#WNJInspired | Know Your Worth: Who Are You Video

Have you ever looked in the mirror and didn’t recognize the person looking back? Have you ever asked yourself “who am I?” I’m sure if you take a moment to be honest with yourself, you’ve been there. I know I have. Thankfully, I can now look in the mirror and smile at the woman I’ve become. I can also confidently answer the question, “who are you?”. But not everyone is there yet, and that’s OK. As confident as I am, there are still times when I revert back to trying to figure out who I am and what my purpose is. That’s normal and that’s life. 

A few weeks back my dear friend Erika Akwo, CEO & Founder of Know Your Worth, LLC, brought a group of women (and young girls) together to talk openly and honestly about our fears, struggles and goals on camera. It was a pleasure to be part of this video and I’m thrilled to share it with you. My hope is that after watching the video something said will resonate with you and hopefully, it will motivated you to have this conversation with the women and young girls in your life. Check it out!

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Know Your Worth - Erika Akwo

So tell me, what do you think about the Know Your Worth video? Let me know!

Again, I am so thankful that Erika asked my younger sister and I to be in this video. To be in the room with these women/young girls and to hear their stories was truly a blessing. My sister was also excited to take part in the video. As a 14-year-old living in today’s society, she understood the importance of having and sharing this conversation. I hope you do too. 

I challenge you to share this video with at least one woman or young girl in your circle. Help keep the conversation going and allow women to see that they’re not the only one’s struggling to figure out who they are. For more info on Know Your Worth, and to see details about Erika’s next event, click here. Thanks for watching, commenting and sharing. Until next week, be blessed and stay safe…XO!


Upcoming KYW Event // Website // Facebook Group

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Events | Macy’s Spring Into Fashion, Tyson’s Corner

This Saturday I’m headed to Tyson’s Corner (VA) to attend the Macy’s Spring into Fashion event. There will be a runway show hosted by Lyn Paolo, costume designer for Scandal and Shameless. The runway models will showcase the latest Spring fashion trends, all of which I’m really excited to see! As I continue to spring clean my closet, I’m looking forward to seeing which spring trends I can incorporate into my new minimal wardrobe.

Macy's Spring into Fashion

After the the runway show, attendees will have a chance to win a style consultation with Lyn where she’ll share few wardrobe and fashion tips. Who wouldn’t love a few style tips from the person who helps Kerry Washington look so chic and fabulous every Thursday night on Scandal?! There will also be mini makeovers by Clinique, as well as mini manicures by Modern Nail Studio. Below are a few other locations and dates, including the the event I’ll be attending. For more locations check here!

Macy’s Tyson’s Corner (McLean, VA)

Saturday, April 2 at 2 p.m.

Fashion Court, 1st Floor & Women’s on 2nd Floor

Macy’s Wellington (West Palm Beach, FL)

Saturday, April 7 at 6.30 p.m.

Women’s Dept., 2nd Floor

Macy’s Roseville (Sacramento, CA)

Saturday, April 9 at 1 p.m.

Women’s Main Floor

Macy's Spring into Fashion Event

So tell me, what spring fashion trends are you looking forward to this season? Will you be attending this event in your area? Let me know!

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to check out the other locations and dates HERE. Be sure to keep up with me on SnapChat (@wnicjames) for live updates on Saturday. Until next time, be blessed and stay safe…XO!

P.S. During the event you’ll receive a special gift with any Macy’s purchase of $50 or more!

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Events | Virginia Girl’s Summit Recap

Back in October I had the opportunity to attend the Virginia Girl’s Summit at George Mason University. My 13-year-old sister Taylor joined me and I was thrilled! Because of our age gap I don’t get to bring her with me to most of the events I cover. However this was the perfect event to bring her along. Not only did we both enjoy the summit, but we also had a chance to tour of the University. Although she’s been on several college campuses, this was the first time Taylor took an actual campus tour. Being able to experience her first college tour together was indeed a special moment for me, thus making it my favorite event of the year!

Virginia Girl's Summit - 2015

2015 Virgina Girl's Summit

The theme, Own Who You are and Rock the World, immediately caught my attention. I’ve been all about owning who I am and representing myself in the best way possible since I can remember. Showing my greatness to the world is something that was instilled in me as a child. Taylor knows and understands the importance of this message as well.

Watching her navigate through the event, on her own, all the while making conversation and connections with her peers (and adults) was awesome. I was so proud of the way she handled herself. Taylor also attended some really great sessions including the following:

We’re in this Together | This session focused on time management, dreams, passion, stress, fun, joining clubs/sports teams, and expectations from teachers and parents.

