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I’m no beauty expert, but I do love trying and sharing my latest product faves every now and then with my family, friends and WNJ readers. I mean what female do you know who doesn’t like trying new beauty products? 😉

Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to someone who I call a beauty expert – Ashley of FabEllis! In the past, I’ve texted or messaged Ashley with questions regarding certain hair or beauty products. So I thought for my #summerwithnic series it’d be a great idea to have a beauty chat with FabEllis here on the blog! Aside from blogging about beauty, Ashley also covers topics such as natural hair and personal style over on FabEllis. That being said, I’m certain you’ll enjoy reading about Ashley’s beauty tips, must haves, and blogging advice!

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How long have you been a beauty blogger?

I have been a beauty blogger for surprisingly almost four years.

What inspired you to start FabEllis?

In late 2010, a great friend of mine suggested I start blogging.  At that time, I had no idea what a blog was, but she encouraged me to do so because I was passionate about beauty and she felt I had information worth sharing.  I mulled it over for a while and then started researching blogs.  One of the first blogs I found was GabiFresh.  I loved what she was doing so I figured I would give it a shot!

What’s your current skincare routine?

My current skin routine is using Neutrogena twice a day. I use their Pore Refining Cleanser and Toner and CVS Acne Fighting Moisturizer.


What are your 5 beauty must haves for summer?

-BB Cream

-Burt’s Bees Lip Balm

-Waterproof Mascara

-Lip Stain

-Eco Styler Hair Gel

What are 5 beauty must haves all women should own?

-MAC Select Cover Up Concealer

-Eye Cream


-Lip Balm

-A Rred Lip like MAC Ruby Woo


For women who like natural, every day, easy breezy looks, what are your must-have products?

BB Cream!  A lot of women do not have time to apply a full face of makeup.  My daily routine is BB cream, powder, blush and mascara.  Quick, easy and flawless!

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Spill the beans – what’s your favorite beauty trick or secret!?

My favorite beauty secret is simple.  Drink water!  Drinking water decreases excess oil from being produced on your face and overall, promotes clear skin.

Who are some of you beauty/or makeup inspirations?

One of my first and all-time beauty inspirations is my mother.  Her skin is flawless.  She taught me about drinking water and using a skincare system when I was in high school and I’m so thankful she did!


How do you define beauty?

When I think of the term beauty, I see it in two forms.  I feel that the topic of beauty includes hair, health, cosmetics, skin, etc.  As far as the meaning of beauty, I feel that beauty is the confidence with which you carry yourself and the personal things you do to make yourself feel and look good.

Any advice to those wanting to start a {beauty} blog?

 A lot of people who are interested in blogging think that you have to have everything in perfect order, the ideal camera and all of these things before starting to blog, but you don’t.  Great blogs start off with passion and most importantly with beauty, an honest individual.  For a long time, I only had my camera phone to take pictures, but my honesty and passion showed through even when my pictures didn’t live up to my ideal standards.

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