segwick, Taylor Tomassi Hill, and Man Repeller.

11. What’s the biggest misconception, in your opinion, you think people have about thrifting?

That you will only find damaged, stained and old stuff nobody wants. So wrong :)



Told you her jewelry was AMAZING!! 😉


12. Anything else you’d like to share? 

Just a tidbit about personal style in general.  I am a strong believer in the force fashion and

style have to empower a person, whether it gives them the confidence they need to conquer

the world, or just to express who they are.









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