Style | Wearing Dresses Over Pants 

I’m all about wearing dresses over pants and have been for years. It’s very boho chic, comfortable and easy; key elements to the perfect outfit. Needless to say when I saw this ($12) dress at Macy’s, my immediate thought was how cute it’d look over a pair of jeans. The paisley-floral mixed print and lightweight material also helped in winning me over.

dresses over pants

Dress: American Rag (Another Option) // Jeans: JCP // Handbag; Thrifted

dress over pants

A friend told me that I pull off this style very well. She then went on to let me know that not everyone can wear it the right way. That got me thinking; are certain styles and trends really only for certain people? After much thought, I came to the conclusion that if worn with confidence and if it fits a persons style aesthetic, anyone can wear anything.

Dress over jeans - OOTD

Necklace: Rocksbox // Shoes: Ralph Lauren, Macy’s (Same)

boho chic ootd

If you, like me, plan to wear this trend throughout the spring/summer here are 3 simple styling tips for making this trend work:

1. Preferably skinnies. When wearing the dresses over pants trend I tend to go for skinny jeans/pants. I like the sleekness of a tighter pant over a flowy dress. I also find wearing skinnies under dresses is more flattering.

2. Accessorize. It’s no secret that I love to accessorize. With this trend I like to add statement necklaces, big earrings, or even statement cuffs.

3. Make it personal. As with any outfit be sure it fits your personal style. Have fun with colors, prints, and lengths when deciding which dress to wear over your pants.

american rag dress - macys

So tell me, what do you think about the dresses over pants trend? Are you a fan? Let me know! 

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Style | The Perfect Travel Outfit

Hello and Happy Monday! From NYFW (for my little sister) to pageant weekend in Virginia, I have been on the move since Thursday. When it comes to my travel style, I strive for comfort and style. So of course all black looks are usually my “go-to”. While I love to travel, I’m not a fan on trekking from state to state in below freezing weather and snowstorms. But when duty calls, I go.

OOTD Travel Style


Travel Style Outfit Inspiration

Going to New York for Fashion Week was beyond exciting; it was my little sister’s first time walking for NYFW. As excited as I was, I knew my outfit had both stylish and warm. So I decided to wear my black blazer and my favorite winter boots. The blazer has ribbed sleeves, which makes it perfect for winter styling. The boots are without a doubt comfortable and sturdy. I was so thankful I wore them because we had to walk about 15+ blocks one afternoon to get to a fitting!

Travel Style

Boots: DSW (Same) // Purse: Gifted // // Name Necklace: oNecklace

Traveling Outfit - All Black

So tell me, what  do you think about my travel style? What does your travel style consist of? Let me know! 

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Events | Celebrating Black History Month with Macy’s Soul Era Event in DC

In honor of Black History Month, Macy’s has been celebrating by hosting The Soul Era event featuring fashion and style guru’s June Ambrose and Johnetta Boone. I had the pleasure of attending the DC event last night. Moderated by journalist and editor Tai Beauchamp, the event took place at the DC Metro Center Macy’s on G Street. The style panel delved into the history of Black fashion during the 60′s and 70′s and the ways Black culture has heavily inspired the world of fashion today. 


Moderator | Tai Beauchamp  Style Guru | June Ambrose

To start the discussion, the moderator asked the ladies to define black style. Hearing what Ambrose had to say really stuck out me. She expressed that “…when thinking about style I don’t put a color to it…I think about personality, I think about energy…” She went onto say as a culture, we have a lot of expression, energy and flare and when it comes down to it, style is style and she doesn’t want to put that in a box.

Focusing on 60′s and 70′s style Ambrose smiled and said soul era fashion says, “I’m coming out and I’m fearless!” Boone agreed and pointed out that “…fashion is celebrating who we are…” During the soul era, we took pride in celebrating who we were by wearing our afros, platform shoes, and bright colors! Highlighting the fashion of Pam Grier, Ambrose recalled how carefree, provocative, yet classy that era of fashion was. Wearing bell bottoms and crop tops was what it was about! Fashion icons of the soul era like (Pam Grier, Diahann Carroll and Sammy Davis Jr.) made their clothes come alive and as a culture, we weren’t afraid to gravitate and accepted it.

