11 Reasons Why You Should Be Thrifting

Happy Thrifty Thursday, friends! I want to jump right in today, so I’ll cut to the chase. Yes, I love to thrift and you know it. Of course thrifting saves money and thrifting can also be a joyous “treasure hunt”, once you get the hang of it. But why should YOU start, if you haven’t already? Glad you asked! 😉 Here are 11 Reasons Why You Should Be Thrifting. 

why you should be thrifting1.  Create your own style.  Thrift stores have a plethora of items from all decades/eras. Rummaging through and finding different prints, materials and designers to fall in love with is the start to creating your own (unique) personal style.

2. QUALITY material & brands. Unlike a lot of trendy clothing stores and brands, thrift stores have a great selection of clothes made of materials like silk, cashmere, and sturdy cotton that will indeed last a long time. I’ve stumbled upon brands and designers like Saks Fifth Avenue,  Escada, Brooks Brothers and Corbin – all high quality and at unbelievable price points.

3. Home decor GALORE. If you’re looking to furnish or decorate your new or current home, thrift stores are gold mines for plates, placements, rugs, lamps, etc. I found a set of dishes (including salt and pepper shakers) for $8 – all of the dishes were intact!

4. You’re doing a good deed. Did you know that Salvation Army stores donate their profits to certain charities? According to the Goodwill of Greater Washington‘s mission statement, they’re dedicated to “transforming lives and communities through the power of education and employment.” 

5. Great spot for collectors. If you’re into collecting items like old albums, jewelry, ties, etc. thrift stores are the place for you – It’s literally a collectors paradise!

6. Vintage is always in style. Vintage clothing options are plentiful at most thrift stores. Certain vintage items are true statement items that will never go out of style. Trust me, every closet needs a few statement pieces. 

Thrifted Vintage Fashion

7. It’s a great place to find books. If you’re an avid reader, a lot of thrift stores have really amazing collections of older novels, how-to books, cookbooks, children’s books and more. Whatever your interest, I’m sure you can find a book about it!

8. Get a good deal every time you shop. You don’t have to wait for a holiday or use a special coupon. More than likely any day you deiced to go thrifting, you’re going to find unbeatable deals! **Most thrift stores have certain markdown/sale days too – just ask! **

9. Dress the Man in Your Life. Men’s clothes are usually more expensive than women’s clothes. Thrift stores seem to always have a variety of suits, ties, coats and dress shoes for men. My hubby found a 2 piece suit at the Goodwill in Annandale, VA for $20. The suit had never been worn (still had tags) and was in impeccable condition. #WINNING


10. Buy for resale. It’s no secret that a lot of online entrepreneurs use the thrift store to purchase valuable items at a discount price to resell. Places like eBay and Etsy are great sites to give reselling certain thrifted items a try.

11. IT’S FUN! Trust me on this one. 😉



So tell me, have I convinced you to start thrifitng yet? 😉 What’s the latest item(s) you’ve found while thrifting? Let me know!

As always, thanks for reading and commenting. Feel free to check out my thrifting tips on The Curvy Fashionista or check out some advice/tips from some of my Thrifty Friends here at WNJ. Until next time, be blessed and stay safe…XO!

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    PREACHING TO THE CHOIR!!! For the life of me, I still don’t understand why some folks don’t realize the benefits of thrift shopping. Honestly, for most people, their fashion game requires some thrifted pieces. It doesn’t have to be your entire wardrobe (although, absolutely nothing wrong with that).

    Thrifting Diva

  2. says

    I know what you mean about quality made items being found at Thrift stores. I found and bought an authentic leather Coach purse (I checked on it’s authenticity with the code inside it, checked stiching) my mom found Chanel heels (vintage/authentic) and I found a Gloria Von…… Can’t pronounce or type her name, but big designer. Then there are occasional Michael Kor items my mom has snagged for me. (She has a higher end Goodwill near her, close to the wealthy neighborhoods so it makes sense they would donate there). Thrifting does take time and commitment for sure. Great post! Rachel xo
    Rachel recently posted…Celebrating 4 years of MarriageMy Profile

  3. says

    I am a fan of thrifting too! My favorite part is the “treasure hunt.” It’s so rewarding to find a high quality piece at a wonderful price. And it’s also very green. Buying secondhand ultimately helps reduce the cycle of fashion creation and all those chemicals, products, and leftover waste that end up in our world. So just another reason to add to your great list. Thanks for sharing!
    Jen recently posted…DIY Quick Fix: Structured Jacket Fit ~ TutorialMy Profile

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    I love these points Whitney. I completely agree that it’s fun. You totally understand once you do it and feel that rush of finding something perfect. I recently picked up a camel hair winter coat that had been on my wishlist. Finding it just made my day! Thanks for sharing.
    Jen recently posted…Packing for a Business Trip: Day 3My Profile


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