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Happy Thrifty Thursday, friends! As you all know, I have a passion for thrifting. If you’ve been following my blog, you probably remember that my 1st thrift tour was sponsored by Kia. I then went on to host my 1st in person Thrift With Nic! meetup/class back in March. Both events went amazingly well and I’m happy to share that I’m in the process of planning my next Thrift With Nic! tour and meetup! :-) 

I can’t reveal all the details just yet, but I will say that one event will be held later in the summer (August) and the other in the fall (October or November). So I thought for today’s thrifty Thursday post, I’d do a throwback post and give you another look at my past events. Hopefully revisiting these events will get you excited for what’s to come! :-)


I have to laugh when I look at the YouTube video above – it’s been SO long since I’ve updated my channel or even looked at this video, lol.  I know, shame on me. But not to worry; I have some great ideas and plans for my channel coming later this summer. I told myself I wasn’t going to update the channel until I had a clear vision of how I wanted to use it. Putting out videos back to back is great, but I want to ensure quality over quantity. I also want to make my channel interactive. Which is why I invite you to send me questions, concerns or ideas on what you’d like me talk about. I can easily go on and on about thrifting, but if you participate too it’ll be that much more fun and effective! 😉


So tell me, are you excited about my upcoming YouTube channel “relaunch”? Would you be interested in having me host a Thrift With Nic! event in your area? Let me know!

Again, feel free to send me your questions about thrifting and let me know what area you’re from too. If you want even more info on my upcoming events, sign up for my WNJ newsletter. As always, you can always find me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram too. 😉 Until next time, be blessed and stay safe…xo!

P.S. Don’t forget to enter my June giveaway, happening NOW! 


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