DC Macy's Soul Era Event

Costume Designer | Johnetta Boone

Ambrose, a die-hard fan of big furs, sequins during the day and turbans also highlighted the importance of Black designers in today’s fashion world. While there are so many, not enough are being celebrated or given a chance to showcase their talents on a larger scale. She stressed the importance of understanding and grasping the business side of fashion first. Having the big picture in your mind is great, but having a plan to get there is vital. That’s what sets you apart and that’s what allows you to have longevity (in any) industry.

Macy's Soul Era Event DC

Some of the Attendees

Macy's Soul Era Event - DC

DC Style Blogger, Vivi | Heart, Print & Style

It was amazing to see so many different styles in one room. And I think costumer designer Johnetta Boone hit the nail on the head when she said,  “…that’s what you get in our culture – a combination of skin tones, hair textures and body types…” Black fashion and our style is a big melting pot and it’s forever changing and evolving.

Being at the Macy’s Soul Era Event was empowering and provided a fresh perspective on soul era style. With that, I’m ready to continue making my mark on the world of fashion and style, one outfit at a time! Check here to see when this event is coming to a Macy’s near you.


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Style | My New Firmoo Glasses

Have you ever put on an outfit and felt like something was missing? This happen to me the other day and after a few minutes of going back and forth, I figured out what was missing from my outfit. A pair of cute fashion glasses! I think glasses can be such the perfect outfit accessory! Even if the glasses are prescription, wearing a stylish pair instantly makes certain outfits complete.

That’s how I feel about my Firmoo glasses. I’ve been searching for the perfect pair of fashion glasses since last summer, but I must say that this pair is by far my favorite. I wanted a pair that fit my personality and personal style, so I went with these. Good choice, right?

Firmoo Glasses Review

Glasses: Firmoo

Firmoo Glasses Review - Style Blogger

When deciding what to wear this weekend, I knew I was going to wear my new specs. So I opted for an outfit with earth tones, and of course, leopard print. I’d been dying to wear my thrifted coat with fringes, so I added that piece to the look as well. This outfit, in my mind, is the perfect look for a weekend full of blogger events and family activities. It’s not too dressy, but not too causal and the heels add a little something extra to the look. I did carry a pair of flats with me, that I ended up wearing most of the day, but the idea and the effort I put forth to wear heels all day to 2 different events was admirable. ;-)

Plus Size Blogger - Leopard Print Top

Top: Macy’s (Another Option) // Pants: Macy’s, American Rag // Shoes: DSW, Tahari

Review Firmoo Glasses

Aside from the glasses, my favorite part of this outfit is the pants. These lightweight American Rag pants were $10 at Macy’s a few weeks back. I knew they’d be coming home with me because they’re very versatile. After trying them on in the fitting room, I came up with 3 or 4 different outfits to wear with the pants. I’m all about restyling, as I’m sure you’ve realized by now, so adding them to wardrobe was a no brainer.

Leopard Print Blouse - Plus Size OOTD

Style Blogger - Outfit Inspiraton

Fringe Coat: Thrifted, 2nd Avenue

Adding simple elements to an outfit, like the perfect pair of glasses, is a simple way to achieve a stylish or trendy look. At first I thought the glasses maybe too much, but I ended up really liking the final look. So next time you’re in need of the perfect pair of fashion (or prescription) glasses to complete your OOTD, check out the Firmoo glasses selections.

 So tell me, what do you think about my look? Are you a fan of wearing fashion glasses? Let me know!

The  Firmoo ordering process is simple, the glasses are affordable, and the selections are fabulous! If you’re thinking about ordering a pair, check out their BOGO Valentine’s Day Sale! And for new customers, you can get a 50% off code on the frames sitewide by clicking HERE

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Fall Style | Repeat Outfit + Maximizing My Wardrobe

As of late, my fall style has really been easy peasy! I credit that to my (firm) decision to maximize my wardrobe to its fullest potential. The fact that I remembered I had this black cardigan in my closet has opened up my fall style options even more. Cardigans are the perfect wardrobe addition to help maximize any wardrobe. With this look I decided to add sneakers instead of heels; I was going for a dress down look without being too casual or too dressy.

