Wardrobe Wednesdays – Fancy Sweaters, Combat Boots & Maxi Skirts

Today’s post is the first installment of Wardrobe Wednesdays. No worries – I still plan to host my Personal Style Linkups. Instead of Wednesdays, the linkups will now be on Mondays. So get your outfits ready because I want to see linking up next Monday! :-)

So let’s get into today’s post. Over the holiday break, I was busy cleaning my closets and drawers and began editing my wardrobe. After my thrifting tour, I was convinced that I had all the items I needed in my closet. Well, I was almost right. Going through my clothes, I began to notice that I had more items than I did outfits. Have you ever felt like that? You’ve got all these items of clothing and nothing goes together, or your missing that one item complete a look?

Well this experience helped me make a decision to turn my focus back to outfit (wardrobe) essentials, rather than wardrobe items.  To me, there’s a difference. Wardrobe essentials are what you need on a daily basis to complete your outfit. Depending on your lifestyle, this may differ. Wardrobe items are just that – items that you like but may not be necessary in order to create a cohesive wardrobe. That being said, I turned to Polyvore and social media for some inspiration and the 1st outfit below includes 3 wardrobe essentials I believe I should have in my closet: (1) blue skinnies, (2) black boots and (3) a (few) fancy sweater(s).


*click HERE for outfit details*

Those items are key to any great outfit. Thankfully, I have the blue skinnies and a few fancy sweaters/tops, thanks to thrifting. I don’t have any booties, combat boots or OTK boots. Crazy, I know. But I’m constantly developing my personal style so, there’s room and time for me to grow and add certain items to my closet. The outfit above is something I’d wear for sure! The sweat has just the right amount of print/pattern and those boots…I LOVE!


*click HERE for outfit details*

Moving onto the 2nd look. This outfit was inspired by image and style consultant, Tieko Nejon. When I saw the outfit on her Facebook page, I stopped in my tracks. I absolutely love the fact that she styled her maxi dress with a pair of Puma sneakers – genius! I also love the grandiose jewelry she added to the look – another style genius move.


*click HERE for more info on Tieko*

As you can probably tell, I’m a flats girl and I used to wear a lot of sneakers. Every Spring and Summer I vow to wear them more. I haven’t lived up to that but seeing Tieko’s outfit and putting this Polyvore look together has me inspired to get my sneaker game up. And to wear a cute or embellished pair with a maxi skirt makes the look so much cooler!  This leads me to my last two wardrobe essentials: (1) cute sneakers and (2) a maxi casual maxi skirt. 

20140108-122117.jpgAll in all, I’m glad I figured out my wardrobe “issue”. I think we all have those moments where we think we have all the right clothes but it takes a thorough closet clean-out to really determine which wardrobe essentials we’re missing for our lifestyles. There are certain outfits that I swoon over and love but I’m smart enough to know that for my lifestyle and personal style, it’s not for me.

I’ve done several posts (HERE and HERE) about wardrobe staples and closet must haves and while I’ve followed my own advice, sometimes a good refresher is helpful. Have you ever had a wardrobe issue? Are there any wardrobe essentials that you think you’re missing? Do you have more “items” than outfits in your closet? Let me know! Be blessed…XO!


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    I must admit that I love my faux combat boots and have had them for many years…but have yet to wear them with a maxi skirt – I have with gauchos so that’s kinda close. I just bought a pair of wedge sneakers which I am dying to wear – oh maybe on Monday #lightbulbmoment
    I hope you have a great Hump Day Wednesday!
    Antionette Blake recently posted…Staying Warm in a SkirtMy Profile

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    Those are great sweaters. I am so guilty of buying items and not outfits. I promised myself that I will do a purge this month, nothing done. . . until this post made me just pull out 4 items to give to my Sister. So, Thanks!!
    Neti* recently posted…OrchidsMy Profile


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