Thrifty Thursday: Thrifted Favorites, Old & New

Hey friends! Welcome to Thrifty Thursday on the blog! I’ve complied a few of my favorite thrifted jewelry items (and shoes) below. I’ve been revamping my jewelry and accessories lately and I’ve picked up a few pair of earrings in the process. I’ve also been an eBay junky lately too. I am a huge fan of bidding on earrings, necklaces and other accessories and my most recent pair are pictured below. Both were less than $1.50. Yup! I find deals just about everywhere 😉

I’m also looking to spice up my shoe selection. If you don’t know by now, I’m a HUGE fan of flats. I wear them about 85% of the time. I’m trying to get back in the swing of heels and wedges because after graduation (in May), it’s all about working full time and I want to “dress the part”. Of course, I look for comfort when looking for heels and the two that I thrifted a few weeks ago are pictured below. The booties are very comfortable and can be worn all year. The animal print heels are high but surprisingly, they’re not that bad to walk in. I’ve also been loving motorcycle boots lately. I’m on a hunt for a nice pair so suggestions welcome!

All in all, I’ve done a pretty good job of thrifting lately. I enter the store with a list of what I need and once I check the item off, I’m on to the next. I’ve been a very focused thrfiter *patting myself on the back*. So much so that I’m thinking of doing a wardrobe challenge involving thrifting for the New Year. More info on that later 😉

So which pair of earrings or shoes from my recent thrift collection is your fave? Have YOU been thrifting lately? What’d you get?

Enjoy the pics and be sure to enter my current holiday giveaway HERE! Be blessed and be safe!


PS Speaking of thrifting, check out my latest post HERE on Eye Spy Fashion’s blog! I thrifted 2 outfits for under $30, head to toe! 

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