Fall Style - Plus Size Casual Outfit

Cardigan: Gifted // Sweater: Lane Bryant Outlet // Skirt: I.N.C., Macy’s// Tights: HANES HOSIERY

Casual OOTD - Plus Size Fashion

Once I made the decision to add my comfy Pumas to this look, everything else effortlessly came together. The hoop earrings and thrifted clutch were a must and the sunnies, well…I kind of think they make me look pretty cool, right? ;-) Truth be told, I wore this outfit for a casual dinner the same day I wore this outfit with heels (and different jewelry). In my mind, it’s the perfect mix of comfort and cute. Swapping out heels for sneakers and adding the cardigan gives the outfit the right amount of casual without looking sloppy because let’s be honest, sometimes adding sneakers with dresses or skirts can be tricky.

Plus Size Fashion - Casual Outfit

Sneakers: Puma, DSW (Same) // Clutch: Goodwill // Sunnies: Ivanka Trump, Nordstrom Rack

Fall Trends for Plus Size

This outfit can also fit into the sporty fall trend. Granted, I’m not wearing a stylish jersey or track pants, but I am wearing sneakers with a more dressy ensemble. That counts! :-) It’s funny – you never know the potential of an outfit until you start trying different style options. That said, I’ve already come up with several ways to re-style this skirt, cardigan and “LOVE” shirt with other pieces in my wardrobe. Let the fall style maximizing continue!

Fall Style - Maximize Your Wardrobe

 So tell me, which look is your favorite? How have you been with restyling and maximizing your fall wardrobe? Let me know! 

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Wardrobe Wednesday | Wearing Tights with Black and White

Are you a fan of wearing tights? I haven’t always been too keen on the idea of wearing tights (or pantyhose) myself. I laugh when I think about it because my grandmother is a stickler for both, especially when attending church. Now that I’m older and can “dress myself”, I actually gravitate towards tights when it gets to be a little chilly outside. Needless to say, my grandma is pleased with this gravitation. ;-) Nowadays, I think of tights as a thin pair of leggings, and we all know how I feel about leggings; I LOVE THEM!

Tights Season - Hanes Hosiery

Sweater: Lane Bryant Outlet // Skirt: I.N.C., Macy’s // Heels: Lane Bryant // Tights: Hanes Hosiery

Black and White OOTD - Hanes Hosiery

As a plus size shopper, I usually stick to the Spanx brand of tights, but I recently tried a pair of  Hanes Hosiery tights. To my surprise, I was very pleased. I went for the largest size which is IJ and I was very happy with the fit.  This black and white ensemble is very comfortable and easy to wear. It’s the kind of outfit I’d wear to work and then go straight to dinner with my girls afterwards. I can also foresee this outfit being perfect for an evening out with the hubby or an evening blogging event in DC as well. Wearing dressy flats, boots/booties, or even (the right pair of) sneakers is doable for this OOTD. I actually have another way to wear this look coming Friday – stay tuned! :-)

Work OOTD - Hanes Hosiery

Necklace: JCP // Watch: Charming Charlie // Beaded Bracelet: Gifted // Nails: Sally Hansen Insta Dri (Pink Blink)

Wearing Tights OOTD - Hanes Hosiery

 So tell me, what are your thoughts on wearing tights this season? Are you a fan? Let me know!

Thanks for reading and as always, thanks for commenting. You’re words and support here on WNJ, as well as social media, have really been heartwarming lately. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the love.

One more thing – I’m wearing this pink color on my nails as a part of Simply Chic’s Breast Cancer Awareness efforts. Since I started blogging, I’ve loved her blog and I’m thankful to her for showing much support with all my endeavors throughout the years. Read more about her Breast Cancer Awareness story here. Until next time, be blessed and stay safe…XO!

