Weekend Shenanigans

Hello there! I’m still coming down from a very busy, but FUN, weekend. I did a lot but I’ll try my best to keep it simple and sweet. Friday, my little sis celebrated her 11th birthday! Not only was it her birthday but also her last day of elementary school, AND her 1st school dance–she had a lot to celebrate! :-)

I went over early to paint her paint her nails, put flowers “neatly around her bun” (LOL), and help her get ready. Needless t say, she look great and had a ball! Last weekend, we went to the mall to buy an outfit and she decided to go with a hi-low dress. She had a “vision” and she stuck with it, LOL. I thought she look super cute and very stylish. I pride Taylor (lil sis) for her creativity and individuality. That’s something we’ve instilled in her and I’m glad to see that she’s embracing it at such a young age.


sisDress:Delia’s//Sneakers: Daddy’s Money (Sketchers Store)// Jewerly:Claire’s//Sunnies:Claire’s//Fingerless Lace Gloves Claire’s

On Saturday, I had the pleasure of being a vendor at the 1st Annual Fabulous Secondhand Shopping Event. My “team” (Mom, Sis & Hubby) traveled with me to DC and we had a great show. It was nice to see familiar faces, bloggers, and return customers. One customer in general made my day. As soon as she came over to my racks, she was enamored with this vintage jacket. I wore it on the blog a while ago and it’s one of my favorite looks. She picked it up, tried it on and was sold! She couldn’t believe how intricate and unique it was. So much so, she wore it for the duration of the day! Check out her pic below. How fly is she?? I LOVE IT!


I winded down the weekend by spending time with the family for Father’s Day. We played 18 holes of mini golf and then ate at Famous Daves. We’re a pretty competitive family so it was a good game, lol! I think my Mom has to be the fliest mini-golfer I’ve seen, dontcha think?? (see pic below);-) She and I must have been thinking the same because I wore a printed top as well! I guess loving print runs in the family, huh? 😉 Anyway, My Dad had a really good time–he loves to see and be around his wife and kids. I’m glad we made his day! 9ACA44DB-B04E-4104-AC08-62583C009065


**She purchased the jacket from Nic’s Picks!**


Top: Thrifted (2nd Avenue)//Jeans:Thrifted (Old Navy)//Clutch:Love, Cortnie//Sunnies:Vintage (will provide link later)


**I also wore this top in THIS post!!**

So all in all, I pretty much had an awesome weekend. I hope yours was good too! Be blessed & I’ll talk to you soon. NEW outfit post, coming Wednesday! :-)


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    I want your sister’s glasses! She looks amazing and is exuding amazing confidence for someone who’s only 11.

    You def had a great weekend. So glad someone copped that fantastic vintage jacket. Looks pretty nifty on her.

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    Aww look at little Miss Fabulousity herself! Your sister is too cute, & very lucky to have such a great a& supportive older sister :)

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