Nic’s List – Top 5 Entertainment Moments of the Week {DWTS, RHONY, Kim & Kanye & MORE!}

Happy Friday! I want to jump right into my Top 5 Entertainment Moments of the Week because I have lots to say! Can’t wait to read your feedback – I know it’s going to be good! :-)


1. Dancing With the Stars. I stopped watching this show years ago but when heard DJ Tanner from Full House (Candace Cameron-Bure) and NeNe Leaks were contestants this season, I thought I’d give the show another try. For the most part, I’m pleased with the show thus far. I really enjoy watching Candace dance and as I said on Facebook, I love what she stands for. I just want her to loosen up a bit and stop over-thinking it. Just let it flow! Unlike Candace, you can tell that Nene is having the time of her life! She opened the season with her partner Tony a few weeks ago – such a crowd pleaser! The only beef I have with DWTS is the fact that Billy Dee Williams is still there. Yes, he is a legend but it’s just painful to watch him (barely) shuffle across the dance floor. For his sake and for his health, I hope he gets voted off next week. Not sure he can take much more. :-/

2. The Kim & Kanye Vogue Cover. Although this was news last week, people are still buzzing aout the Kim & Kanye Vogue cover. I’m going to go ahead and say that I like the cover. They look great and they seem happy. Who am I to judge? I may not agree with their lifestyle decisions or past (and previous) actions but, I’ve always respected them for their impeccable work ethic. I think it was a smart (and very calculated) move for Vogue. I believe this cover will  be one of the magazines highest selling issues. Kim & Kanye have some die-hard fans together and desperately. Their fans will purchase the magazine just to have a tangible copy in their possession. And even if they don’t “sell” as many magazines as they may have predicted, Vogue’s social media presence has probably sky-rocketed and gained a new following thanks to this cover. Talk about a well played business move. Nicely done Anna Wintour…and Kim & Kanye. They all knew what they were doing. 😉

The Real Housewives of New York City, Season 6

3. The Real Housewives of New York. I’ve been a fan of the Real Housewives franchise since the beginning. As a reality TV fanatic, it feeds my need for drama and in some cases “ratchetness”, LOL! No judging – we all have our vices, lol! 😀 Anyway, this season RHONY seems to be a bit dry. Sure, Ramona and Sonja are still fun to watch but since Jill and Bethany left, the show’s been hanging on my a thread. I still watch, hoping the show revives itself in some way. But I’m not sure how much longer they’ll be on TV. After this season, they may lose a fan.

4. American Idol. After I shared my thoughts with you on this new season, I was ready for some GREAT American Idol moments. Well, I’ve been let down. As the season has unfolded, I find the contestants to be extremely underwhelming (as a whole). Aside form J-Lo’s on point fashion and Harry’s witty commentary, the show just isn’t entertaining me anymore. Hubby has given up on it and has moved to The Voice, lol. I think I’ll take his lead and start watching that. 😉

5. Scandal. OK, last nights episode was WAY too much for me (in a good way). There was so much “scandal” and way too many twists and turns…whew! I’m seriously still on edge from watching, lol! The show constantly has me on edge and by the looks of my social media friends, I’m not alone in feeling this way. LOL! My advice, watch the show with a paper bag next to you in case you hyperventilate. Remember, breathe in, breathe out…whoo-sah!


So tell me, how did you feel about the Kim & Kanye magazine cover? Are you a fan of DWTS, The Housewives or any other show I mentioned? If so, or if not, let me know! 

I wish you all a happy and stress-free weekend. Feel free to follow along with me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook too – I’m always posting something! :-) Until next week, be blessed & be safe…XO!




  1. says

    This season of “Idol” is just not doing it for me. It reminds me of Season 10 – also a Season that I didn’t care much to watch after the first few episodes (Scotty McCreery was the winner). The only person that I’m truly invested in is Alex. Once he’s voted off (hopefully…NEVER!) then I’ll stop watching. I will say, however, that the judges have been fantastic. Harry’s inclusion into the judging panel was a brilliant move by Idol. He brings so much knowledge, depth, and humor to his critiques. He’s a gem.

    Also, another problem with this season is that none of the contestants (not even my Alex!) has produced a water cooler moment. Due to the lack of that, this season of Idol hasn’t really been getting that much of a buzz.
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  2. Kishina says

    Yaaaas! Whitney I was on the edge of my seat watching Scandal as well. Shonda Rhimes is such an excellent writer. I love when Thursday comes and can’t wait until next week’s episode :)

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