Bad Blood | The topics covered in this session included what does a good friendship look like, how to get out of a bad friendship, how to change groups of friends and how to deal with losing your friend to her new boyfriend. Not to my surprise, this was Taylor’s favorite session. 😉

I Want Candy | Stress, eating, nutrition and exercise were the topics of discussion during this session. Taylor learned so many great tips on healthy eating and many fitness tips!

Virgina Girl's Summit 2015

2015 - Virgina Girl's Summit

Before, after and in between the sessions, Taylor (and I) had a chance to listen to the incredibly inspiring panel of speakers. News Anchor of Good Morning Washington and ABC7 News at Noon, Autria Godfrey, was the emcee and welcomed the audience with an uplifting and heartfelt speech. She spoke on social media and pointed out that “everyone posts the best of the best on social media” and reminded the audience “not to compare our real lives to someone’s highlight reel.” Now that was a word, indeed!

Below are the names of the panelists, and the keynote speaker, as well as a few motivating and inspirational nuggets they shared.

Bethany Mota, Keynote Speaker (YouTube Star) | Self confidence doesn’t happen over night. You have to train yourself to be confident; it takes time. Focus on the passion and the content, not the views, and don’t let your fears hold you back.

Ashley Graham (Body Activist, Designer & Supermodel) | Words to my 17-year-old-self? It’s ok, calm down. You won’t get everything you want right away.

Willa Doss (Teen Entrepreneur and Creator of Willa Skincare) | You don’t need to be older to make an impact on your community.

Pooja Chandrasheker (Founder of ProjectCSGirls)  | See and know where the gaps are and fill the need.

Rachel Hankers (Singer and American Idol Contestant) | Discover who you are and run with it!

Virginia Girl's Summit - Event

Taylor & Ashley Graham

Virginia Girl's Summit

Bethany Mota Signing Taylor’s DIY Sneakers

So tell me, have you ever heard or attended the Virginia Girl’s Summit? What’d you think about the recap? Let me know! 

All in all the event was absolutely amazing! From the speakers, sessions, swag bag and attendees, I was beyond pleased. Taylor and I cannot wait to attend the next year’s event. The Virginia Girl’s Summit did an excellent job and I applaud them for creating such a needed and uplifting event for today’s young girls. For more information visit their site HERE. Thanks for reading, sharing and commenting and until next time, be blessed and stay safe…XO!

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Events | 3 Things I Learned from the Brown Girls Love Empowerment Brunch

A few weekends ago I had the pleasure of attending the Brown Girls Love Empowerment Brunch at Aredo + Bardeo restaurant in Washington, DC. The event was hosted by the founder of Love Brown Sugar (LBS), Christina Brown. The New York based blogger is the first blogger I followed when I started my journey. I was drawn to Christina’s warm online presence and also very intrigued with her impressive resume.

I remember reading that Christina worked for Honey and Vibe Magazines and I immediately got excited. As a former journalism major with an extensive internship/work background in print media, we had a lot in common. Once I found her blog it was evident that Christina was not only an excellent writer, but she also shared my love for fashion and style. Of course, I had follow! Attending an LBS event and hearing her speak in person was truly a dream come true. Here are 3 things I learned from Christina at the Brown Girls Love Empowerment Brunch. 

brown girls love empowerment brunch dc

Love Brown Sugar Founder, Christina Brown | Photo Credit: Heart, Print & Style

Brown Girls Love Brunch

1. Be Fearless | Simply put, “get over your fear and step outside of your comfort zone.” When Christina spoke those words I felt like she was literally talking to me. I’m all about being fearless and going after what I want, but there are times I’m a little nervous to step outside of what I know. Lately I’ve been ignoring the fear and going for it anyway, hence the creation of my #FearlessWomanIam movement. It’s natural to have fear, but the key is not allowing that fear to cripple you or hold you back from pursuing your purpose.

2. Be resilient | Christina stressed being flexible and being able to shift. Things don’t always go as planned and in those instances, we have to be ready to shift and change direction. In doing this, it shows that you’re capable of bouncing back from a setback. Staying the course, no matter what comes up, is a definite key to success. Christina candidly shared a few of her setbacks and to see how resilient she’s been despite those challenges is inspiring.

3. Be Confident | I think exuding confidence, in any field or industry, will take you very far. Being able to introduce yourself at an event or gathering is something Christina feels immediately showcases confidence. Something as simple as an introduction says so much about a person. It says that you take yourself seriously, you’re about your business, and it instantly makes others respect you and what you have to say. First impressions are everything.


Brown Girls Love Brunch DC

DMV Blogger & Friend, Vivi of Heart, Print & Style

brown girls love empowerment brunch

VIP Swag Bag Goodies (Details HERE)

So tell me, which lesson resonates with you the most? Will you attend the Brown Girls Love Empowerment Brunch next time it comes to your area? Let me know!

