Thrifty (Fall) Florals

With the weather changing and temperatures dropping, my wardrobe is beginning to consist of sweaters, jackets and scarves!

Today I woke up at 6 a.m. and realized I forgot to lay out my clothes. I usually lay out what I’m going to wear the night before but lately, I’ve been slacking. So I rummaged through my closet and pulled out this floral sweater. I think I’ve worn this sweater once but as soon as I saw it this morning, I wondered why I didn’t wear it more? It’s super comfy and very soft so it’s safe to say this sweater will be apart of this seasons wardrobe for sure!

Thrifted Sweater
Marshalls Jeans
Express Flats (eBay)

{The Details}

When I think of florals, I instantly think of Spring or Summer. Don’t you? Well, I’ve seen some cute fall floral looks out there and it’s inspired me to go on a hunt for more. Even if its something as subtle as a floral watch or a pair of earrings, I’m going to try and incorporate more “pretty” patterns like florals in my fall/winter wardrobe. Some examples of how you can do the same are below.

So what do YOU think of fall florals? Are you in? Let me know 😉 Until next time, take care and be blessed!


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    I’m a fan of floral and any type of print!!!! Loving those flats… Btw, I NEVER lay my clothes out at night! I should it would save me tons of time!!!!


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