Thrifty Tunic

So let me start this post by letting you all know how annoyed I was when I edited these pics. Why was I annoyed? Because I totally forgot to iron my tunic!!! :-( LOL, I know you’re probably like, “this girl is crazy”. But those that know me understand that I’m a weirdo when it comes to wrinkles. I iron e v e r y t h i n g. But I digress–we all make mistakes, right? queen

Since I got that off my chest, lol, let’s talk about how this has instantly become a go-to piece for me. I love the print, the fringes, and most of all the fit. It’s not super baggy on me, so it still shows my curves a little bit. The leggings were found while cleaning and unpacking. I’ve been looking for these for about 2 months. Glad I found these babies! Leggings are my absolute favorite things to wear. I like jeans and slacks but the comfort and ease of leggings just can’t be beat. Plus, these leggings are thick enough to be worn as pants. I don’t just prance around in any ‘ol kind of leggings. They have to be a good, thick material for me to wear them out in public. How do YOU feel about leggings? Are you a fan??

queen1Well, I hope you all enjoy this look. Thanks, as always, for supporting and reading my blog. Be blessed, and I’ll be back Friday! XO



Tunic: Laurel Thrift Store ($3.50)//Leggings: Two by Vince Camuto (Nordstrom)//Purse: Gifted, Arcadia//Sandals: Target//Jewelry:Thrifted queen3Today’s Linkups:







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    You look gorgeous! Love your tunic and who cares if it isn’t ironed. To be honest I didn’t notice it until you said something lol!

    With Love,

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    let me just say…secretly i’m wishing that tunic was in my closet! AND…it’s looks good on you paired with the leggings. i too like wearing leggings (paired with a long tunic like this) just as long as they are not see thru! i’m not, however a fan of people wearing them in public with short tops and when the material shows a bit much!

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    I like that outfit. Your braids look really good pulled to the side in these pictures. I am looking forward to working with you again please look out for the pieces for me.

    Be blessed,Cynthia

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    I too have a thing for leggings and you look great in that top. That is exactly what my tunic would like after sitting in my car. .

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    This is a fun look! You actually look like you are on a vacation! I would have never noticed the wrinkles if you hadn’t pointed them out!


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