I thoroughly enjoyed myself at the brunch. Meeting Christina was a lovely and insightful experience and I’m so thankful that I was able to sit down and chat with her one-on-one about my career/blog goals. She provided me with a wealth of knowledge and I walked away from the event feeling inspired, equipped and excited for my future endeavors.

If you’re in the Philadelphia area check out her next Brown Girls Love Empowerment Brunch HERE. I promise that this event will be worth every penny! Be sure to keep up with Christina at LBSInstagram (and HERE), as well as her Twitter account for more information on this and many more events. Until tomorrow, be blessed and stay safe…XO!

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#5Truths | 5 Must Visit Restaurants in Columbia, MD

This summer I promised to get out and explore Columbia, MD. Of course this means visiting the best restaurants the county has to offer. Well, I’ve been doing just that and today I want to share the 5 must visit restaurants in Columbia, MD. I know some of you may not reside in Columbia, or even the DMV. But if you find yourself in the area this summer, definitely check out these 5 hot spots for a good meal!

Resturants in Columbia, MD

1. Sushi Nari. This sushi resturant is located in Kings Contrivence shopping center and lucky for us, it’s in walking distance from our apartment! Their edamame and cinnamon tea is divine and the prices are very reasonable. My favorite roll is the Creamy Crab Lover and the Smoking Philly. It’s a small and quaint Resturant with friendly workers. If you don’t want to dine in, call in your order for takeout! I think hubby and I eat here at least twice a month!

2. Cheeburger Cheeburger. If you’re in the mood for a burger and an amazing shake, head to Cheeburger Cheeburger. This is the perfect place for late night burger runs and they’re fried pickles are the best! You can also order online to takeout and at certain locations, they deliver.

3. El Azteca (Clarksville). My mom and little sister put me and hubby on to this authentic Mexican Resturant. We recently at here for date night and the chicken quesadillas and fresh guacamole hit the spot! The price points are great and I really appreciate the family-like environment.

4. The Melting Pot. I’ve been dying to try this place since moving to Columbia and on little sis’ 13th birthday, I finally got my chance! The experience was SO much fun and the food, delicious. It’s a place for couples and families; the experience of cooking and dipping your own entrees is more fun when you’re with a group. The meals can be more in the pricey side, but it’s the perfect location/experience for a party or gathering!

5. Stanford Grill. I LOVE this place! They have the best salmon, Mac n Cheese and the bread pudding is to die for. It’s another great resturant for date night, couples night, or even a family get together. I’ve been dining here for years and I haven’t been disappointed once. The price points are higher, but trust me when I say it’s worth every penny. If you want splurge and treat yourself to a good meal, head to Standford Grill. You’ll thank me later!

So tell me, what are some of your favorite restaurants in Columbia Maryland? What are some of your favorite restaurants in general; I travel often? Let me know!

Thanks for reading and commenting. Until next time, be blessed and stay safe…XO!


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Event Recap | Macy’s Emme Plus Size Fashion Show in Columbia, MD

Have you ever been to an event and had the time of our life?! That happen to me last week at the Macy’s Emme Plus Size Fashion Show. Held in Columbia, MD at the Mall in Columbia, the show included plus size spring trends, cute snacks and treats, and was hosted by leading plus size model and speaker, Emme! Since participating in the #MacysEmme Twitter chats for the past few months, I was already inspired by Emme’s positive attitude and vicious personality. As an avid speaker on positive body image and self esteem, her mission to awaken the inner magnificence inherent in each of us has been spread throughout the Twittersphere, and beyond!

Plus Size Fashion - Macy's Emme

Soft Pants Trend

Among the many trends that graced the runways, the soft pants, maxi dress and all white trends really caught my eye! It’s no secret that I’m all for comfort and chic, so these trends were perfect. From American Rag to I.N.C., each model sashayed down the runway in her stylish and trendy outfit. I was so intrigued by the prints and patterns! I actually have a pair of American Rag soft pants on during the show, so I felt right at home.

I must admit that I was surprised that the skirt trend was at the top of my list. I think the scuba material won me over! Scuba is a great material for plus size shoppers; it’s very forgiving, soft, and doesn’t cling like other materials. Emme was wearing an all white scuba-like dress during the event and looked so comfortable and fashion forward. So much so that I had to let her know after the show! 😉

Macy's Emme - Plus Size Fashion Show

(Scuba) Skirt Trend


Macy's Emme Plus Size Fashion Show

White Trend

The all white trend is perfect for spring and summer weddings, outdoor garden parties and dressy work functions. The models even showed off a few pair of sexy white heels, like the one above. I’m usually not a fan of the white shoe, but the cut out peep-toe heeled sandals above have me reconsidering this trend! Oh yea, if you’re wondering that IS Blogalicious creator Stacey Ferguson rocking the all white belted dress; fabulous, right?!