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*I was given a pair of tights by Hanes Hosiery to review. All opinions and thoughts are my own.*

Personal Style Monday | Wearing Black and White to Work

Welcome to another Monday, friends! I’m coming down from another wonderful weekend.  My Saturday and Sunday were pretty full, but I was able to spend most of the hours with some of my favorite people. :-) Having great weekends always prepares me for a great work week. Speaking of the work week, today I’m showing a bit of my fall work style. The look is all about Wearing Black and White to Work. 

plus size OOTD - workwear

White Button Down: Foxcroft, Nordstrom (Same) // Black Pants: I.N.C. (Another Option)// Heels: Kenneth Cole, DSW (Similar)

workwear - plus size OOTD

This classic black and white  ensemble is the perfect work-wear outfit for me. It’s chic and easy to function in. The button down requires no ironing, which is quite a time-saver for an on-the-go person like me. I opted to wear a black bodysuit underneath the shirt because it gaped a little in the bust area when I tried to button it. Like Tim Gunn says, “make it work.” ;-) Although I’m wearing heels with this outfit, the heels are just the right height. Adding the metallic heels adds a trendy element to the outfit – I like that aspect.

wear to work - OOTD

Cross Necklace: Thrifted // Bracelet: Monet, Macy’s // Watch: Charming Charlie

what to wear to work -OOTD

Last week on Personal Style Monday, Adrienne of Sweenee Style  styled a white button down shirt too! I love the flared bottom – so ladylike. I like how Adrienne styled the top with denim, and those accessories are the perfect touch. Her outfit is very fun, fashion forward and cute. A+, my stylish friend! ;-)

Sweenee Style - White Button Up

Adrienne | Sweenee Style


So tell me, what do you think about my take on wearing black and white to work? Are you a fan of  white button down shirts? Let me know! 

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Wardrobe Wednesday | Another Casual Date Night

Casual date nights are my favorite! I don’t mind dressing up for date nights, but deep down I’m a huge fan of being comfortable and stylish. So whenever date nights call for jeans, I’m all smiles! ;-) Which brings me to today’s casual date night outfit. Hubby and I went to our favorite Mexican restaurant, On the Border, the other night and this is the ensemble I decided to wear. In my opinion, this is a very simple and chic look – 2 things I strive to achieve when dressing for a casual date night. I also make sure I’m wearing (at least) 5 essential casual date night must haves. Let’s check them out below!

casual date night ootd

Jeans: JCPenney (Shop Similar) // Tunic: H&M (Another Option)// Flats: SAM EDELMAN, Macy’s (Another Option) // Necklace & Cross Cuff : Side Dish Mobile // Watch: Thrifted

casual date night 1. Fitted Denim. The perfect pair of fitted denim is the perfect start to a casual date night outfit. Fitted denim is sexy and easy to style. I shop JCP and sometimes Dress Barn for my denim bottoms. Both locations offer a wide selection of styles and sizes. 2. Basic Top (can be embellished with statement pieces). A simple top can easily be adorned with layered necklaces and other fun statement pieces. Take a look at my statement necklace post and see why I think they’re a major wardrobe must have! ;-) 3. Comfy & Cute Flats. Causal date nights call for comfort. Flats and cute sandals are always a winner for me! 4. Purse. Nothing too big and bulky, but a nice medium size purse will do. A cute clutch can do the trick as well. 5. Lip Gloss. I’m not one for a “full face” on casual date nights, so I just make sure I put on a smooth nude lip gloss. It’s simple and the nude color goes with anything! DSC_0212

 So tell me, are you feeling my casual date night ensemble? What do you wear on casual date nights? Let me know! 

Before I wrap up, I just want to congratulate Ashley of A Sassy Woman for winning my June giveaway! You have some pretty great goodies coming your way! :-) A huge thanks to Cortnie of Love, Cortnie and the amazing staff over at Side Dish Mobile. THANK YOU for sponsoring this months giveaway! :-)

june giveaway

Thanks to EVERYONE who entered! My next giveaway will be in July and I have some awesome things in store. Until tomorrow, be blessed and stay safe….XO!


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