Macy's Emme Plus Size Show

Blouse: Daniel Rainn, Nordstrom Rack // Pants: American Rag, Macy’s // Flats: Same & Libby, Target


Macy's Emme Fashion Event

Blogger Love!


So tell me, what do you think about the plus size spring trends at the Macy’s Emme Show? Anything catch your eye? Let me know! 

It was such a pleasure running into my fellow DMV bloggers, some I’ve known for a while and others I consider my new blogger boo’s! I was also thrilled to meet new faces like Danica, Jennifer of Curvy Connect Magazine and of course of Emme, the lady of the hour. Being surrounded by these lovely ladies was nothing but sheer joy. And to have my ladies, Mom, little sis and Mama (grandma) there to join in on the fun was the icing on the cake!

Macy’s put on yet another fantastic fashion show and hearing Emme share her nuggets of body positive wisdom was priceless! Hear a snippet of her goodness, as well as some of the looks coming down the runway, below. Until next time, be blessed and stay safe…XO!


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Event Recap | Macy’s American Icons Fashion Event

Last Thursday I made my way to Northern, VA for the Macy’s American Icons Fashion Event. From snapping my #AmericanSelfie to trying on the seasons hottest trends, I had such an enjoyable time! I was thoroughly impressed with the styles Macy’s had to offer and even more impressed with the different shapes and sizes of the models. This variety provided shoppers with a realistic vision of how certain clothing items fit.

Macy's American Icons - American Selfie

Photo Booth Fun! #AmericanSelfie

Another plus? The fashion show included menswear too! I got so many great ideas for hubby just by taking in the different styles. As I mentioned in this post, Macy’s also partners with veterans who served with Got Your 6. Stephanie and Melissa, both Got Your 6 activist, did a great job representing this cause and explaining in more detail what it’s all about.

PicMonkey Collage (1)

Plus size, straight size AND menswear!


Stephanie & Melissa

After the event there were mini makeovers and tons of socializing. There were also great snacks, including my new favorite soda from Jones. Their cream soda hit the spot! I shopped around a bit and used my $10 Macy’s gift card they so graciously handed out to the attendees. It was the perfect excuse for me to grab a few summer wardrobe pieces for my upcoming trip to Charlotte.

Macys American Icons

Mini makeovers, & snacks!

PicMonkey Collage (2)

Spring and summer’s latest trends, and GREAT shoes too!

So tell me, did you attend one of the Macy’s American Icons fashion shows? What do you think about these summer looks? Let me know!

Always a fan of Macy’s, it was an honor to attend and cover this event. Can’t wait to share my next fashion show recap with you tomorrow! Until then, be blessed and stay safe…XO!


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 I am a member of the Everywhere Society and Everywhere has provided me with compensation for this post. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

Style + Events | Macy’s American Icons Event

If you’re looking for a free style event with a great cause, join me this Thursday, May 14th at 6 p.m. at the Macy’s Pentagon City in Northern Virginia for the Macy’s American Icons event. As part of their salute to all things that make us proud to live in the land of the free and the home of the brave, Macy’s is hosting a party and you’re invited! This fashion event is perfect for the entire family. I mean, what kids don’t love taking selfies? They can do plenty of selfie snapping with the Macy’s patriotic photo booth. Just snap away and share you self with the hashtag #AmericanSelfie!

Macy's American Icons Event

Macy’s partners with veterans who served with Got Your 6. Melissa Fitzgerald, actor of the West Wing and Got Your 6 activist, will be there for talk more about this cause. Beauty blogger Stephanie Telford of All Things Beautiful XO will also be there to join in the conversation. Of course there will be a fashion show filled with the hottest fashion and beauty trends of the season afterwards. Lite bites, mini manicures/makeovers, and a chance to snap those selfies at the photo booth will also be included.

If you’re unable to attend this event in the Northern, VA area here’s a list of a few other locations:

  • 5/14   New York, NY (HSQ)
  • 5/16   San Francisco (Union Square)
  • 5/16   Miami, FL (Dadeland)
  • 5/16 Fayetteville, NC (Cross Creek)
  • 5/16 Atlanta, GA (Peachtree Mall)

So tell me, will you be attending the Macy’s American Icons event in VA with me this Thursday? Will you check out the event in your area? Let me know! 

Every event will be different and for a full list of locations and dates, check out this site! All in all the event is perfect for families, our military heroes and lovers of fashion and beauty. Come join the party snap a few selfies, learn more about Got Your 6, and enjoy the latest fashion and beauty trends at the same time. Hope to see you there!


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